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Exchanges Reviews for June 2022

Coinbase Pro Reviews Know1tAll June 17, 2022
Coinbase NFT marketplace: How to buy NFTs on Coinbase? Connect your crypto wallet to the Coinbase marketplace, and have ETH in your wallet to bid, buy and sell NFTs on Coinbase. Not only is the number of nonfungible token (NFT) collections growing at a phenomenal rate, but so are the NFT marketplaces. Previously, NFT marketplaces were mainly decentralized applications (dApps) on various blockchains, but nowadays, crypto exchanges are also seeing the benefits of having their own NFT marketplace. This includes Coinbase, the exchange with the most users worldwide, which, of course, cannot lag behind the competition. The American crypto exchange was founded in 2012 and was initially mainly involved in the buying and selling process of cryptocurrencies. Over the years, additional services have been added such as staking cryptocurrencies on Coinbase and establishing its own NFT marketplace. This is a big step for the adoption of NFTs, as tens of millions of people worldwide are using Coinbase. For many millions of people, this makes it a lot easier to invest in NFTs.
Kraken Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng June 15, 2022
Kraken reiterates hiring targets as CEO denounces "woke activists" in corporate culture. "We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment," said the team at Kraken. On Wednesday, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced that it would continue to hire over 500 roles in various departments amid a market downturn. The company's hiring efforts are in stark contrast to a week of severe layoff announcements from major blockchain firms such as Coinbase, BlockFi, etc. In support of the decision to expand its staff, Kraken said: "We have not adjusted our hiring plan, and we do not intend to make any layoffs. We have over 500 roles to fill during the remainder of the year and believe bear markets are fantastic at weeding out the applicants chasing hype from the true believers in our mission." However, Jesse Powell, Kraken's CEO, also expressed critical remarks over a small subset of employees at Kraken, estimated to be 20 out of 3,200 people. As told by Powell: "I think we've developed some really thoughtful policies that might not appease woke activists but work for the other 99% of the world." Exchange Reviews l00k$_1ntere$1ng June 3, 2022 will have further requirements before its full license is granted in the “near-term” and FTX said the move would allow it to work “directly with Japanese regulators.” Two out of the top 10 largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume will expand into new markets, with obtaining a provisional crypto license in Dubai and FTX launching in Japan. announced on June 2 that the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) provided the exchange with provisional approval of its Virtual Asset License giving the company the go-ahead based on initial compliance checks. The exchange said that VARA will carry out further due diligence and other mandated requirements before its full operating license is issued which it expects to happen in the “near term”. said in March it would create a regional office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) largest city after it enacted new laws for crypto and created VARA with the goal of making Dubai a global hub for crypto. The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Dr Thani Al Zeyoudi said in the announcement the country believes “cryptocurrencies, virtual assets and blockchain will revolutionize the financial services sector.” He added it's “attracting companies to the UAE to build on this vision and enable technologies of the future to flourish here.”
FTX Reviews Crypto_Bro June 2, 2022
FTX - which has overtaken Coinbase to become the second largest centralized exchange in terms of volume — has launched FTX Japan to service its Japanese customers after it acquired the local Liquid crypto exchange in February. Japan has strict rules for crypto exchanges wanting to operate in the country with the commissioner of crypto regulator the Financial Services Agency (FSA) even admitting it makes things “rather tough” for exchanges. FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said that “Japan is a highly regulated market with a potential market size of almost $1 trillion” for crypto trading. The expansions are in stark contrast to other major crypto firms that are are having to cut staff due to the ongoing bearish conditions. Gemini exchange reportedly plans to cut 10% of its employees due to the unfavorable market conditions, Coinbase also announced in mid-May its slowing hiring to ensure it can weather the dampened market. At the end of April the crypto-friendly trading platform Robinhood fired 9% of its workforce with its stock price at an all-time low as part of a wider market downturn.
Binance Reviews Enrico June 1, 2022
Satisfied in general, it's a good platform.
