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I remember when Bibox was only about to be launched, the team promised that it would be super innovative trading vehicle with incorporated AI technology. In the result, Bibox turned out to be a total clone of Binance, both in terms of functionality and design. Even the daily withdrawal limit for unverified users is the same - 2 BTC. The only thing that’s good about Bibox is it’s slightly smaller withdrawal fee of 0.0004 BTC.

Bibox   BitcoinMaximalist   September 23, 2019  

When I first read about LBank, it seemed quite appealing to me, mainly because of low trading fees. I trade quite frequently, often making dozens of trades per day, so fees are very important to me. However, once I went to the platform, my anti-virus began screaming about the present threat of phishing. It’s unlikely that I have used a corrupted link, as I have tried accessing the platform from different websites. That’s a pity because I was really looking forward to trading on LBank. Gonna have to look for another exchange with similar fees.

If you live in a country where crypto regulation is on the softer side, then you should definitely consider trading on BitForex. The reason is that, unlike many other exchanges, BitForex accepts deposits in fiat via banking card, so it relieves newly registered traders from the hassle of buying crypto with fiat and then depositing this crypto to the exchange. As I have already said, the lax regulation, which means that the bank won't start nagging every time you make a deposit, allows traders to use BitForex to the fullest extent.

I like everything about CoinBene, perhaps except for the absence of a referral program. I am a famous crypto blogger with quite a sizable army of followers. So, referrals are one of my small sources of income. I made good money through the Binance referral, so I was hoping to get some more dough on CoinBene, but that was not meant to be. Nevertheless, this exchange has a reasonable fee scheme, excellent interface, and easy registration. Besides, there are no verification requirements for withdrawals of up to 2 BTC. CoinBene wouldn’t be my primary trading platform, but I will use it from time to time.

I have heard some positive things about EXX, most of which had to do with its good trading volumes and the availability of some interesting exotic coins. But I was left deeply disappointed when, after passing the registration process, I've logged to the trading board and found out that it has one of the worst designs I have ever seen. It's unnecessarily dark and very blocky - I was under the impression that it was hastily made by someone of Fiverr for less than a hundred dollars.

EXX   GorillaTrader   September 21, 2019  

I have stumbled across the information on some crypto-related website about being involved in wash trading (the situation when the overwhelming majority of trades occur inside the spread that vastly benefits the exchange) and falsifying the trading volumes. However, if you can't be bothered with such manipulations and just want to do some quiet trading, then BW might be the right fit for you. It has sufficient liquidity to support mid-sized and large trading volumes, so if you are planning to register there just to make a few hundred bucks, go ahead and do so. Nice trading experience is guaranteed.

Usually, I don't trust Chinese exchanges, even if they offer really lucrative trading fees. The reason is that the authorities in that particular country are too unpredictable and can do a lot of damage to the crypto community, proven by the last ICO ban. They can shut down a crypto exchange, including Bibox, with a snap of a finger. And in that case, everyone can wave their hard-earned crypto assets goodbye. Decentralized exchanges are much safer in that regard, so I might consider Bibox only if they launch some sort of DEX.

Bibox   BTC4ever   September 19, 2019  

Even though BitForex has the backing of such powerhouses of the crypto industry as TRON, QTUM, and Block VC, which was to show the prospects of this platform, it still managed to make a lot of stench because of the alleged involvement in wash trading and volume manipulations. I know that virtually everyone in this industry is "doing that", but that is definitely not the way how the crypto space should evolve. Therefore, I chose to express my protest by switching from BitForex to another platform.

The reason why I decided to transfer my entire trading account to BitMex is that I employ the scalping strategy which requires dozens of trades being made in a span of a day, and the platform's fee policy is of a huge importance to me. BitMex is one of the best platforms in this regard as it imposes the almost negligible fees of 0.0075% for makers and -0.025% for takers. That is a golden opportunity for me to make some good money off scalping, even though the volumes at BitMex are somewhat sub-par.

