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People who frown at Ozotop and its idea of robotic decentralized societies should remember that some 30 years ago, we all thought that mobile phone is the work of divine power, not to mention that we would have Internet everywhere. Indeed, Ozotop might not get large traction right off the bat, but I am sure that the idea will catch on. Maybe it won't be Ozotop that will bring it to fruition, but the cyber societies are here to stay.

Reds4Life   August 30, 2020  

There have been so many talks and speculations about Telegram Open Network that I am dying to see at least one project that utilizes this presumably progressive blockchain solution. The combination of Waves and TON within the framework of a single startup makes Ozotop even more appealing. Although I would suggest that you should refrain from investing in Ozotop right away in order to see how the situation with SEC would resolve.

Separate Brain   August 29, 2020  

When I read the description of Ozotop, it felt like I was getting acquainted with some Lord of the Flies or some futuristic novel about the society of experts on a blockchain. I get that they are trying to recreate the concept of meritocracy, but it looks kinda awkward coming from Ozotop. The robotized online society, the personalized scripts, the bots - all these are just fancy words without real substance.

Jordan Melford   December 4, 2019  

The way Ozotop plans to make a transition from the Waves blockchain to Telegram Open Network is interesting and innovative. But it looks like their work may be put on halt for a while after TON has got itself into an infamous feud with SEC. Nevertheless, it should blow over sooner or later, and then we might see Ozotop in its full glory. I am really digging this project, but I reckon that they need to expand their team by adding more marketing experts.

Remy and Martin   October 19, 2019  

It would be very interesting to see how the TON-based ecosystem will do, because there has been so much hype about this Telegram project. I am very eager to see whether it would succeed or fail, both TON and Ozotop. As for the Ozotop in particular, I like their unusual approach towards token sale, especially the fact that OZO could be both a utility and a security. Also, it would hurt the team to hire more managers, as it is currently overcrowded with blockchain developers.

Nnnnickkkkk   September 8, 2019  

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