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November 2022

It cannot be that you have never heard of NFTs. Artists sell their paintings in NFT format, musicians release NFT albums, and even Banksy's work "Morons (White)" has become a virtual asset. This is a real paradise for digital art connoisseurs and those who simply like to own unique assets. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of NFTs is only growing. But besides the NFTs themselves, there are NFT coins. Let us figure out what it is and which coins are better to invest in.

How do NFTs work?

A token is each entry in the blockchain. In an open blockchain, all tokens are equal to each other and are interchangeable. This means that you can replace one token with another, and nothing will change. However, the non-fungible token technology works differently. Each non-interchangeable token is unique and cannot be faked, split, or imperceptibly replaced. Such technology is ideally suited to secure your rights to any unique object, whether a work of art in a single copy, an object in a computer game, or even real estate.

When users purchase an NFT token, they acquire a certificate for the work. At the same time, the work itself does not move anywhere. It is located on permanent storage called IPFS, InterPlanetary File system. This certificate represents lines of code confirming that it is the token owner who owns the original copy of the object. The NFT token can be compared to a painting that may belong to a gallery, museum, or private person, but the audience can see it in a catalog or at an exhibition.

You can even create an NFT token yourself. This process is called minting. To do this, you need to take a digital object (a picture, a music track, a photo, etc.), register in a marketplace (for example, on Rarible or OpenSea), and upload an object with a description and price. Most services require paying a commission to create a unique token.

What are NFT coins?

NFT crypto coins are virtual assets created based on an existing platform (not to be confused with a trading platform). They are used to purchase NFTs inside the system itself. To make it easier to understand, let us draw an analogy with a gift certificate to a store. You cannot go to the theater with this certificate, for example. Because it is designed for a specific place and purpose — buying things in a particular store. So are the tokens that are used for certain NFTs.

For example, to buy NFTs on the Ethereum-based OpenSea marketplace, you will need NFT crypto coins ETH. To buy on Decentraland, you need MANA coins.

Are NFT coins different from NFTs?

Yes, NFT coins are not the same as NFTs. The most important thing here is not to get confused. NFT coins differ from the NFTs themselves by their fungibility. As mentioned above, NFTs reflect ownership of unique assets. However, crypto NFT coins can be exchanged for other NFT coins of the same value, and the economy of certain NFT projects depends on them. In this sense, NFT coin is essentially closer to cryptocurrency and can be traded or invested in.

NFT and cryptocurrency: what is the difference?

On the other hand, it is important not to confuse NFTs and cryptocurrencies. NFT has significant differences from cryptocurrencies, and the main one is its non-fungibility. The open blockchain, as in NFT, has tokens representing a record in the blockchain. However, if all tokens can be replaced with each other in an open blockchain, and one user's bitcoin is identical to another's bitcoin, then within the framework of NFT technology, tokens do not have the quality of fungibility. In this case, each non-fungible token can neither be exchanged for another nor copied, pided, or replaced.

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Top NFT tokens in 2022

If you are interested in trading or investing in crypto NFT coins, here is a list of top NFT tokens that you should pay attention to first.

MANA coin - Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world and community based on blockchain technology. Here, users create NFT lands, estates, and avatars, own and sell them, and participate in the platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). MANA, Decentraland's own cryptocurrency, and all in-game assets are running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

Decentraland features:

ORI coin - Orica

Orica is designed for novice cryptocurrency users. It is created for those who appreciate creativity and are looking for great art. Orica aims to revolutionize the NFT ecosystem by ensuring that even small ideas can be recognized by many, and everyone who participates will receive royalties from this NFT. Orica is the first marketplace to set such a goal.

Orica stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

Orica features:

SAND coin - The Sandbox

The Sandbox Game is a multiplayer online game using blockchain technology with decentralized finance (DeFi) elements and non–exchangeable tokens (NFT). Sandbox is a whole game metaverse in which players can buy and sell lands, create and sell their assets – NFT tokens, and participate in project management, determining the vector of its further development.

