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I can't say anything particularly good or bad about LBank, it's just an okay-ish platform that I included in my crypto exchange aggregator. It doesn't have overly lucrative fees or an extraordinarily user-friendly interface. But it doesn't mean that it can’t do the job of converting currency-to-currency properly. It has a lot of advantages, such as OTC trading, an abundance of trading pairs, and a really good volume. It's just that other exchanges are doing things a bit better.

John Grindman   January 21, 2020   LBank  

I honestly can't figure out what people do to the Huobi Global support team that forces them to "ignore" their tickets or whatever. In my two years of trading on that platform, I have never encountered any problems with the support team, withdrawals, network freeze-up, etc. Everything always works smoothly and accurately as a Swiss watch. I reckon that the negativity comes from the loud-mouthed guys who just need some attention.

Seattle Finest   January 20, 2020   Huobi Global  

Easy to use exchange and trusted.

Jason   January 19, 2020   TAGZ Exchange  

I don't understand why people complain so much about Bithumb, as if all other cryptocurrency exchanges are totally trouble-free. Excuse me, but I have been dealing with such terrible platforms, where support and customer service had been virtually non-existent, that Bithumb looks like an absolutely normal trading space, compared to the mess that I had to endure. I have a small deposit there that allows me to trade some exotic coins, and everything has been running well so far.

Moses Meloun   January 18, 2020   Bithumb  

Suddenly, BitForex turned out to be among Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges on Coinmarketcap by adjusted volume. I liked this place before, though I haven't been trading there quite often because our firm prefers another platform. But whenever I have some free time and money, I go to BitForex to get some gains. I like everything about it, the fees, the user interface, and its overall functionality. Please let me know if you think that this platform has some flaws.

United Shawn   January 17, 2020   BitForex  

It appears that OEX had gone bust since the official stats show that the trading volume at that platform has been at $0 for quite some time now. If that turns out to be true, I will be slightly disappointed because I used to like trading of OEX: it had very democratic fees and the interface was also quite good.

BlueBeard   January 16, 2020   OEX  

I have found out about BitUBU only recently, but my fellow traders, who have already given this exchange a try, were moderately satisfied. The platform provides for an abundance of trading options like the usual stop trading, futures trading, and even algorithmic trading. I like the fact that there are more than 10 ways to deposit funds onto the exchange, though the fees are slightly higher than I expected.

Ray_Mist   January 15, 2020   BitUBU  

I have heard that BitMax wanted to impose a new VIP fee and introduce a renewed rebate structure, but I am not sure whether they had followed through on this or not. I only get some newsletters from that platform from time to time, though it's been more than a year since I traded there. At some point, I simply decided to give up trading on Asian exchanges because there had been a few complications with withdrawals and such.

Sonic575   January 14, 2020   BitMax  

I know a lot of fellow traders from Asia and most of them say very positive things about EXX. I haven't personally tried trading on this platform, but I suppose I can trust their judgment. Many reputable cryptocurrency exchanges are registered in Hong Kong, though I am worried about their future because of these massive protests and the overall tense situation in the region.

Bunny Kotal   January 13, 2020   EXX  

I have had a neutral stance on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges in the past, but now, when the Chinese authoritarian government is starting a beef with the crypto community again, I reckon that it would be wise to opt for the trading platforms from Singapore or even some offshore zones. Right now, it is too risky to trust the platforms that could be shut down in an instant with your money.

RenatoTZ   January 12, 2020   Huobi Global  

The Asian crypto exchanges never cease to amuse me. There is always something happening there, and this "something" is usually not great for people who trade on these platforms. In one of the latest developments, IDAX stopped all deposits and withdrawals after its CEO Lei Guorong went missing. I mean, I feel sorry for the guy and hope that he will turn out okay, but I can also imagine the frustration of traders who can't take their money out.

Georgia_Bill   January 11, 2020   IDAX  

I am genuinely surprised by the progress that BitUBU has made in such a short period of time. It emerged on a crypto market a mere six months ago but is already putting up very impressive trading volumes. For instance, today's trading volume at BitUBU amounted to $22.4 million, which has already put it in the top 100 exchange platforms on Coinmarketcap. This rapid development probably has to do with the fact that BitUBU comes from Turkey where people are rather crypto-savvy.

Natural_Born_Trader   January 10, 2020   BitUBU  

I was so pissed at my partner, with whom we run a crypto-trading firm, after he had taken a portion of coins from our portfolio without telling me and transferred it to BiteBTC, which turned out to be a scam. Now more than $100 thousand in crypto is lost, while he is trying to reach the non-existent support team of BiteBTC or Fedlio, or whatever name these swindlers came up with. I think that I might even bring legal action against him.

Alpha Chick   January 9, 2020   BiteBTC  

If you specialize in Bitcoin trading than make sure not to miss BitMEX because it is tailor-made for it. $1,3 billion in daily trading volume - that is definitely an impressive showing. Moreover, there you can count on getting the 100x leverage on Bitcoin, and also very respectable leverage on altcoin. They also claim to have the most liquid BTC market in the entire world, but it is up for debate.

Imma Grinch   January 8, 2020   BitMEX  

Although Omgfin was launched in 2018, it seems that this trading platform only starts getting some recognition. The exchange itself operates out of Estonia, a very crypto-friendly country. It holds two licenses from the corresponding authorities: the first grants the right to act as a provider of currency exchange, and the second allows the provision of wallet services. The trading fees are low - only 0.045%.

