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TronATM has no comprehensive business plan and no team that is competent enough to achieve the set goals. Besides, why would anyone want to establish a network of ATMs only for one cryptocurrency? I understand that TRON holds a lot of promise, but it is certainly not the kind of cryptocurrency that would achieve mass adoption and popularity in the next few years. People are still reluctant about using Bitcoin, so hardly anyone would be interested in using TRON ATMs.

Don Hamon   November 15, 2019  

My attitude towards TRON is generally positive because these guys are doing some really positive things for the gaming industry, and for the crypto space in general. But it doesn't mean that all projects associated with the Tron Foundation are equally good. Take TronATM, for instance. What's their main idea? Giving people tokens for buying tokens - that sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Besides, their team profile contains no concrete info about the founders, except for some animated pictures with Twitter links.

JoJo Thrasher   October 26, 2019  

Spreading the word of cryptocurrency is one of the best ways to increase crypto adoption, as too many people around the world still do not know about it. Even those who may have heard about digital currencies still hesitate to join the crypto trend due to difficulties and complexity of the process. But, projects like Tron ATM are making matters simpler, spread awareness, and raise interest, which is ultimately a good thing for the entire industry. However, we still recommend in-depth individual research to any investor who might be interested in participating in the project, as always.

$crUdge   October 17, 2019  

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