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Want to Build a Digital Asset Portfolio? It Can Be Done in Minutes

15 Jul 2020


A company has launched a platform that allows investors to “discover new opportunities in digital assets and manage their portfolios like never before.”

As digital assets continue to surge in popularity, a company has launched a platform that allows investors to “discover new opportunities and manage their portfolios like never before.”

Tokenbox connects consumers with experienced traders who have decided to share their strategies with the public. Portfolios are tokenized, so it is easy to enter and exit positions at will. Transparency is a crucial part of the platform. At a glance, investors can find out how a fund has performed over the past day, week or month — and can discover its lifetime performance as well as the total assets under management.

The team notes that traders stand to benefit because they can determine the entry and exit fees for those who want to get on board with their strategies — delivering an economic incentive for top talent with a strong track record of navigating this volatile market.

According to Tokenbox, its priority is to make investing in digital assets safe and convenient. Executives say they have created the perfect environment for a new generation of traders — allowing them to onboard clients without maintaining meticulous records or completing endless amounts of paperwork. The platform handles all of the bureaucracy on their behalf, meaning it serves as a trusted middleman. This allows traders to focus on what they do best: finding new assets to bring into their funds.

“Beautifully designed”

A major selling point of Tokenbox is the way it has created an “accessible, user-friendly, eye-catching dashboard” that makes it easy for traders and investors alike to keep track of their financial activities. This is a marked change from crypto exchanges, which often have complicated interfaces that are daunting for newcomers to get their heads around.

The team says that advanced security infrastructure keeps funds safe — and, in a bid to welcome as many users to the platform as possible, deposits can be made using cryptocurrencies and bank cards alike. This provides a crucial on-ramp for those who are seeking new ways to grow their capital outside of the stock market. A designated wallet also allows conversions between cryptocurrencies to be made seamlessly.

Overall, Tokenbox describes itself as a state-of-the-art platform that aims to demystify digital assets once and for all — providing a one-stop-shop for buying, managing and investing in digital currencies. This is something that will prove crucial as the industry vies for mainstream adoption.

A comprehensive service

Dozens of trading pairs are available through the full-scale service. One of Tokenbox’s big achievements has been also creating a vibrant community of traders and investors who engage in lively discussions about the best strategies and are able to access differing views about the current state of crypto markets. Given the volatility that we’ve seen in the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), and the endless predictions that a bull run or a nasty correction is imminent, such intelligent discourse is to be welcomed.

Tokenbox emphasizes that creating a brand-new portfolio is nice and straightforward, and 24/7 support is available for traders, should they need any help. Long gone are the days where a talented crypto analyst would need to develop their own software. Now, they can be up and running “within a matter of minutes.” All they need to do is describe their strategy, choose a symbol and set their terms.

With assets under management in this space continuously growing, Tokenbox is hoping to be at the forefront of the tokenized investing sector as its user base continues to grow.



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