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Symbol CNX
Nature Coin
Brief Cryptonex offers its users to get profit with the help of P-o-S mining. The profit is 12% annually + commissions from the transactions your wallet will confirm. CNX price growth is not included in the income.
Last updated: Sunday, June 16, 2019 12:57:04PM UTC
Current price, USD: $1.436
Current price, BTC: 0.0001585
Market capitalization, USD: $79 966 024
Available supply: 55 686 329 CNX
Volume 24 hours, USD: $13 562 712
Mineable Yes

Cryptonex general information

General CNX facts, technical details and general information about Cryptonex crypto currency

Cryptonex offers its users to get profit with the help of P-o-S mining. The profit is 12% annually + commissions from the transactions your wallet will confirm. CNX price growth is not included in the income. To get the reward from mining, you need to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer the coins to the desktop wallet and keep it online as long as possible. You no longer have to spend money on miners and video cards. Depending on the wallet balance, reward is deposited daily.

When freezing funds for 1 year, the deposit bonus is 20% of your amount. The profit is 11% annually, 1% is charged for the 24-hour support of the mining pool. There is no need to keep the equipment and worry about its safety. All deposits are summed up in a single pool, significantly increasing the rewards frequency for POS mining.

Cryptonex has developed a solution for business - invoicing counterparties in cryptocurrency indicating the payment purpose. The invoice is issued in any supported cryptocurrency. You can specify the invoice expiration date.

The issued invoice will get to the counterparty's backoffice for payment. In the Invoices section, you can always check the invoices status and their payment. The service has been developed as part of the "Merchant" service preparation from Cryptonex, which will allow connecting online stores and retail companies for payments in cryptocurrency.

Historical data for Cryptonex

We list daily Cryptonex historical data for the past 10 days

Date Open, $ Min, $ Max, $ Market cap, $
Jun 16 1.504 1.436 1.591 79 966 024
Jun 15 1.550 1.472 1.57 84 149 050
Jun 14 1.501 1.494 1.564 87 111 925
Jun 13 1.497 1.467 1.524 84 032 807
Jun 12 1.488 1.473 1.539 82 639 908
Jun 11 1.506 1.464 1.509 83 595 409
Jun 10 1.438 1.436 1.513 84 182 878
Jun 09 1.493 1.431 1.501 80 522 955
Jun 08 1.520 1.479 1.52 83 118 611
Jun 07 1.465 1.463 1.535 84 481 795

CNX/USD Exchange Rates

CNX to USD price chart — 7 days

CNX to USD price chart — 30 days


Cryptonex (CNX) price change (24h)

CNX price change 24 hours -2.62%
CNX price change 7 days -2.63%
Cryptonex Price Prediction

I found this coin through one of the channels I follow and I got lucky because the staking rewards were really easy to get before. Now that more people have joined the network there seems like the chance of getting rewards is going down. I still get rewards but the likelihood is becoming less because everyone wants to stake. Staking is the future for crypto and I don't understand why ETH hasn't transitioned over yet. Everyone is already staking except for the big projects.

Timmy   March 17, 2019  


Cryptonex offers 12% staking rewards. This is way more then any other staking platform that's out right now. I believe when ETH goes to PoS they will only offer roughly 4% rewards. Cryptonext offers already 3x the rewards.

Ben   March 2, 2019  


From what I understood, the tokens given are not coins. They are tokens to use IF you buy CNX coins from their "Backoffice". The backoffice is where you open your account to buy CNX from them using BTC or ETH. If you are given those 1000 CNX tokens, the only way to use them is if you buy CNX coins from their backoffice. You have to transfer the tokens there (i tried to send them from my ETH wallet to the address shown in my Cryptonex backoffice, but they didn't go, they are still in my ETH wallet).

Whiteeagle   September 12, 2017  

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