Tiffany   January 7, 2020   Omgfin  

So, any news about the missing CEO, and the money that was gone with him? Are we witnessing another exit scam here? Apparently, that's the case because the news surfaced around December 1, but there have been no developments. Well, the shining example of how dangerous it is to keep your crypto on the exchanges. You would never know when the next CEO could be gone "missing".

Edgy Trader   January 6, 2020   IDAX  

I am fairly sure that there is no better token for trading exotic coins than Latoken. Apart from having a popular launchpad for exchange offerings, Latoken lists new interesting coins on a weekly basis. I am not a Bitcoin maximalist by any means, so I like to dig into different up-and-coming coins in search of that diamond in the dirt. So far, I have found five coins that gave me 1000%+ profit, three of them were featured on Latoken.

Epic_Holder   January 4, 2020   LATOKEN  

I am sure that nobody does a better job of promoting cryptocurrencies and crypto trading than Changpeng Zhao and the Binance team. The year 2019 was brilliant for BNB and the Binance ecosystem in general, and there will be no stopping them in 2020. I hope you read the New Year message that Binance posted on Twitter. They are planning to incorporate 180 fiat currencies and acquire a bunch of tech startups.

Falcao   January 3, 2020   Binance  

I totally agree with one of the previous commentators that Bithumb is the kind of crypto platform that always manages to find some trouble. In the latest news, Bithumb has problems with taxes as the state taxation agency has handed its management a bill for around $70 million. Apparently, this event raised a big scandal since foreign investors were unaware of Bithumb's tax situation when they bought shares in the company.

DerpyHugo   January 2, 2020   Bithumb  

CoinBene, like all other cryptocurrency exchange of the middle rank, can't really boast anything out of the ordinary. It has a necessary set of trading tools, an okayish choice of trading options, and an uncomplicated withdrawal procedure. The fees could have been a bit lower, but they aren't predatory as well. All in all, CoinBene is a platform that would suffice the needs of average traders.

Fun_Boss   January 1, 2020   CoinBene  

OMGFIN is completely scam exchange. don't go near them.

Mike   December 31, 2019   Omgfin  

Probably the only thing that I like about Bithumb is that there is no shortage of thrilling news about this platform. For instance, about a month ago, there was a suspicious occurrence when Chinese law enforcers had allegedly raided the Bithumb's office in Shanghai. But this situation seems to have quickly died off. I have also heard that the company behind Bithumb wants to launch a regulated exchange platform in India, a country that is hostile towards crypto.

Jimmy_Scientist   December 21, 2019   Bithumb  

their refund management were able to aid me through on withdrawal on telegram

TOM   December 18, 2019   IDAX has been doing well lately, boosting its reported trading volume by as much as 40% to $81 million a day. That is impressive stats, I wonder what they did to achieve it, perhaps added some new features or trading options, please let me know, guys. Back in the day, I tried doing some trading on, but then switched to another platform that seemed appealing to me. Perhaps, it is time to go back.

Lucky_Redhead   December 17, 2019  

I totally get why people are suspicious of Chinese crypto exchanges. It is not a matter of platforms, but rather the government that is vastly unpredictable and always make some ridiculous threats like banning Bitcoin or ousting the exchanges for good. That's too bad because some of these platforms, including Bibox are more than capable of providing an excellent trading experience and a sufficient level of protection.

Crusader   December 16, 2019   Bibox  

Whether you like it or not, Binance is the most progressive, and one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the industry. They have done a terrific job this year promoting their platform, improving the infrastructure and functional capabilities, as well as introducing a ton of new features and trading options. Their mobile app is definitely the most convenient and intuitive among the competitors, so, basically, these are the reasons why I intend to give preference to Binance over other exchanges.

Wonderberg55   December 15, 2019   Binance  

I don't get why people are raising so much fuss about Bithumb choking on a few withdrawals on support tickets here and there. Hello people, you are living in a crypto space where no one can guarantee the safety of your funds, except for the hardware wallet. As for Bithumb, it is an okay-ish exchange that offers nothing out of the ordinary. I have spent around a month there and withdrew my funds because I was simply unimpressed.

Fire Jose   December 10, 2019   Bithumb  

I must admit that I have certain sentiments towards CoinBene because it was the first crypto exchange where I got engaged in a pump and dump scheme. The comment is going to be a happy one because unlike those fools who can't sell their coins at the top of the pump wave, I managed to do it at just the right time and earn myself a pile of money. So, whatever you say about CoinBene, it will always be in my heart.

LeftNoTracks   December 9, 2019   CoinBene  

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Price, USD 24h 7 days
Bitcoin 8 559.120 -2.07% -1.34%
Ethereum 164.274 -3.01% 1.6%
XRP 0.230 -2.82% 1.45%
Bitcoin Cash 338.341 -1.54% 5.52%
Bitcoin SV 281.076 -11.45% -4.15%
Tether 0.999 -0.1% -0.2%
Litecoin 56.606 -2.02% 0.92%
EOS 3.542 -2.57% -2.36%
Binance Coin 17.278 -5.22% 3.01%
Stellar 0.060 -3.09% 14.3%


Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

Volume 24h, USD Change 24h
Binance JEX 327 050 104 0.00% 406 159 0.00%
Binance 838 981 839 -6.31%
TAGZ Exchange 3 485 560 734 11.50%
TAGZ 3 376 359 981 0.07%
Fatbtc 2 067 975 817 -5.16%
Bilaxy 1 937 546 223 -8.99%
Hotbit 1 768 463 467 4.24%
BitMEX 1 750 812 626 -4.76%
Coinsbit 1 698 002 569 -0.12%