Coinbase Pro Reviews Zac May 19, 2022
Coinbase launches new crypto think tank to help shape policies. Coinbase’s new “crypto native think tank” features an advisory board of finance and law academics from top United States universities and will publish original research to shape policies around crypto. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has created a “crypto native think tank” in an attempt to help shape the global conversation around policies for digital assets. The newly formed Coinbase Institute will also publish research on crypto and Web3. Coinbase tapped its director of policy Hermine Wong to head the institute. She previously served in the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and before that worked at the Department of State. The related Coinbase Institute Advisory Board has also been formed and will feature academics across law and finance from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Duke and John Hopkins, coupled with an academic partnership with the University of Michigan.
BitMEX Reviews Qwentinn May 17, 2022
BitMEX launches spot crypto exchange following $30M penalty. Founded in 2014, BitMEX is one of the world’s oldest crypto trading platforms, but it has never offered spot crypto trading till now. Global crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX is expanding its platform beyond just derivatives by finally launching a spot crypto trading platform. BitMEX officially announced on May 17 that its spot crypto exchange, the BitMEX Spot Exchange, is now live, allowing retail and institutional investors to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). At launch, the exchange supports seven pairs of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), Polygon (MATIC), Axie Infinity (AXS) and ApeCoin (APE), all trading against the Tether stablecoin (USDT). The launch of the BitMEX Spot Exchange comes as the company plans to become one of the top ten largest spot exchanges in the world. The company decided to build its own spot exchange last year in response to the increasing crypto trading demand from its current user base, according to the announcement. Exchange Reviews Axel May 16, 2022 unblocks users, reverses glitched LUNA trades that made 30-40x. On May 13, abruptly barred users from trading after an internal tool detected the system quoting incorrect prices for LUNA. was one of the few crypto exchanges to keep Terra (LUNA) trades open as Terra’s death spiral saw an unrecoverable price crash of LUNA and stablecoin TerraUSD (UST). However, a technical glitch on’s mobile application allowed users to get away with a 30-40x profit on LUNA trades momentarily. On Friday, abruptly barred users from trading after an internal tool detected the system quoting incorrect prices for LUNA due to some error. Just when Crypto Twitter started raising concerns about trade reversals on the exchange, Kris Marszalek, CEO of, revealed details about a glitch that allowed users to make away with massive profits.
Binance Reviews KaPax May 12, 2022
Binance Futures delists coin-margined LUNA perpetual contracts. Binance suspended withdrawals for LUNA and UST amid the UST stablecoin losing its peg to the U.S. dollar on Tuesday. Amid collapsing Terra network’s cryptocurrencies Luna (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST), crypto exchange Binance continues deactivating related trading services. Binance’s derivatives arm Binance Futures has delisted coin-margined LUNA perpetual contracts, the firm officially announced on May 12. “Users are advised to close any open positions prior to the delisting time to avoid automatic settlement,” the statement by the platform reads. Binance Futures has also started conducting automatic settlements on the contracts, reducing the leverage tiers and updating margin tiers for coin-margined LUNA perpetual contracts. As such, the 8x leverage tier is now the max leverage tier available on Binance for LUNA perpetual contracts, replacing the earlier maximum available leverage of 21-25x. 11-20x leverage is reduced to 7x, while 6-10x leverage is replaced with a 6x leverage tier, according to the updated data. According to the announcement, existing positions opened before the update will not be affected. “Binance reserves the right to further change the max leverage and margin tiers for USDT-margined LUNA perpetual contracts without further notice,” the firm added. The latest trading updates on Binance Futures come soon after Binance suspended withdrawals for LUNA and UST on May 10 amid a massive selloff of tokens on the Terra network, with the UST stablecoin losing its peg to the United States dollar and crashing to $0.67.