Even though BitMax can't boast any significant trading volumes, the daily volume rarely goes above $130 thousand, it is very promising from a technological standpoint, as it is probably the only platform that features transaction mining and an abundance of options, such as margin and OTC trading. They also have a lending program called BitTreasure, a feat which giants like Binance have implemented only recently. Currently, BitMax is doing a system upgrade, so all operations there have been put on hold.

In all candor, Binance is currently the most reliable and efficient of all centralized exchanges. And it will retain this status until traders make a fill switch to decentralized platforms. And, by the way, Binance already launched DEX, so I might even consider staying in their ecosystem once it gets fully operational. My trading experience with Binance has been nothing but pleasurable. I definitely love the fact that this platform offers a possibility of placing a stop-limit order - it saved my **s on a number of instances.

I have read somewhere that Huobi Global has been under investigation from the Japanese financial authorities. This news popped up a couple of months ago, but there haven't been any public announcements regarding the proceedings since. So, I wonder how's that going to be settled. Personally, I am not particularly fond of Huobi Global, mainly because of the high trading fees. Why pay 0.2% of the total transaction value, if I can get a much better deal on Binance? I guess, the question in rhetoric.

Right now, Latoken is definitely a go-to place if you are looking to invest in an up-and-coming blockchain project. The Latoken Launchpad has become fairly popular among emerging startups, mainly thanks to the favorable terms of listing and IEO conduction. Being a person who specializes in investing in new coins, I would say that Latoken is currently the best place for flipping them for profit. As for the other aspects of trading on Latoken, I haven't experienced any issues when depositing/withdrawing funds; the fees are also reasonable: only 0.1% flat maker/taker fee, plus it gets cut in half if you trade their native currency LA.

OEX is an overall good exchange with decent trading fees, and no deposit/withdrawal fees for that matter, but it's a pity that this platform is mostly oriented on Chinese traders. This might create some problems with the efficiency of the support as well as the trading schedule since the Asian market is most active when there's nighttime where I'm from. Nevertheless, it has a good range of the so-called alternative coins, which I trade from time to time.

OEX   AlwaysInGreen   September 9, 2019  

I have recently read an article about Korean crypto exchanges being on the verge of bankruptcy. I wonder if that includes Bithumb. In any case, I don't find this platform particularly credible since it has been hacked numerous times and the exchange locks up traders' money for several months. Besides, I had a poor user experience with Bithumb: the platform kept logging out whilst I was engaged in trading; the interface is a bit weird, and I had trouble communicating with the support. was found only a couple of years ago, so it's still a fledgling exchange. It is not overly sophisticated in terms of user interface and the overall set of features, but I had a pleasant experience trading on that platform. The fees are very reasonable - 0,10% for both makers and takers, with the acceptable withdrawal fees of 0.001 BTC. A good exchange for a nascent trader to hone the skills. What I don't like about, though, is that I can load my trading account only using crypto.

LAtoken has been taking advantage of its Launchpad to the fullest extent as I have seen dozens of IEOs being conducted by the virtue of their fundraising platform. Therefore, if you are looking for freshly issued coins that are about to pump, then pay attention to LAtoken. Another big advantage of this exchange is that it admits US citizens which greatly enhances its pool of users. The withdrawal fee is slightly high (0.001 BTC), especially is a trader is operating with small amounts of crypto.

A couple of days ago, I read an article about the poor state of nearly all South Korean crypto exchanges - most of them are facing bankruptcy due to low transaction volumes. Since Bithumb is based in that country, it left me wondering whether this platform also faces such hardships. However, it holds the 6th position in the Top 10 crypto exchanges with the monthly trading volume of $33 billion, so I guess it is doing fine. In addition, Bithumb can't boast a state-of-the-art security system which opened the gateway for numerous hacks.

OEX trading platform was established in 2017 in China. For such a short period of existence, it entered the TOP-50 trading platforms in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. This is a pretty good result, despite the fact that OEX has only a few dozen currencies for trading.

