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I have come across numerous blockchain startups related to medicine, but none of them seem to have hit the mainstream as of yet, mainly due to the reasons mentioned in the review. NiMEDix shows some potential - and they are definitely pursuing a noble cause - but they will face many obstacles, such as red taping, the distrust of people towards innovations, etc. I hope they would be able to overcome them and reach their goals.

TwistedLogiX   February 18, 2020  

The first order of business for NiMEDix should have been to raise awareness among the Nigerian population about the concept of blockchain and crypto tokens. I don't mean to insult, but the population which is far from being tech-savvy won't adopt something so new and complicated as blockchain and a personalized healthcare system. Even if this project becomes popular and profitable, the corrupt African government will find a way to shut it down at once.

Meatloaf   January 27, 2020  

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