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Nexxus Rewards is a great project, no doubt about that! Although their primary focus in on marketing and less on the development and incorporation of the blockchain technology, they are doing an excellent job at creating a viable use case for it. But the team should have written a more detailed whitepaper because the present version is a bit terse.

RichardDd   July 19, 2020  

There is no denying the fact that Nexxus is pursuing a lofty objective, but, to tell you the truth, it's the startup that could have done well even without the incorporation of blockchain and NXR token. Donating to charities and getting cashback is far from being considered as something that functions inefficiently, thus requires an innovative solution. It is understandable that Nexxus uses the concept of tokens mainly as an attention grabber, but it's still a good project at its core.

Casual Millionaire   July 8, 2020  

What projects like Nexxus fail to comprehend is that they do not offer anything that could be called innovative, groundbreaking or merely interesting. Instead, Nexxus is making the process of acquirement of cashback more complicated by adding an extra, and unnecessary, stage of exchanging the tokens to some other cryptocurrency, and then to fiat. Why would people bother themselves with that if they already can receive cashback in USD or their native currencies through various programs? I don't see any reason why they should.

Bio Miner   April 7, 2020  

Nexxus is definitely a magnificent social initiative that could help a lot of people and communities. I like the team's overall approach towards local charities and the ways to fund them, as well as the fact that Nexxus lets all users and organizations register on the platform for free. My only concern is that the NXR token won't be appreciated to the full extent since it doesn't present a whole lot of opportunities for speculations.

TwistedLogiX   February 24, 2020  

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Nexxus Rewards (Nexxus) can be characterized as a social blockchain project that strives to offer local communities a blockchain-based marketing solution powered by the ERC-20 compliant NXR token. The distribution of tokens by means of ICO will commence in a few days. The Nexxus Rewards system ...

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