OEX   iMmozart   August 26, 2019  

If you are stingy about trading and think that 0.2% per trade charge is a daylight robbery, then LBank is right where you need to head. It is widely considered as one of the cheapest crypto exchanges around with its minuscule 0.1% flat fee. The deposits are also free of charge through the withdrawal will eat up around 0.01 ETH. I also like the fact that LBank supports USD and accepts bank transfers. Although I am not very fond of the absence of the corresponding mobile application because I really like to trade on the go.

LBank   Mime$i$Template$   August 24, 2019  

Although any progressive - and smart - crypto trader would agree that entrusting centralized exchanges with your coins is a risky endeavor, to say the least, I always try to give credit when its due. Binance was my first ever crypto exchange and I haven't found a better one since. The fact that it offers limit orders and discounts on fees puts it head and shoulders above the competition. Certainly, Binance's reputation was a bit hampered by that infamous 7,000 BTC hack, but I think they've recovered well. Besides, BNB is the rock star of this year's crypto market, so kudos to CZ and the team for doing a good job.

I have been using Huobi during a certain period of my trading career, and I can say with all certainty that is was an exceptional experience. I had a couple of instances when the platform interface had unexpectedly defaulted to the Chinese language, which was a bit annoying. The range of crypto assets and tradable pairs is quite broad with 88 pairs for ETH alone, and more than 280 listed currencies. I saw the rumors circling around about Huobi being allegedly involved in wash trading, but that would be its only flaw.

In general, everything is simple - you trade on your account, and you are charged a commission for each transaction, 100% of the commission is returned to you in BMAX tokens. Further, 80% of the commission itself is divided among all token holders in proportion to the number of tokens. The remaining 20% is taken by BitMax.

Although CoinBene is among the top exchanges, listed 14th after Binance by the reported trading volume, it still has some flaws to it. For instance, this exchange doesn't support the traditional payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers which makes deposit/withdrawal procedure a bit inconvenient for those who want to enter (or exit) the crypto space by that means. On the other hand, CoinBene does not impose any fees on deposits/withdrawals which kinda serves as a counterbalance. The makers/takers fee is 0.1%, by the way.

One of the things I've noticed straight away is the weird layout of the trading window. While the charting is okay, mainly because it is provided by TradingView, the placement of the order book, as well as the box that shows the transaction history, is unconventional - somewhere way below the interface - and uncomfortable for that matter. It takes time to get used to it, a lot of time. On the flip side, BitForex offers literally the lowers taker fee among its peers - 0.1% per trade is a bargain.

OEX currently holds the 4th position on CoinMarketCap for the adjusted trading volume which amounts to more than $31 billion per month. Although the number of trading pairs is not very impressive, it has a pleasant and user-friendly interface along with the necessary trading tools and indicators. I don't understand why they won't reveal the information about the withdrawal fees as required of any transparently operating platform. As for the trading fees, they are average for the industry - 0.2% for makers and takers. Also, be aware that OEX has been tailored for Asian customers, so you might experience some issues with the interface language and support ticketing.

OEX   k1ngArtur   August 17, 2019  

I must say that from the technological standpoint, Bibox is probably one of the most advanced crypto exchanges since it is one of the few that had successfully incorporated AI into its operations. Furthermore, the platform also allows for seamless API integration with third-party trading services. The fee structure is clear and simple: a flat 0.1% makers/takers fee plus an opportunity to get a 50% discount when choosing to pay fees with the platform's native token BIX. All in all, I have been trading on Bibox for almost a year and haven't encountered any problems so far.

Bibox   Powder!GoAway   August 16, 2019  

The BitMEX exchange is quoted very highly and is used by the largest market players. The site has a high level of security and, until now, has not been hacked by hackers. Most popular cryptocurrencies can be traded on unique conditions that none of the other platforms offers - for example, the x100 leverage will allow you to get the highest possible level of profit.

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