The Sandbox stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

The Sandbox features:

XTZ coin - Tezos

Tezos is a blockchain project, the distinctive advantage of which is the built-in management mechanisms for updating the network. Changes in the Tezos blockchain are carried out through coded proposals from the owners of a certain number of Tez tokens (XTZ), after which a vote is held in the community. The Tezos protocol has the ability of self-development, so the network is easily updated.

Tezos stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

Tezos features:

THETA coin - Theta Network

Theta is a platform for hosting, distributing, and promoting video content. It is built on the blockchain and works on the basis of smart contracts. The main idea of the platform is that the computing power for watching videos is provided not by some centralized platform and its servers (as in the case of YouTube, for example) but by the users themselves. Video platforms that host videos, authors, and users can connect to the Theta Network.

Theta Network stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

Theta Network features:

AXS coin - Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon–like crypto game in which participants raise, fight and exchange cute NFT pets called Axies. The game has two cryptocurrencies: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), which can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, and Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which is credited to players for the time spent in the game. AXS owners can be rewarded for placing their tokens, playing, and voting on key management issues.

Axie Infinity stats:

*All data is current as of October 2022.

Axie Infinity features:


Understanding the NFT market is not an easy task. However, learning the basic differences between different types of crypto assets will help you reduce risks and make the right decisions in this volatile ecosystem. Therefore, always be careful and cautious, and approach the choice of an asset for investment only after deep research.

Top Cryptocurrencies with Price Predictions

# Crypto Prediction Accuracy CVIX Price 24h 7d Market Cap 7d price change
1 Bitcoin (BTC) BTC Bitcoin predictions 70% 54 $57 198.62 -2.78% 3.30% $1 127 960 877 064 BTC 7 days price change
2 Ethereum (ETH) ETH Ethereum predictions 75.6% 44 $3 068.42 -1.69% 6.70% $368 858 212 080 ETH 7 days price change
3 Tether (USDT) USDT Tether predictions 92.8% 1 $1.000049 0.01% 0.03% $112 374 361 210 USDT 7 days price change
4 Binance Coin (BNB) BNB Binance Coin predictions 72.4% 48 $520.64 -2.29% 9.38% $76 837 630 350 BNB 7 days price change
5 Solana (SOL) SOL Solana predictions 80% 32 $135.54 -5.77% 4.36% $62 886 704 296 SOL 7 days price change
6 USD Coin (USDC) USDC USD Coin predictions 93.2% 1 $0.999910 -0.01% -0.01% $33 964 017 448 USDC 7 days price change
7 XRP (XRP) XRP XRP predictions 78.4% 43 $0.471558 4.71% 13.19% $26 315 443 737 XRP 7 days price change
8 Toncoin (TON) TON Toncoin predictions 82.4% 32 $7.22 0.51% 3.53% $18 109 064 254 TON 7 days price change
9 Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE Dogecoin predictions 71.2% 60 $0.105755 -3.86% 6.14% $15 343 354 266 DOGE 7 days price change
10 Cardano (ADA) ADA Cardano predictions 80.8% 38 $0.398225 0.47% 14.40% $14 287 339 544 ADA 7 days price change
11 TRON (TRX) TRX TRON predictions 78.4% 33 $0.136606 1.69% 8.47% $11 903 001 719 TRX 7 days price change
12 Lido stETH (STETH) STETH Lido stETH predictions 94.8% 1 $2 941.39 -0.40% -3.32% $10 258 752 564 STETH 7 days price change
13 Wrapped TRON (WTRX) WTRX Wrapped TRON predictions 95.6% 1 $0.116354 -0.46% 0.23% $10 171 995 609 WTRX 7 days price change
14 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin predictions 93.2% 2 $65 806.83 0.78% -2.68% $10 083 957 608 WBTC 7 days price change
15 Avalanche (AVAX) AVAX Avalanche predictions 70.4% 54 $25.04 -3.32% 3.04% $9 876 477 273 AVAX 7 days price change

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