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What Makes Bitcoin Unique and How Is Bitcoin Traded?

April 2021

Bitcoin is a global digital currency based on distributed computing instead of gold and banks. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is the world's largest digital currency by market capitalization (market cap), meaning that its total market value is greater than that of any of digital currency.

Bitcoin has offered traders and investors some promising returns, including when its price climbed more than 1,000% in 2017. (Retrieved 14 May 2019 - Coindesk) At the same time, traders must keep in mind that this digital currency is highly volatile and has suffered sharp declines at some points.

Bitcoin also provides opportunities for diversification, as market research shows Bitcoin has repeatedly displayed a low correlation to other asset classes. (Retrieved 14 May 2019 - PDF Link) In other words, Bitcoin prices don't generally follow the fluctuations associated with other asset classes such as stocks and bonds. As a result, traders and investors can potentially reduce portfolio volatility through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is:




What Makes Bitcoin Unique?

Bitcoin was created to provide a new system of money that does not rely on banks or the government. Some have described this as a "trustless" system, as it does not rely on trusted third parties.

It is a digital currency, as opposed to fiat currencies such as the British pound, U.S. dollar or euro. More specifically, Bitcoin was the first digital currency to scale. Although some digital currencies predate Bitcoin, they did not earn substantial adoption.

How Is Bitcoin Created?

New units of Bitcoin are created using the Bitcoin Protocol. Bitcoin miners receive units of the digital currency by verifying transactions. This method for creating Bitcoin is entirely decentralised.

How Do Bitcoin Transactions Work?

A bitcoin transaction involves sending digital currency from one Bitcoin address to another. The digital currency's transactions were designed to be fast and inexpensive. However, there have been times when the Bitcoin Network has struggled to keep up with the demand of users. In these instances, the transactions took a significant amount of time or required substantial transaction fees.

How Do You Use Bitcoin?

For starters, you need to acquire some Bitcoin. One easy way to do this is to set up an account through an exchange and purchase some of this digital currency. Then, you need to set up a Bitcoin wallet, where you can transfer your Bitcoin and hold it.

You can spend Bitcoin by using units of the digital currency that you have stored in a Bitcoin wallet. These units of digital currency can be spent both online and in-person, either to purchase goods and services through websites or to make similar transactions at physical locations. Several websites, for example, list companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Another option is using one's Bitcoin to purchase other digital currencies through exchanges. By going through exchanges like Coinbase, investors can purchase Ether, XRP or Litecoin, for example.

Sending Bitcoin

Since all the transactions recorded on this blockchain are available to the public, everyone can see that they are legitimate. This approach also helps safeguard the key information of users, as verification does not require their personal data or private keys to be revealed.

How Is Bitcoin Traded?

Bitcoin is usually traded either through an exchange or over-the-counter (OTC) service. OTC services are generally used by those looking to make large transactions. One way to trade Bitcoin is to find a reputable exchange and set up an account there. Many exchanges have suffered hacks, so it is important for traders to conduct thorough due diligence before using one of these marketplaces.

For some exchanges, setting up an account requires going through a verification process. Coinbase, for example, requires all new users to confirm their identity by uploading a picture ID through either the Coinbase app or the company's website. (Retrieved 15 May 2019 - Coinbase)

Coinbase has provided various guidelines for uploading photographs of IDs, emphasizing that these pictures should be current and all information should be clearly visible. (Retrieved 15 May 2019 - Coinbase)

From there, interested parties have many different methods they can use to potentially make money from Bitcoin.

Why Should Investors Trade Bitcoin?

While investors and traders have many different options, Bitcoin is an innovative digital currency that has generated some very strong returns over its lifetime. There are many stories of people who became millionaires by buying Bitcoin at the right time and holding it until it appreciated sharply. In addition, Bitcoin can provide strong opportunities for diversification, which can help investors reduce the overall volatility of their portfolio.

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1 Bitcoin (BTC) BTC Bitcoin predictions 70.8% 54 $56 597.84 0.02% -2.11% $1 069 110 914 215 BTC 7 days price change
2 Ethereum (ETH) ETH Ethereum predictions 78.8% 32 $4 534.44 0.45% 2.60% $537 714 464 810 ETH 7 days price change
3 Binance Coin (BNB) BNB Binance Coin predictions 82% 34 $615.05 -0.52% -0.78% $102 591 233 401 BNB 7 days price change
4 Tether (USDT) USDT Tether predictions 90.8% 1 $0.999922 -0.11% -0.02% $74 097 385 848 USDT 7 days price change
5 Solana (SOL) SOL Solana predictions 73.2% 59 $229.99 1.84% 12.37% $70 293 229 055 SOL 7 days price change
6 Cardano (ADA) ADA Cardano predictions 64.8% 75 $1.68 9.21% 2.23% $55 845 098 060 ADA 7 days price change
7 XRP (XRP) XRP XRP predictions 64.8% 71 $0.970687 -0.09% -5.74% $45 862 358 765 XRP 7 days price change
8 USD Coin (USDC) USDC USD Coin predictions 94% 2 $0.999273 -0.16% 0% $39 029 760 115 USDC 7 days price change
9 Polkadot (DOT) DOT Polkadot predictions 65.2% 77 $35.59 0.33% -8.31% $35 148 840 556 DOT 7 days price change
10 Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE Dogecoin predictions 59.2% 80 $0.208482 1.43% -4.03% $27 594 437 999 DOGE 7 days price change
11 Terra (LUNA) LUNA Terra predictions 67.6% 68 $68.76 7.59% 58.84% $26 665 900 349 LUNA 7 days price change
12 Avalanche (AVAX) AVAX Avalanche predictions 62% 75 $107.28 -8.37% -7.50% $24 025 719 841 AVAX 7 days price change
13 SHIBA INU (SHIB) SHIB SHIBA INU predictions 63.2% 78 $0.000041 -3.40% -1.27% $22 608 519 815 SHIB 7 days price change
14 Chain (CRO) CRO Chain predictions 60% 89 $0.690511 -3.01% -9.31% $17 444 393 551 CRO 7 days price change
15 Polygon (MATIC) MATIC Polygon predictions 71.6% 63 $2.12 0.69% 14.13% $14 863 184 838 MATIC 7 days price change

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