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Symbol LRC
Nature Token
Brief With Loopring, traders have complete control of their crypto-assets. This means there is no need to go through the risky and bothersome process of depositing money to centralized/custodial exchanges.
Discussion https://loopring.org/
Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2019 7:00:04PM UTC
Current price, USD: 0.024
Current price, BTC: 0.0000032
Market capitalization, USD: 21 778 104
Available supply: 915 130 369 LRC
Volume 24 hours, USD: 2 300 989
Mineable No

Loopring general information

General LRC facts, technical details and general information about Loopring crypto currency

With Loopring, traders have complete control of their crypto-assets. This means there is no need to go through the risky and bothersome process of depositing money to centralized/custodial exchanges.

Loopring is open sourced and offers open participation. Anyone can become a DEX with our software: you can join our DEX network to share liquidity, or create and manage your own DEX network. Sharing liquidity greatly improves your competitive advantage.

Loopring is risk-free and low-cost as relayers don’t hold users’ assets. You can match orders without asset reserves, lowering barriers to entry. Alternatively, run a relayer while owning token reserves and provide extra liquidity by adding your own orders, earning more money as a market-maker in the process.

Noncommital and nonbinding. As a participant in the Loopring ecosystem, you can stop at any time, without impacting your or your users' assets.

Historical data for Loopring

We list daily Loopring historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Nov 26 0.022 0.022 0.024 21 155 163
Nov 27 0.023 0.022 0.024 21 423 496
Nov 28 0.023 0.023 0.025 22 386 707
Nov 29 0.024 0.024 0.026 22 928 745
Nov 30 0.025 0.025 0.031 27 986 368
Dec 01 0.030 0.025 0.03 23 682 409
Dec 02 0.026 0.025 0.026 23 157 919
Dec 03 0.025 0.025 0.026 22 902 931
Dec 04 0.025 0.024 0.025 22 515 552
Dec 05 0.025 0.023 0.025 21 778 104

LRC/USD Exchange Rates

LRC to USD price chart — 7 days

LRC to USD price chart — 30 days

LRC to USD price chart — 60 days

LRC to USD price chart — 6 months


Loopring (LRC) price change (24h)

LRC price change 24 hours -5.23751%
LRC price change 7 days -2.21907%
Loopring Price Prediction

Loopring Comments & Reviews

It seems that Loorping has been designed specifically for the CoinMex cryptocurrency exchange. Two markets on this platform - LRC/ETH and LRC/USDT - account for more than 60% of the total trading volume of that coin. Needless to say that it could be a very fertile ground for different price and volume manipulations, as well as the pump-and-dump initiatives. I would suggest getting involved with Loorping only if you are an avid fan of this cryptocurrency - which provides a good solution for traders, by the way - or have access to insider information.

Super Mick   October 9, 2019  

Loopring is pumping like crazy!! This coin just blasted off upwards of 30% within the last day. When was the last time any of us saw this type of insane move? This feels like 2017 all over again but I have zero clue what to do. This isn't retail investors at this point. They all got burned by the crash and scared away. No way, this is institutional money guaranteed. They are in. They are the only ones who could boost 20+ billion dollars into bitcoin alone. Look at the volume and tell me this doesn't seem different. Loopring is about to 2x in the next few days, I can feel it. Just strap in and hold tight, we're heading for the moon.

Harry   April 3, 2019  

LRC is still just another DEX. I'm not sure how many people really still believe in the platform but I can say the monthly chart has lined up basically perfectly to send it back to its original levels in late 2017. I'm a big fan of TA and i've made a huge amount from playing the TA side of the market. The analysis is here for the picking and LRC is the next coin to pull an ENJ style pump!

Jackson   March 18, 2019  

Loopring is an awesome project. Anyone can create a fully working DEX through their platform. This possibility opens an entirely new era of peer to peer trading basically the ultimate way Satoshi wanted Bitcoin to be. Ever since whales started controlling Bitcoin, we need to begin looking at other projects that keep Satoshi's vision ALIVE.

Raphael   March 4, 2019  

Exchange manipulation of one of the tools to drive the price in the right direction. Work on the product, improvement, elimination of bugs, everything related to the quality of the platform should naturally be displayed on the value of the coin. Without news and everything else, what manipulation will you need to work with such a project?

Sergio   January 25, 2019  

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