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I traded with other brokers for a very long time, but trading was not very successful. The profit was small. Now I have found for myself the most reliable and suitable broker in all respects. I have been trading for a year and have no regrets. I get a good profit. But you need to invest wisely. HotForex suited me completely, convenient withdrawal of funds. Any newbie will work profitably with HotForex. Initially, you just need to learn a little, invest small amounts. I learned how to trade with profit with this broker.

son1pul   January 15, 2021   HotForex  

Really credible company with amazing customer service. I've had a technical issue with my first withdrawal, which was annoying but as soon as I contacted customer support, the issue got solved.

Jake   January 14, 2021   InvestLite  

Big and reliable broker. I like trading here. Overall I'm very pleased with their platform and attitude towards the client.

Julian   January 14, 2021   FxPro  

The platform is easy to understand, even for newbies. And I also really appreciate the quality of educational content on the website. Great broker overall.

Joseph   January 14, 2021   101investing  

I must say that this broker has many positive aspects related to execution. If we add to this fact that the withdrawal of funds is working normally, HotForex is an excellent option. Therefore, I opened a deposit last week for a small amount. If everything is as they say about this broker, then it is likely that I will stay here for long.

Beer_Belly_Jim   January 13, 2021   HotForex  

At 101investing I've met the best trading conditions and the most friendly customer support. The company's learning materials are also helpful.

Ethan   January 12, 2021   101investing  

My trading experience with Grand capital has been great. Enjoying their tight spread, speed execution with wide range of trading instruments and fast withdrawal. but like other brokers that offers free bonus account that comes terms and conditions, i will advice you forget bonus account and open a live trading account. with live trading account you are on point with this broker.

Mike   January 11, 2021   Grand Capital  

So far I have positive results from trading with Admiral Markets. I tested trading with different tools and concentrated now on commodity trading. Also, the educational materials of the broker turned out to be very useful.

David   January 10, 2021   Admiral Markets  

Fibo is a great broker. For a year of work, I did not have any problems at all. I do not earn much - $ 100-150 per month, but this is a pretty good increase in salary, considering that I spend no more than a couple of hours a day on trading.

Valentine   January 9, 2021   FIBO Group  

I recently opened an account with FxPro. A brokerage has an excellent reputation in the market, so I wanted to trade with it too. Since I don't trade often (for me it's more of a hobby), I think the trading conditions of this broker are ideal for me. On different forex forums traders write about the fact that FxPro has got excellent stats on slippages and requotes, which I think is great, as it was my big concern. From personal experience I can tell that its true. So far I'm very pleased with executions quality.

Gay Kiehn   January 8, 2021   FxPro  

Professional staff and high quality services. The company provides great opportunities for traders, offering good platform and multiple trading tools.

Nick Seitz   January 7, 2021   InvestLite  

They have transparent transactions and fees. Also, they can perfectly explain the purpose of every fee and transaction.

Leo   January 6, 2021   T1Markets  

FBS league provides attractive prizes for me to trade with demo accounts only without withdrawing capital for deposits, while honing my trading skills my demo account has a chance to win cash prizes.

hairul   January 5, 2021   FBS  

I was choosing between five brokers and finally gave my preference to FxPro. I opened a FxPro MT5 account because it's commission-free and I like this terminal. I mostly trade currency pairs and metals. For two weeks of trading with this broker I faced no negative stuff, such as frequent slippage, or attempts to cheat me on the side of the broker. It makes me want to continue.

Osvaldo   January 4, 2021   FxPro  

InvestLite customer support agents are excellent. I've had a small issue last week, but they helped me immediately. I'm very grateful for good trading conditions and attentive approach.

Arthur   January 3, 2021   InvestLite  

I'm a trader and decided to try the level up promotion and not only are their regulations bad by forcing people to trade but FBS also manipulates price to hit your SL if you are in profit. I have screenshots on my phone of the real chart on trading view vs the chart on FBS MT5 screen. anybody who wants to use this broker should think twice. Like they say anybody who wishes to help you for no reason has hidden intentions.

Emmanuel   January 2, 2021   FBS  

I am investing into PAMM on this broker. Such a reputable FCA broker and good service with hundreds PAMM accounts for investment consideration.

Jack   January 1, 2021   HotForex  

Great spreads, great support and excellent trading platform. The broker provides everything to make trading experience positive.

Martin   December 31, 2020   InvestLite  

The platform is great for traders of all levels. Trading conditions are really competitive. I also like he fact that funding and withdrawing processes are simple.

Gerald   December 30, 2020   InvestLite  

Very minimal slippage and pricing is fair. I am getting good returns making time and money spend reasonable.

John   December 29, 2020   T1Markets  

InvestLite is a great choice for trading on the global markets, as it provides good leverage ratio and high leverage. There are also favourable conditions for using your own trading strategies.

Dan   December 23, 2020   InvestLite  

InvestLite in a good choice for newbies. I love all the tutorials and other materials. Otherwise, the broker is also good. I would especially note the support service.

Niel Roberts   December 22, 2020   InvestLite  

I was fist attracted by the broker's low trading costs, but now I have noticed more positive thing about InvestLite. Customer support is great, spreads are tight, and the execution of orders is fast. Besides, there is plenty of educative materials, and they help a lot.

Leon   December 21, 2020   InvestLite  

101investing's trading conditions are fantastic. They charge no fees for funding or withdrawals.

Lucas   December 20, 2020   101investing  

In general, a good broker. I've been working with FxPro for almost two years, and I haven't noticed any problems. Withdrawals are fast, but sometimes there are small delays.

Zedd   December 18, 2020   FxPro  

With this broker, I can trade with several trades, all at the same time. I trade and organize my portfolio smoothly, thanks to its platform features. Fast and smooth deposits and withdrawals. Trading transactions are stress-free. I am very much satisfied with this broker.

Eric   December 17, 2020   T1Markets  

InvestLite is awesome in providing multiple assets to trade. I can honestly say that this broker has the best leverage and and the fastest trading platform. Withdrawing funds is simple and with no delays.

Arthur   December 16, 2020   InvestLite  

Great broker. I really recommend you to try InvestLite if you are beginner in trading. Because InvestLite have a lot of educational materials.

Kyle West   December 15, 2020   InvestLite  

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