Coinbase Pro Reviews C0rnel1us May 5, 2022
Coinbase's plans to purchase firm behind Mercado Bitcoin fall through. The crypto exchange previously announced the acquisition of blockchain infrastructure platform Bison Trails as well as the Routefire platform. Coinbase and Brazilian company 2TM, the parent company of Mercado Bitcoin, have reportedly scrapped talks around the crypto exchange purchasing the firm. According to a Tuesday Bloomberg report, 2TM and Coinbase have ended discussions around the United States-based crypto exchange buying the Brazilian company, which was valued at more than $2 billion. It’s unclear what led to the purchase not going through, as 2TM reportedly declined to comment and a Coinbase spokesperson said it was simply “committed to the Brazilian market.” As the parent company of Mercado Bitcoin — one of the largest crypto brokerage firms in Latin America — 2TM cemented its unicorn status in July 2021 following a $200 million funding round, pushing the company ahead of a $2 billion valuation. Cointelegraph reported in March that 2TM was valued at $2.2 billion ahead of Coinbase’s reported plans to purchase the firm. In addition, 2TM acquired a controlling stake in Lisbon-based crypto exchange CriptoLoja in January. A Coinbase institutional investor report on Latin America from December 2021 suggested interest in expanding operations in Brazil. In April, Brazil’s Senate approved a law to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country, expected to be signed into law by President Jair Bolsonaro by the end of 2022. Rio de Janeiro, the second-most populous city in Brazil, also announced in March it will accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments for taxes related to urban real estate within city limits starting in 2023.
Binance Reviews Jose9949 May 2, 2022
I can argue for hours with anyone that would say that Binance is not the most progressive trading platform we have today. It has everything that both nascent and experienced traders need. The fees might not be the lowest, but they are definitely on the south side of the industry standard. CZ is doing a marvelous job of expanding the reach of Binance and adding new feats and stuff. I am a happy trader when I am not Binance, and I don't plan to migrate anywhere.
Binance US Reviews Arn0ld April 22, 2022
Binance.US, the US arm of popular crypto exchange Binance, has withdrawn from the crypto lobbying group Blockchain Association, several media outlets reported Wednesday. In a statement shared with media outlet CoinDesk, a company spokesperson revealed Binance has decided to leave the organization citing differences in “values, goals and standards.” They noted: “Binance.US made a major investment last year in the Blockchain Association. Our executives recently negotiated in good faith with Blockchain Association executives in an effort to grow Binance.US’ role within the group. But after multiple conversations we ultimately determined that our values, goals and standards were not fully aligned.” With its departure, the world’s largest crypto exchange will set up its lobbying operations in Washington, United States, and engage in a more direct and constructive dialogue with policymakers. Per the spokesperson, the company will now aim its resources at creating its in-house lobby in Washington DC and other state capitals.
Binance Reviews Max April 18, 2022
Binance launches Binance Bridge 2.0 to connect Ethereum-based tokens (both listed and unlisted) as BTokens to the BNB Chain. You can use your wrapped BTokens to explore the metaverse, blockchain-based games, decentralized finance (Defi) and more in the BNB Chain ecosystem, reducing the need for swaps and overcoming other interoperability barriers that have plagued blockchain. Therefore, Binance users will be able to use the bridge as a one-stop shop for all centralized finance (Cefi) and DeFi. The intent behind the first version of the Binance Bridge was to make multiple blockchains more interoperable. In addition, it allowed anyone to exchange their crypto assets into Binance Chain (now BNB Chain) and Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Smart Chain) wrapped tokens (and vice versa). The technique for swapping tokens (supported only on contains two categories in the first version: Peg-In and Peg-Out. Using Peg-In, users can swap native tokens for pegged tokens on the BNB Chain or BNB Smart Chain. Meanwhile, the Peg-Out technique allows users to convert pegged tokens to native tokens on the BNB Chain or the BNB Smart Chain. Regular deposit and withdrawal functionalities in the Binance Bridge version 2.0 allow users to bridge tokens between their original blockchains and the BNB Chain. In the future, Binance also wants to improve its mobile app to enable users to perform similar conversions with a single click. This article aims to discuss the integration of CeFi and DeFi through Binance Bridge 2.0 and how the Binance Bridge works.
