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Twilight Project Reviews

Richie August 6, 2019
Let me tell you a story about my relationships with anime. My kid is a die-hard fan of this genre, he watches them all day long while totally ignoring cartoons from Disney, Pixar, etc. I was vastly skeptical about anime at first, because my impression of it was based solely on the image of Pokemons and
But then she showed me the one called Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, and I totally loved it. So now, there are two anime fans in our family. I guess you have already figured out from my story that I am absolutely in favor of what the Twilight project is doing.
Hannah July 19, 2019
I am not a fan of Japanese anime, neither a big believer in the success of Twilight in Europe of the US, but I am absolutely sure that this project will enjoy massive popularity in Asia. I have been a few time to Japan, and I can assure you that these people are crazy about this type of cartoons - it is like a religion to
Therefore, I will get involved with Twilight as an investor because I fully recognize the potential it has, especially given that the Japanese are very crypto-savvy.
Buster July 4, 2019
Drawing anime and manga is my favorite hobby, though I am not Japanese. For more than 10 years I have been immersing myself in this subculture, studying all the ins and outs and honing my drawing skills. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to transform this hobby of mine into a fully-fledged profession, until I found
I haven’t even finished reading the whitepaper before it struck me that this project presents a golden opportunity to make a living by creating anime. I guess there is no need to tell you that I have already invested heavily in Twilight and applied for the creator position.
Deborah June 23, 2019
Let me tell you straight away that I am not going to invest in Twilight simply because anime is not my
But I do recognize the potential in this project, though, due to the fact that 1) anime has already established a globally spread subculture which will serve as a foundation for an even bigger blossoming of this industry 2) the Twilight team a very healthy and viable approach towards crowdfunding of anime creators. So, I will pass on Twilight, but still recommend it to some of my friends who really dig it.
Jean June 21, 2019
The project has quite a noble goal, which goes beyond simply saving the anime industry. Those who create anime shows work hard on it and seemingly have no incentive to continue improving their work. Now, this might change thanks to the Twilight project, so it could be said that the project is saving a massive amount of modern Japanese culture.
Sam May 8, 2019
The project also has a well-written white paper, with details properly mapped out. It also has quite a strong and professional-looking team, with relevant backgrounds, which makes them perfect
Some investors have pointed out that the team lacks advisors, so that might be something to look into, but other than that, many seem quite pleased with the project.

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