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A solution like Saiterm's Spring Heating SHS 345W would have been great for a small town that is located near some huge mining farm, which would have made the farm much more efficient. However, it can be rendered virtually useless as a mining device when installed in individual homes. The mining power of 2 SAIEX per month is laughable, it's currently less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I will consider buying this heating/mining system only when the price of the SAIEX token reaches at least $50.

N1ckk   October 4, 2020  

I don't really care much for people who are bashing Saiterm for promising a pathetically low mining output of roughly $10 a month. They need to understand that this product is not about mining or profiteering - it's about keeping your house warm thanks to the use of a sustainable source of heating energy, while a small amount of tokens just come as icing on the cake.

Potato Coin   September 13, 2020  

The house heating solution provided by Saiterm seems to be viable, though not ideal. I know plenty of similar companies that offer more advanced heating installation at a slightly cheaper price. But, of course, they don't have the crypto mining option, which is one of Saiterm's strongest selling points. Should they reduce the price a bit, the interest in their product will rise instantly.

NEO_Fan   May 21, 2020  

One of my biggest life goals is to build a fully autonomous and self-sustaining house that would use renewables and solar energy to keep us warm, safe, and happy. Besides, I am a crypto geek, who has been in the space since 2012, so Saiterm, basically, combines both my passions. I won't be investing in this project at the ICO stage because I have my money tied up in other projects, but I will keep a close eye on Saiterm and its products.

Quentinnnn   October 29, 2019  

SAIEX states that the value of the token of the same name will be closely linked to the value of the two core physical products: Spring Heating SHS 230W and Spring Heating SHS 345W, which cost $270 and $505, respectively. This means that SAIEX is basically a stable token since the price of these two products is unlikely to increase radically, the feat that virtually renders this token untradable. Regardless of that, SAIEX has come to the market with an interesting and relevant solution that might find itself some loyal customers.

Roxanne   September 16, 2019  

All right, I get that using Spring 500 from Saiterm is all nice and tide, eco-friendly stuff. And I'm all for being eco-friendly to the max, because given the way people treat this planet, our future generations are likely to face an apocalypse sooner rather than later. So, big up to Saiterm in this regard. But I have a very practical concern. Okay, let's say I've bought the Spring 500 heating system, but after a while, some malfunction occurs. How do I get it fixed? I live in Bradford, so, for some reason, I doubt that Saiterm would open a service center there. What will they do in that situation? That's the question.

Nigel   August 7, 2019  

I don’t really understand people who are criticizing Saiterm for not “implementing blockchain properly” or whatever. I am convinced that running the heating system on the residual energy from crypto mining in a splendid idea that is definitely worth considering. Those who complain about low rewards (1 SAIEX), should also think about how much money they will save on heating bills. You know what they say, money saved is money earned.

Melissa   July 21, 2019  

Lots of people, especially those who are well off, are literally crazy about having eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes. And I must say that I can totally relate to that concept because a) fossil fuels are getting more expensive by the year, b) the quantity of these resources is limited, so we are depriving future generations of them. The bottom line is that Saiterm has a marvelous product that really shows great potential. The only thing is that I don’t fully understand why they are trying so hard to merge it with blockchain. It is not that these two things are unmergeable, but I believe that Saiterm would have been better off with just the heating system, blockchain is obviously not their line of expertise.

Elton   July 5, 2019  

The people form Saitern may have a great heating system that will do a world of good, but their token holding incentive is just ridiculous. Rewarding holders with only 2 SAIEX tokens per month, whereas the price of that token is around $1.5, sounds like a joke. And to a larger extent, I don’t really get why they need a blockchain in the first place. Apparently, it must serve purely for the fundraising needs. I wouldn’t lambast their product, though. Weaning off the dependence on natural gas is of utter importance, and the Saitern heating system may help to achieve that. They just need to reconsider their reward scheme.

Anthony   June 23, 2019  

The project is certainly interesting, although - as many have pointed out - it remains unclear why the company requires a blockchain in order to create and sell their products. Its team is more than decent, with a lot of years of experience in regards to heating equipment and energy efficiency.

Jean   June 17, 2019  

Their product is functional, and their vision - at least when it comes to improving the world and solving issues like high and ineffective energy consumption - is noble. However, the question remains - what purpose would the blockchain have in their fight to fix the world's energy issues? So far, no obvious answer has emerged, which has led many to believe that the company is simply trying to raise funds without any actual need for the chain, which might be a red flag, at least when it comes to the future of their token.

Paul   June 1, 2019  

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