Coinbase Pro Reviews Arn01d April 12, 2022
Coinbase suspended some payment services on its newly launched Indian exchange due to pressure from the local payment regulators. The largest United States-based crypto exchange Coinbase has stopped payment services through United Payments Interface (UPI) on its platform for Indian users just three days after its launch in the South Asian subcontinent. The UPI is the payment portal governed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), which facilitates buy orders on Coinbase’s India services. The exchange has already updated its payment method information on its website for Indian users, which urges users to try Immediate Payment Service (IMP) to place sell orders. The NPCI is a special division of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), under the Ministry of Finance. Financial news outlet Business Standard reported on Monday that Coinbase stated that it would work to remedy the situation in India with the appropriate regulators and that it was “committed to working with NPCI and other relevant authorities to ensure that we are aligned, with local expectations and industry norms.” The NPCI said in a statement on Thursday that it did not recognize the legal standing of any crypto exchanges using the RBI’s United Payments Interface (UPI) even after Coinbase announced the release of its services. The impetus for the suspension may have arisen from this comment: “With reference to some media reports around the purchase of Cryptocurrencies using UPI, National Payments Corporation of India would like to clarify that we are not aware of any crypto exchange using UPI.” Indian Coinbase users do not appear to be vexed by the sudden suspension of service. Co-founder of the Crypto India YouTube channel Aditya Singh tweeted to his 210,000 followers on Monday that “This is not new, Indian exchanges have also been facing payment service problems since 2018.”
Coinbase Pro Reviews Gecko April 11, 2022
Coinbase to increase transparency on potential 2022 listings. The exchange issued the names of 50 projects that could possibly be listed in the second quarter of 2022 as a way of adding information symmetry to crypto markets. America’s largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, announced a long list of tokens it could potentially list in the second quarter of 2022 in an effort to increase transparency. A Tuesday blog post from the exchange includes a list of tokens under consideration, but notes that other tokens may be under consideration but not specifically mentioned. Among those on their radar are 45 ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network and five SPL tokens on the Solana network. Some of the tokens with a relatively large market cap are Binance USD (BUSD), which is the third-largest stablecoin on the market, and one of the largest DAO projects BitDAO (BIT), which boasts a market cap of just over $1 billion at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko data. The exchange stated that its new approach toward token listings will also provide “as much information symmetry as possible.” Information symmetry promotes efficiency and fairness within a market. It also reduces the chances for a pump-and-dump scenario on listing day, as the retail trading frenzy can be mitigated by advanced knowledge of a listing. While it is far more common on other centralized and decentralized exchanges, Coinbase has had its share of such price action on coins it lists. In 2020, OMG Network pumped 200% within 15 minutes of being listed on Coinbase and crashed moments later. Crypto projects are aware of the attention a Coinbase listing, or even just the potential one can bring. The relatively small decentralized finance (DeFi) data tokenizer Big Data Protocol, with a $3.3 million market cap according to CoinGecko, tweeted in delight on Tuesday that Coinbase was giving it looks at potentially being listed. However, while the increased transparency may be a boon for investors and projects, the seasoned crypto trader from Twitter account “12yearoldwithcc” believes the potential listings are lackluster. The account tweeted today that “Coinbase is in their flop era.”
Coinbase Pro Reviews Sanny April 8, 2022
Coinbase kicks off retail crypto trading services in India. One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase has gilded its way into the country with the largest number of crypto holders present. At an event hosted in Bengaluru, Coinbase confirmed that it has launched digital assets trading services in India, with plans to lead Web3 expansion in the country. Part of the expansion included the exchange conducting mass recruitment with intentions to triple its team in India by the end of 2022. The app, catering to its Indian audience, is integrated with the popular UPI payment process. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is an instant real-time payment system administered by India’s central bank, accounts for approximately 60% of the retail payment volume in the country. Coinbase expansion plans in India came despite the stringent regulatory environment in the country. The Indian government recently implemented a 30% tax rule on cryptocurrencies and NFT related transactions, placing them in the highest tax bracket. In addition, it has also levied a 1% TDS, which is set to enforce from July 1. However, Coinbase has so far remained enthusiastic about its plans to enter the Indian market. It has already invested about $150 million in the country’s crypto startups, such as Polygon, CoinDCX, CoinSwitch Kuber, and more.
