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Symbol ETC
Nature Coin
Brief Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.
Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019 7:59:03AM UTC
Current price, USD: 4.642
Current price, BTC: 0.0005442
Market capitalization, USD: 534 468 987
Available supply: 115 146 630 ETC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 558 510 106
Mineable Yes

Ethereum Classic general information

General ETC facts, technical details and general information about Ethereum Classic crypto currency

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain - the classic version preserving untampered history; free from external interference and subjective tampering of transactions.

We believe the core value proposition of any blockchain is immutability; valid transactions can never be erased or forgotten. Individuals interacting on Ethereum Classic are governed by this reality; Code is Law.

This does not necessarily mean that code replaces existing laws, or that only code is law (there are many geographical jurisdictions), but it gives users the opportunity to enter into a new blockchain-based jurisdiction where agreements are governed by code.

By entering into contracts on Ethereum Classic, you can be certain that the network remains neutral. The outcome of transactions will be dictated by code you voluntarily interact with. Unless explicitly defined by the contract code, there are no reversals, no undos, no opt-outs.

Transactions are final; applications are unstoppable.

Historical data for Ethereum Classic

We list daily Ethereum Classic historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Nov 08 5.229 4.898 5.269 573 711 270
Nov 09 5.021 4.949 5.053 570 105 901
Nov 10 4.968 4.959 5.079 580 945 410
Nov 11 5.067 4.901 5.067 563 653 832
Nov 12 4.913 4.865 4.944 564 268 124
Nov 13 4.893 4.854 4.926 559 526 187
Nov 14 4.866 4.742 4.868 550 399 359
Nov 15 4.763 4.56 4.782 525 626 201
Nov 16 4.578 4.578 4.673 537 359 762
Nov 17 4.684 4.642 4.684 534 468 987

ETC/USD Exchange Rates

ETC to USD price chart — 7 days

ETC to USD price chart — 30 days

ETC to USD price chart — 60 days

ETC to USD price chart — 6 months

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic (ETC) price change (24h)

ETC price change 24 hours 0.5%
ETC price change 7 days -7.15%
Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

ETC hasn’t shown any significant movement in the last 6 months. All indicators are pointing to a large ETC pump, and this coincides with the potential for an ETH pump as well. Both ETH and ETC generally move in tandem, so it’s critical to watch both of these projects. Although ETC doesn’t have the awareness, community, or lasting power that ETH does, it’s nonetheless a hedge against such an obvious bet. If you load up on ETC here, you’ll be ahead of the herd in profiting a large amount off of this next pump coin. There aren’t many chances to make huge profits at the moment, but ETC is looking like the prime choice.

Gerald   May 5, 2019  

Remember when ETC was trading around 11$ when it first landed on Coinbase? Once the bull kicks off for ETH we’re going to be a follow up run on ETC. We always see these correlations, such as BCH and BTC. It’s always a very smart plan to hold a hedged bet on the competitior of ETH, which is ETC. The moment ETC decides to go, it’s going to blast off because the main market for this coin is the Korean market. Last year, they pumped this coin with billions of dollars in a few hours. Don’t get caught without atleast a decent bag of ETC

Rudolph   April 21, 2019  

I agree with the below posters that ETC is in a great looking position. ETC has been a good buy for months now, especially after their run in with the 51% attack. This is still a top coin thats completely recongizable, so it's a good moment to get in and just wait. Patience will always pay when it comes to these types of coins, and it has yet to see a big move in the green direction.

Roger   March 26, 2019  

ETC is a huge buy- just look at the weekly chart. Anyone can spot the point where ETC has historically jumped up, and we're nearly at that level. Trading ETC could net some serious gains, even though ETC has been going sideways for some time now.

Li   March 9, 2019  

In the last week, ETC has been up nearly 25% even with the sudden crash from BTC and the rest of the market. It seems that most have forgotten about the 51% attack that was performed on the ETC blockchain some months ago. Then again, crypto forgets these events fairly quickly. The roll out of ETC Labs was also a big confidence boost for the whole project, so this may be the result of that.

Steve   February 25, 2019  

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