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I can’t withdraw $174 from just2trade for the second year already. copies of documents requested sent 8 times - it is useless, the same automatic response. It is not clear what to do next, the amount is small but the vile feeling does not leave. Although there is a positive moment - at one time I was thinking seriously about (investing) - well done people treated me for a small amount. And how to complain about the firm that dwells in the middle of nowhere, and write them a complaint about them...

Eugene   July 11, 2020   Just2Trade  

This is a huge difference with my previous broker. There are a lot more trading instruments, a much faster platform, and I finally realized what broker support is all about. Not just ignorers who do not understand why they are sitting there. I’ve been working here for several months, until there were no misunderstandings, or conflicts, there weren’t any failures, the team is working professionally, I haven’t had any complaints yet. So far it seems that you can work with this broker.

Alchemist Ben   July 10, 2020   NordFX  

After spending some time with HotForex, I can say that the cons of this broker outweigh the pros. To start with, the broker doesn't offer the full set of opportunities to trade crypto CFDs. Right now, CFDs aren't traded during the weekends which puts crypto traders at a disadvantage because the crypto market is live around the clock, so why limit it only to weekdays? To finish on a positive note, HotForex does have a pleasant bonus of 100% on the first deposit, a rare feat for a mainstream broker.

JeannLeGrand   July 9, 2020   HotForex  

EasyMarkets is a well-established broker that has been operating for nearly 20 years. What I like about this broker is that it ensures fixed spreads, though they tend to be a bit higher than that of competitors, the absence of slippage, and very reasonable commissions. As for crypto trading, EasyMarkets accommodates only three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, all of which are traded against the US Dollar. The broker offers good leverage options with the maximum leverage being of the 50:1 ratio. Probably the only downside of EasyMarket is that there is no trading on Sundays due to platform maintenance.

Karl0$0n   July 8, 2020   easyMarkets  

The EUR, GBP, Gold worth trading with this broker with lowest spreads. Bitcoin also showing up in their commodity list. It can also be a good money making resource i am currently looking at. I must say that that this broker is reasonable so far.

Guarav   July 7, 2020   HotForex  

The broker is suitable for those who came to Forex to earn, and not gamble. I realized that this is not a game when I drained my first deposit. I also realized that you need to earn money with a broker who is not interested in losing customers, such as XM. No one calls and persuades not to withdraw even 100 dollars from the account. A sea of ​​different services that are aimed to really help customers earn, not lose. One analytical portal is just worth it! Webinars are constantly going to raise the level of traders closer to the professional. Moreover, the speakers are the authors of well-known trading strategies. In general, my opinion about XM is positive. I would even say that it is strengthening with every month and with each profit withdrawn. I've even learned how to trade in profit.

Couch_Potato   July 6, 2020   XM  

I must say that this broker has many positive aspects related to execution. If we add to this fact that the withdrawal of funds is working normally, HotForex is an excellent option. Therefore, I opened a deposit last week for a small amount. If everything is as they say about this broker, then it is likely that I will stay here for long.

Beer_Belly_Jim   July 5, 2020   HotForex  

I have been working with XM for about 2 months. No complaints yet. The MT4 and Web terminal works fine. Today I applied for a withdrawal on Skrill - they paid quickly. Meanwhile the overall cooperation is positive, I hope this will continue.

321rs123   July 4, 2020   XM  

These guys know how to keep me happy. Not that I need too much. 1. Fair spreads policy - here I find it because FXOpen allows choosing the account type that fits your trading style most, minimizing the cost of trading. 2. Serious approach to regulations, licensed and paperwork. Yes, licensed brokers want to know their clients real address and see the ID, but it's necessary for companies that comply with international laws. 3. Fair quality of connection, stability, good executions. I find it here at FXOpen as well.

Patrick   July 3, 2020   FXOpen  

good start for 2020, good broker, still sharp as always, decent services offered, and the withdrawals are always spot on. spreads are acceptable, still scalp worthy on most pairs.

Joseph Tan   July 2, 2020   HotForex  

I want to leave positive feedback about Fxpro. I always have all my orders executed clearly and fast, but the biggest plus for them is the stability of the withdrawal. It's not instant, of course, but payments have never been canceled.

Copernicus8394   July 1, 2020   FxPro  

Two years of trading with this broker. They have pretty good services which is the reason they are growing really fast. The support team is very helpful which shows their professionalism in business. All of the services offered by them are good and much appreciated.

Babar Adnan   June 30, 2020   HotForex  

I have heard both good and bad things about Fibo Group. There were instances when Fibo Group showed great attentiveness towards traders' needs, allowing to switch freely between different withdrawal methods, including cryptocurrencies, whilst providing an abundance of trading and analysis tools. On the flip side, this broker has also been accused of canceling withdrawals but failing to duly notify the account holder of such occurrences. People waited for their money for weeks before realizing that the withdrawal request had been canceled.

br1&n   June 29, 2020   FIBO Group  

LH-Crypto provides a great set of crypto trading options, such as margin and CFDs trading. As for margin trading, LH-Crypto offers one of the largest leverage opportunities with a ratio of 1:100. No need to remind you that such high leverage is both attractive in terms of potential profitability, but also immensely risky, so approach it with caution. Also, there are such feats as demo accounts and social trading included specifically for nascent traders. In addition, LH-Crypto holds different trading contests with hefty prize funds.

cheerleader   June 28, 2020   LH Crypto  

If you value such traits in your broker as good reputation and rich company history, then Henyep Markets (HYCM) should be right on your list of options. It was established more than 40 years ago and rightfully considers itself to be one of the top brokerage firms. HYCM received a Best Forex Broker in Europe reward from FXDailyInfo two years ago, which the type of recognition that speaks for itself.

