FXOpen Reviews & Comments 2021

These guys know how to keep me happy. Not that I need too much. 1. Fair spreads policy - here I find it because FXOpen allows choosing the account type that fits your trading style most, minimizing the cost of trading. 2. Serious approach to regulations, licensed and paperwork. Yes, licensed brokers want to know their clients real address and see the ID, but it's necessary for companies that comply with international laws. 3. Fair quality of connection, stability, good executions. I find it here at FXOpen as well.

Patrick   November 4, 2020  

I also don't know why they so love regulations, I simply don't like regulators, as they work not for trader, but for themselves. However, regulations build up an image of broker and prove that broker is 100% reliable. Each national jurisdiction requires broker to have national regulation in case if brokerage wants to work there. As I know, FXOpen has 3 regulations - FCA, ASIC, The Financial Commission. I rechecked everything. I just went to the FXOpen website and it was info about all regulations with proofs, I intently checked everything and yes, all regulations are 100% real and can be found in the official sources.

Sandy   October 8, 2020  

The matter is that each country and it's government has own set of rules and requirements for brokers to perform thier operations on the territory of such a country. For this reason brokers often have to register with numerous regulators if they wanna go international but still comply with each country's individual requiremnts. So FCA is for working in the Great Britain, ASIC in Australia, Financial Commission is for European countries, etc. This is rather easy to see if the licenses are real. Simply check with the official regulator's lists. They can be easily found on regulators websites.

NeoBeum   August 29, 2020  

I don't think there can be a good broker with no regulator's supervision. Brokerage services bring lots of money to thier owners so there is no single reason why part of these money can't be spent to obtain all the necessary licenses and pay all the fees. I chose FXOpen because from the very beginning they've chosen to do a legitimate business complying with all the rules and regulatioons in evry country they do business at. I am completely sure that such honesty is 100% necessary for a reliable partner to have. Why would anyone think broker will avoid regulator and government but be honest with its clinet. Its rediculous. Surely they won't. My strategy woked for me. I'm completely satisfied with trading conditions at FXOpen and totally recommend every forex and CFD trader trying it.

Fredd   June 23, 2020  

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