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Chinese or not, Bibox has probably the lowest fees among all top exchanges in the industry. I am trading with a moderate amount of my own money, so fees play a very important role in my strategy. So, after giving it some consideration, I have registered on Bibox and began trading. No issues so far, and I am more than satisfied with what Bibox charges, even compared to the likes of Binance.

Bibox   Need Munchies   November 12, 2019  

I think that no one would dare to argue that Binance is the fastest developing exchange at the moment. What I really like about Binance is that they are currently working hard on adding ways to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat directly on their platform. For instance, just a few days ago, they have added an option to buy/sell cryptocurrencies with Euro, Russian Ruble, Ukrainian Hryvnia, and Kazakh Tenge. That's a great move to expand their user base in the post-Soviet countries.

Right now, the crypto industry is entering a very competitive phase that could end up in a classic survival of the fittest. It remains to be seen whether BitForex would be amongst those platforms that would continue working in five years' time, though I currently don't see any prerequisites for this. The management is evidently making some moves in order to keep the platform afloat, but that won't be enough in the long run.

For the last several months, I have been hopping from one crypto exchange to another, in search of a perfect combination of low fees, user-friendly interface, responsive support, and trouble-free withdrawals. From my experience, BitMex doesn't satisfy at least two to these demands: the fees are around the industry standard, but certainly not tailored for small-time traders; the support is very slow as it took them around 70 hours to respond to the ticket I had created.

I had registered on BitMax a long time ago, but have been trading there only on rare occasions. For instance, when I find out about some exotic but promising altcoin that is about to get listed on a cryptocurrency exchange, I usually check out BitMax, because this platform specializes in such coins, having more than sixty markets, some of which you might never have heard of. Other than that BitMax has nothing of particular significance.

BitMax   Bitcoin Biscuit   November 8, 2019  

BiteBTC is definitely one of the shadiest cryptocurrency exchanges out there. I have come across a huge thread on Bitcointalk where people discuss how this exchange had engaged in multiple swindles. Amazingly, the platform has been operational since 2017 or 2018, and no one from law enforcement agencies took an interest in its activities. The number of accusation of BiteBTC is so great that it can't be some conspiracy or bad PR.

Latoken is certainly a great platform for investing in IEO's, though I have also come across numerous complaints about the way it conducts business. People were writing about withdrawal delays, unresponsiveness of the support team, and latency hiccups. Of course, Latoken has its pros but, the way I see it, they don't outweigh the cons. Therefore, I would register on Latoken only if an IEO that might catch my fancy would be carried out on that platform.

The employed customer-to-customer operational model is what distinguishes LBank from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform appears to have incorporated the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, allowing users to trade on almost a hundred markets. Besides, it has such features as Over-the-Counter trading and margin trading, which are the must-haves for any respectable platform. The only cause for concern regarding LBank is its Chinese registration and a slightly unpolished English version of the interface.

LBank   BJ Kranston   November 3, 2019  

With so many new cryptocurrency exchanges popping up almost every month, it is very hard to find the one that suits you completely. I have tried trading on OEX for a couple of weeks and had a kinda mixed experience. The trading panel on OEX is well-designed and intuitive, the order book is located in the right place, and the support team is really helpful. However, OEX is a bit slow when it comes to withdrawals. Once I had to wait for almost three days for them to confirm my LTC withdrawal request.

OEX   Mimi Vanilli   November 2, 2019 is always among the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchanges on CoinMarketCap both by reported and adjusted volume, which could serve as a proof of its reliability. I don't get people who make a fuss about being registered in China. Yes, it bears certain risks, but crypto is a risky endeavor at its core, so trading on that platform is no riskier than investing in some emerging blockchain startup. The trading fees on are more than reasonable, and that' the most important factor for me.   Meme Collector   November 1, 2019  

If you aren't trading significant amounts of crypto - for instance, if your trading balance doesn't exceed $20 thousand - then you would be a fool to ignore Bibox since it has a very favorable fee structure. After Binance had reduced its trading fee discount by 25%, cutting it down from 50% to 25%, I have moved a substantial part of my trading portfolio to Bibox. After a couple of months of trading, I can say that I am 95% satisfied.

I can't but agree that trading on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges entails substantial risks for foreign traders. Not need to remind you that their government is as unpredictable as a ricocheting bullet. So, if you feel confident enough to entrust your crypto to a centralized exchange like this, please don't complain if one day you will wake up to a message that your trading account had been blocked for no apparent reason.

As I see it, the industry is currently developing in a way that leads to the demise of the majority of altcoins and cryptocurrency exchanges that simply don't meet the necessary standards of security, efficiency, and, in case of cryptocurrencies, the ability to showcase sustainable gains. It is like the survival of the strongest in the crypto space right now. And I doubt that BitForex would be able to survive the competition in the long run. This platform is just too dull and unreliable, if not to say shady.

I find it hard to come up with a thing that I don't like about Binance. It is a great platform with a very capable CEO that has put together a hard-working team that constantly comes up with marvelous solutions. While other cryptocurrency exchanges have a pathetically small range of offered services, which usually goes no further than spot and margin trading, Binance has already rolled out futures trading as well as lending and staking programs. Moreover, now I can purchase crypto for fiat directly on the platform.