CoinBene Reviews Black Beetroot April 6, 2022
I wonder when the majority of cryptocurrency traders have become so snobbish with regard to platforms like CoinBene. I totally understand the need for top-notch service, but you guys must give people behind CoinBene, and other exchanges, a break because they had created a trading environment that is sufficiently safe and efficient. Certainly, there is a lot of work to be done on the part of CoinBene, but they remain one of the best in the industry when it comes to fees.
Huobi Global Reviews Seattle Finest April 5, 2022
I honestly can't figure out what people do to the Huobi Global support team that forces them to "ignore" their tickets or whatever. In my two years of trading on that platform, I have never encountered any problems with the support team, withdrawals, network freeze-up, etc. Everything always works smoothly and accurately as a Swiss watch. I reckon that the negativity comes from the loud-mouthed guys who just need some attention.
Kraken Reviews Oct0pu$ April 1, 2022
Kraken users report Bitcoin Lightning Network availability. Kraken was previously aiming to implement the BItcoin Lightning Network in 2021 after officially announcing the plan in late 2020. Major American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken reportedly started implementing the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network for users a bit later than the firm originally planned. Bitcoin maximalist Mr.Hodl took to Twitter on Wednesday to report that Kraken has implemented the Lightning Network. He attached a screenshot of the supposed new Kraken withdrawal process allowing users to complete a withdrawal request from a Lightning wallet to receive BTC from their accounts. “The Lightning network runs on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to enable more uses of Bitcoin,” Kraken’s withdrawal notice on the screenshot reads. It appears that no other Kraken users have reported the supposed BTC Lightning implementation on the platform so far. Instead, some Kraken customers said that they didn’t have the Lightning option to withdraw BTC as of Tuesday, suggesting that the Lightning implementation should be extended for all accounts within 24 hours. The first reports of Kraken’s BTC Lightning integration surfaced in mid-March from data appearing on the Lightning Network explorer known as Amboss Space. Bitcoin Lightning enthusiasts spotted the new Lightning node and shared their suspicions about a Lightning integration on social media.
Binance Reviews Dennis March 31, 2022
Binance continues to lower barriers to cryptocurrency trading. With the intent to lead a new era of global financial inclusion, infrastructure providers must first prove that cryptocurrency usage is for everyone. Cryptocurrencies were designed to lead a new era of global financial inclusion, providing people access to financial services that they would otherwise be unable to have. Through a simplified financial structure, individuals and businesses around the world are finally having their needs met, and this transformation is believed to reduce poverty, improve prosperity and transform how the world transacts on a large scale. Although freedom of money is the objective, the technology is still in its early stages of adoption. Therefore, it is the exchanges and infrastructure providers that now hold a pivotal role in providing an initial touchpoint for users to engage with and learn of the benefits that come with digital currencies and the transformation they represent. Binance, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has proven to be a leader in these aspects. Since its inception, the platform has continued to work hard to create an ecosystem that is inclusive of the entire blockchain community, from digital asset projects to merchants to crypto investors and traders of every level. With continued efforts to lower the barriers to entry in this space, features like their competitive pricing and fee structures, deep liquidity, reduced slippage and wide product selection, among other continuous improvements, have proven crucial to the growth of their community and the crypto industry alike.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

# Exchange Founded Rate Coins Volume 24h Change 24h
1 Binance Binance 2017 4.7 341 85 756 472 788 16.06%
2 Kraken Kraken 2011 4.5 62 1 142 715 309 28.70%
3 Bitfinex Bitfinex 2012 4.4 146 978 819 336 -9.20%
4 KuCoin KuCoin 2017 4.2 282 8 060 549 816 24.53%
5 Indodax Indodax 2019 3.8 157 33 198 028 -5.74%
6 WazirX WazirX 2018 3.4 176 29 385 566 -22.41%
7 Paribu Paribu 2017 3.1 51 145 013 619 -31.78%
8 OKEx OKEx 2014 3.6 242 20 324 410 065 16.18%
9 Bybit Bybit 2018 3.5 97 13 164 479 386 31.11%
10 FTX FTX 2019 1.7 192 11 002 802 152 17.90%

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