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Symbol DGB
Nature Coin
Brief DigiByte is a rapidly growing open-source blockchain created in late 2013 and released in early 2014. After 6 years of forward thinking development, DigiByte has become one of the safest, fastest, longest and most decentralized...
Discussion https://www.digibyte.io/
Last updated: Saturday, February 27, 2021 5:00:03PM UTC
Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX): 79
Current price, USD: 0.055150
Market capitalization, USD: 776 342 240
Available supply: 14 076 342 378 DGB
Volume 24 hours, USD: 49 412 010
Mineable Yes

DigiByte general information

General DGB facts, technical details and general information about DigiByte crypto currency

DigiByte is a rapidly growing open-source blockchain created in late 2013 and released in early 2014. After 6 years of forward thinking development, DigiByte has become one of the safest, fastest, longest and most decentralized UTXO blockchain in existence.

DigiByte is more than a faster digital currency. It is an innovative blockchain that can be used for digital assets, smart contracts, decentralized applications and secure authentication.

  • Truly decentralized. DigiByte has never been funded through an ICO or significant amount of premined coins. There is no CEO or a company controlling the DigiByte blockchain. It is a volunteer based and global community driven project.
  • More secure. DigiByte uses 5 cryptographic algorithms and real time difficulty adjustment to prevent malicious mining centralization and hash power fluctuation. One of which is Odocrypt that changes itself every 10 days for ASIC resistance.
  • Much faster. DigiByte blocks occur every 15 seconds which is 40x faster than Bitcoin and 10x faster than Litecoin. Early SegWit implementation and blockchain rigidity enable up to 1066 on-chain transactions per second with negligible fees.
  • Forward thinking. Over the past 6 years, DigiByte has repeatedly set itself apart with multiple blockchain firsts, such as DigiShield guard, MultiAlgo mining, SegWit implementation, Odocrypt algorithm, Dandelion++ privacy protocol, DigiAssets and Digi-ID.

The three layers are the most innovative parts of the DigiByte blockchain providing the network infrastructure, security and communications to function with cutting edge speed.

Applications / DigiAssets

The top layer is like an app store with clear real-world uses. All types of digital assets can be created with the DigiAssets protocol on top of the DigiByte blockchain. Decentralized applications (dApps) can be built on top of the DigiByte blockchain. Also smart contracts that leverage the rigidity and security of the DigiByte blockchain can be encoded easily.

Digital asset / Public ledger

The middle layer provides security and administration. A Digital Byte of data, a representation of larger data or a unit that holds value, and cannot be counterfeited, duplicated or hacked. An immutable public ledger where all transactions of DigiBytes are recorded. DigiByte uses five proof of work algorithms for security. New DigiBytes come from mining only.

Core protocol / Global network

The bottom layer provides communication and operating procedures. A very low-level way nodes on the DigiByte global network communicate. Thousands of people are running DigiByte software all across the planet. Any server, computer, tablet or mobile phone connected to the DigiByte network becomes a node that helps relay transactions. Start contributing to the DigiByte blockchain in the optimal way.

Open source / Permissionless

Just like this website, the DigiByte blockchain is completely open source and free to use released under the MIT license, which gives you the power to run and modify the software. Transparency allows for independent verification of binaries and their corresponding source code.

Historical data for DigiByte

We list daily DigiByte historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Feb 18 0.079700 0.075670 0.080280 1 078 404 610
Feb 19 0.075890 0.071910 0.077280 1 060 103 869
Feb 20 0.083450 0.076990 0.087620 1 120 301 834
Feb 21 0.080130 0.077600 0.080550 1 098 191 594
Feb 22 0.078250 0.065410 0.078250 973 487 926
Feb 23 0.070910 0.050340 0.070910 780 019 750
Feb 24 0.056380 0.055480 0.063670 800 672 201
Feb 25 0.059490 0.057370 0.063850 812 530 968
Feb 26 0.055410 0.050840 0.056980 750 969 761
Feb 27 0.053880 0.053690 0.057240 776 342 240

DGB/USD Exchange Rates

DGB to USD price chart — 7 days

DGB to USD price chart — 30 days

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DGB to USD price chart — 6 months


DigiByte (DGB) price change (24h)

DGB price change 24 hours -0.69%
DGB price change 7 days -37.05%

DigiByte (DGB) Short Term Forecast

After Price Change
1 day $0.026850 -51.31%
1 week
1 month
6 months
1 year
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DigiByte Comments & Reviews

If you want to see a textbook downtrend, then make sure to check the Digibyte chart for the period of the last six months. The price of DGB has been gliding down steadily and smoothly - you can even draw a perfectly straight line by connecting its...

Hodler4Life   June 1, 2020   DGB

DGB has been around long enough to know that it isn't a scam and that it is staying. It couldn't get truly dumped because its community believes strongly in its forward thinking platform. It's for this reason that holding DGB has been a great idea...

Peter   March 31, 2019   DGB

Digibyte still keeps chugging!! This is the coin that my latest call deemed ready for a mega pump. Here we are, a week later and already up an easy 30%. TA works when you actually pay attention to market trends, and this situation was no different....

Claud   March 12, 2019   DGB

I have to ask, what does Digibyte do? I remember last year it mooned really hard, but I've never heard anything about it since. Is this project still ongoing or did the team members quit?...

Devin   February 27, 2019   DGB

Taking into account zero innovation - standard PoW on scrypt, no individual features - sounds at least strange...

Alexzander   November 12, 2015   DGB

DigiByte Reviews

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