Throughout my 5-year career as a cryptocurrency trader, I have tried many different exchanges and came to the conclusion that BitMEX is suitable for those who like to deal with different rare coins that can pump hard from time to time. You will find plenty of such on BitMEX as it features one of the most extensive lists of trading pairs. There are coins that you've never heard of before, but which are doing 100x in days and then come crashing like a plane that's been shot down.

So far, I have heard nothing but positive things about BitMEX. All these whinings about the platform not being user-friendly come from the lack of desire to learn and master the craft of trading. If you want something simple and uncomplicated, then your professional career should pass the point of being the Uber driver. But if you want to profit from trading, then be prepared to constantly learn and analyze everything, even if it's your first day at the trading desk.

BiteBTC is a scam exchange. They will keep your funds! do not use it!

I don't get the whole fuss about the Asian cryptocurrency exchanges. Sure, they are more focused on the target audience (Asian traders), but at the same time, offer really lucrative fees. Take EXX, for instance. Sure, some users might not feel at home there, or even say that they are being discriminated against (what a bunch of nonsense). But the real trader should think about profits first, and give EXX the due credit for imposing very merciful fees. If you don't get it, then change the occupation.

EXX   Norge Troll   October 26, 2019  

I am not sure why, but the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have been extremely unreliable and ignorant of foreign customers lately. Maybe it has something to do with regulations or massive hacks - I don't really follow the crypto news from Asia - but Bithumb has been a huge disappointment for me. The exchange that promised so much, came up with so little. Their lax security is really annoying, and worrying, of course. Bithumb has been hacked before and will be hacked again sooner or later.

CoinBene is a mediocre exchange, which means that it isn't bad but also not spectacular. I may satisfy the needs of a nascent trader who rarely tries anything other than spot trading, and perhaps makes some shy attempts at margin trading. CoinBene is a perfect spot for them as it has tolerable fees, an intuitive interface, and trouble-free withdrawals. But when it comes to serious trading, CoinBene doesn't cut it: the daily volume is not impressive at all while the trading options are somewhat limited. CoinBene is a '3 out 5' exchange if you ask me.

I have come across some negative feedback about Huobi Global regarding the fact that the provider is domiciled in China, the support ignores the non-Chinese users and such. I wouldn't argue that these instances couldn't have occurred, but judging from my experience as a trader on Huobi Global, the exchange works seamlessly. In two years, I haven't come across any signs of incompetence, system malfunctions or withdrawal hiccups. So, when reading the complaints about Huobi Global, remember that there are many people who are satisfied with this exchange.

Bithumb has one of the most ridiculously complicated registration procedures I have even come across on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The login procedure is also quite tedious. I used to trade there when living in South Korea, mainly became the majority of trading pairs there are priced in the local won, which was convenient for me at the time. But once I left Korea, I had to switch to another exchange because Bithumb isn't really adapted to the outside audience.

The only negatives that I can point out with regard to EXX are the lack of detailed information about the platform in the help section and a slightly inconvenient layout of TradingView. I don't like that the order-placing box has been squeezed in between the charts and the order book. It makes this panel suitable only for the wide computer screens, and very uncomfortable to work with when using a laptop. And by adding more in-depth info about the functionality of the platform, EXX would become more appealing to nascent traders.

EXX   JayCr1pt0   October 21, 2019  

In 2019, I have decided to switch from ICOs to investing in IEO, simply because I consider this type of investment to be more reliable and much faster in terms of the provision of profit. In other words, when buying coins through an IEO, you can flip them in a span of days or so, instead of having to wait weeks, if not months, for the ordinary ICO project to come to terms with a crypto exchange concerning the listing of their token. Latoken is one of the best platforms for IEOs, so I am sticking with it for a while, until some better launchpad comes to play.

I have been trading on LBank for about a week before they began playing weird tricks on me. There have been a few instances when the platform went down right as when I was about to place a buy order. When it got back on, the price has already gone up (or down), kicking me out of the market. I tried to contact the support, but they kept blaming my broadband connection, which is ridiculous.

LBank   FrancoMighty   October 19, 2019  

What's good about OEX is that the users are allowed to make deposits via credit cards, and that the platform admits traders from the United States, which isn't common among cryptocurrency exchanges, especially the ones that operate in China. The trading panel is okay - intuitive and well-designed. However, the high trading fees are the reason why I gave preference to another platform: 0,2% might be the industry standard, but I know plenty of exchanges where the fees are no higher than 0,1%.

OEX   Crypto_Arnold   October 18, 2019  

To tell you the truth, I don't put too much trust in First of all, this cryptocurrency exchange operates in China, which is a big red flag in itself. Should the US-China trade war enter another phase, we might see the outflow of Chinese capital to cryptocurrencies, which, in turn, may result in the toughening of regulation or even the outright ban of exchange platforms. I don't want to find myself in a situation where my assets are being frozen by some Chinese bureaucrat.

I wonder how Bibox wants users like me to trust their exchange if they don't even fully disclose the identity of the platform's founders. Just take a look at Binance, for instance. Everyone knows Changpeng Zhao, who he is and what are his plans regarding the future development of the exchange. Could we say something like that about Bibox? Definitely not. However, judging from Bibox's good trading volume, people don't share my concerns, but they should be prepared to face the consequences.

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