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US House Candidate Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

07 Oct 2019   #Bitcoin

To paraphrase a famous saying, if the United States government officials don't go crypto, the crypto must go to US politics. And while the Banking Committee, along with the majority of the political establishment have taken up arms against Facebook's Libra, making the entire cryptocurrency market a collateral victim of the feud between the mega-corporation and the bureaucratic machine, young and progressive politicians are welcoming crypto thought back door.

Agatha Bacelar is a shining example of such a forward-thinking politician. She and her election team made it possible for Bacelar's supporters to make contributions in cryptocurrencies to the ongoing campaign for a seat in the House of Representatives, which takes place in the 12th district of California.

In this race, Bacelar is up against Nancy Pelosi, a representative of the Democratic Party and a Speaker of the House of Representatives. A young politician positions herself as an advocate of blockchain technology, who is willing to oppose the existing political establishment in regard to regulation and general acceptance of cryptocurrencies. 

Vote for crypto

In her campaign introduction, which is available on the official website, a female candidate persuades the potential voters of the importance of blockchain (and crypto) as a breakthrough technology that could be of great benefit to the American society. Instead, she says, the seating politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, have little to no knowledge of this tech and its capabilities. Instead of trying to acquire a better insight and elaborate an appropriate regulatory framework, they are brutally trying to get crypto under a boot. As a result, the American people are deprived of the opportunity of obtaining more financial freedom.

If elected, Bacelar promises to vehemently promote the well-elaborated and realistic regulation of cryptocurrencies with consideration for its immense potential. However, she doesn't provide thoughts on any specific legislative goals in the campaign pitch.

Donate to help elect Agatha

All those who want to donate to support Bacelar's cause can do so in the "Crypto" section on the candidate's website. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin are the accepted means of contribution. All transactions will be carried out through the Coinbase exchange.

On the website, there is also a fundraising progress indicator, which shows that the campaign office had already received $6,000 in donations. The next milestone is set at $15,000, while the maximum goal stands at $1 million. Given that the elections are due to be held on March 3, 2020, she has more than enough time to hit this target. Bacelar also didn't miss an opportunity to bait Nancy Pelosi by saying jokingly that her crypto funding ceiling is merely a match for the amount of Facebook stock owned by Pelosi.

Candidate's short bio

Agatha Bacelor has a degree in Engineering and Design from Stanford, making her one of the few US politicians in the House of Representatives with the background in STEM, a collective term for such academic disciplines as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Prior to becoming a running candidate for the House, Bacelor cooperated with Emerson Collective and Democracy Earth on blockchain-enabled governance solutions.

Author: Alex Paulson for

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