Three Utility Tokens Deserve Attention

May 20, 2019   KuCoin Shares

ICOs Are Losing Steam But These 3 Utility Tokens Deserve Attention

While ICOs are losing their sheen and more projects are moving to an STO issuing model, there are still some gems hidden out there for the astute investor to find. However, it never pays to follow the herd as it can lead to investing in the coins with the largest (initial) marketing budget that offers nothing unique with their underlying technology.

This is a problem with many ICOs – there are approximately 2200 coins and tokens listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and many of them are simply too similar to each other to even bother looking at. Using gut feelings and follow the money mentality when investing is bad, doubly so when it comes to ICOs.

Looking for utility tokens with a unique value proposition first and foremost will guarantee a few things. It means that the project leaders have looked at the various markets and have decided that there are those where blockchain can have immediate influence and where it is easier for them to compete.

Here is a list of the 3 best Utility Tokens that deserve your attention right now in light of the ICO craze dying out and investing becoming that much harder.

KuCoin: The People's Exchange

KuCoin is a truly global crypto trading exchange that accepts all manner of digital assets. IT has branded itself as The People's Exchange due to its vision of helping everyone, not just larger players in the market, enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The coin launched in September of 2017 and the community around it has grown significantly, to a total of 5 million users. The exchange uses its own native token the KuCoin Share (KCS) to manage transactions on the exchange for its 5 million strong user base that is spread over 100 countries in the world.

The coin itself has risen from the ashes like a phoenix, almost tripling its value since hitting an all-time low of $0.34 on the 31st of January this year. It is currently trading at $1.08 and that is impressive in and of itself. However, what is better is that holders of KuCoin can expect a 30% discount on fees on their platform, as well as dividends. These dividends are proportional to the amount of KuCoin Shares held.

DeCoin: Independent, regulated and forward thinking

This particular exchange owns its own blockchain that is powered by a POS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm. The key differentiator to many of the tokens out there on the market currently is that they offer a profit share. Any holders will receive a share of 20% of the revenue from the exchange. This revenue-based model means that no amount of accounting trickery can be used to make your payout smaller. Revenue is revenue and no matter what the other costs, it remains the same.

There is a maximum supply of 140 million coins, of which 50% will be distributed. The rest will be used to ensure a steady 6.2% annual return that was guaranteed by the company to token holders that are staking their holdings.

The exchange is also in the process of developing a DeCoin Crypto Index. The plan with this is to offer tracking for promising cryptocurrency projects, of which the Index will have 8, at least initially.

Lykke: Switzerland's answer to crypto exchanges

Lykke is what some people call a semi-decentralized exchange. Much like the country, it was conceived in, it prides itself on being highly efficient at delivering a service that facilitates instant delivery of digital assets – as well as giving direct ownership to traders. Lykke does not just work with cryptocurrencies though. There are fiat-to-fiat exchanges, fiat-to-crypto, and of course, crypto-to-crypto trading.

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