LongDistanceCalling   June 27, 2020   HYCM  

Bithoven is a fledgling cryptocurrency trading platform that has all the necessary feats, such a personal wallet, a variety of trading tools, and margin with the leverage of up to 1:20, with Bitcoin being the nominal margin currency. The platform supports more than a hundred cryptocurrencies, affords for instant trading, and ensures the security of all operations thanks to the TLS/SSL encryption and 2FA. The only disadvantage of Bithoven is that all deposit/withdrawal operations can be carried out using only cryptocurrencies.

fantA$T1C   June 26, 2020   Bithoven  

I have been cooperating with this broker for a long time. Now there are a lot of them, but not all are reliable and not everyone can be trusted with their capital. I am very pleased. Never had a problem. Everything is simple and affordable, and most importantly, transparent. I advised this broker to all my friends and everyone is happy. It is immediately noticeable that the team selected is very strong.

whiteeagle   June 25, 2020   FIBO Group  

Grand Capital has been in the brokerage business for 12 years. Over that period of time, it has proven to be a reliable and responsible provider of financial services. I am a die-hard cryptocurrency trader who loves crypto for the thrill that is born out of its volatility. However, I don't place a lot of trust in numerous crypto exchanges which are the prime target for hackers. Besides, I love MetaTrader 4, so when Grand Capital introduced crypto along with the ECN technology, I immediately jumped on board. Although there are only 18 pairs, I find it sufficient mainly because I can trade BTC against fiat.

0lleLuk0ye   June 24, 2020   Grand Capital  

I don't think there can be a good broker with no regulator's supervision. Brokerage services bring lots of money to thier owners so there is no single reason why part of these money can't be spent to obtain all the necessary licenses and pay all the fees. I chose FXOpen because from the very beginning they've chosen to do a legitimate business complying with all the rules and regulatioons in evry country they do business at. I am completely sure that such honesty is 100% necessary for a reliable partner to have. Why would anyone think broker will avoid regulator and government but be honest with its clinet. Its rediculous. Surely they won't. My strategy woked for me. I'm completely satisfied with trading conditions at FXOpen and totally recommend every forex and CFD trader trying it.

Fredd   June 23, 2020   FXOpen  

I began getting involved with cryptocurrencies while trading spot metals on FXTM. I consider this broker to be a good place for trading Bitcoin against fiat or other 3 cryptos, or even try your hand at CFDs trading if feeling confident about such a risky endeavor. Although if you are more on an altcoin guy, then you could be dissatisfied with the range of alts presented here, that's a fact. But everyone's focus right now is on Bitcoin, so there is a lot of action going on MetaTraders right now.

$ucce$$fultrader   June 22, 2020   FXTM  

If you value such traits in your broker as good reputation and rich company history, then Henyep Markets (HYCM) should be right on your list of options. It was established more than 40 years ago and rightfully considers itself to be one of the top brokerage firms. HYCM received a Best Forex Broker in Europe reward from FXDailyInfo two years ago, which the type of recognition that speaks for itself.

LazAT   June 21, 2020   HYCM  

In my opinion, OctaFX affords probably the best means for cryptocurrency tradings. I usually trade on MT4 but those who give preference to MetaTrader 5 will be able to find this platform here. OctaFX currently offers only three crypto trading pairs: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin against USD, which is not much but sufficient for those who aren't particularly fond of digging into altcoins. The spread in these pairs is the following: BTC/USD is around 2.2 pips; ETH/USD - 2.4 pips, though the one in the LTC/USD is substantially wider - 9.1 pips.

drAg0nHunter   June 20, 2020   OctaFX  

I have been trading with this broker for several years, I really like their trading terminal - I’m used to it. If you want to earn - withdraw profit every week, earned - withdraw, this is better than dreaming of a beautiful graph of the history of trade!

individuuum   June 19, 2020   FXTM  

I am currently going through a nightmare with this broker. First they promise to give 40% bonus on each deposit and once you deposit money into your account the sing a different song. Secondly when I place orders the temper with my entry prices to ensure no profit to me at all. Recently more than 200 points were added to my entry price when I made a bit stop order and a trade of 100 pips I made less than 20 dollars when I was expecting more than 250 dollars.

Abraham   June 18, 2020   Grand Capital  

great broker, i have a premium account that i have been using for the past two years, i try to keep my trading simple with no bonuses and i have nothing to coomplain about, fast execution, great support and withdrawals are really fast like with in 24 hrs.

James David   June 17, 2020   HotForex  

What I love the most about my trading experience at FxPro is the convenience and the affordable trading cost. I often use their mobile platform. Through this, I am able to trade whenever I am even when I don't have my laptop with me. It is impressive because even though I am using only a mobile device, I never experienced any trouble in the platform. I have always had a pleasant trading experience at this broker.

Samiela   June 16, 2020   FxPro  

This broker offer many things than any brokers I have tried, multiple account types, payment methods. Wide range of assets, CFDs. You can also have VPS trading and personal account manager. Daily insight and mobile tradings are overwhelmed. IMO, this broker is reliable and professional.

San M.   June 15, 2020   HotForex  

I also don't know why they so love regulations, I simply don't like regulators, as they work not for trader, but for themselves. However, regulations build up an image of broker and prove that broker is 100% reliable. Each national jurisdiction requires broker to have national regulation in case if brokerage wants to work there. As I know, FXOpen has 3 regulations - FCA, ASIC, The Financial Commission. I rechecked everything. I just went to the FXOpen website and it was info about all regulations with proofs, I intently checked everything and yes, all regulations are 100% real and can be found in the official sources.

Sandy   June 14, 2020   FXOpen  

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Bitcoin Cash 47 $236.23 -0.33%
Bitcoin SV 411 $182.39 0.24%
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Binance Coin 85 $17.52 3.02% Chain 412 $0.144843 1.61%


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