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I am not trying to put blame on HiP or something, but a similar "sophisticated" scheme with real estate was exactly what got us in the global financial recession of 2008. Not exactly the same, but similar. We all remember how the dealings of big bankers and their subprime mortgages got us all totally screwed up. So, I would approach all these suggestions regarding the fractural real estate ownership and lending with great caution. We've got burned once, let's not make the same mistake again.

Terra Crypto   October 26, 2019  

Sorry guys, but I reckon that HiP tries to feed us a ridiculous idea, which might work well for some speculators, but not for an honest real estate investor, like myself. Owning fractions of buildings and trading equity and debt - all read machinations in my book. Need I remind you how debt trading by large American banks led to a global financial catastrophe? Of course, HiP won't create a global disaster, but a burning hole in investor's pockets. Besides, they don't even have a working product to show, only some nonsense awards.

Damian   August 10, 2019  

The main reason why I fancy HiP as a possible investment opportunity is that they promise to resolve a burning issue that is the entry barrier for the first time home ownership. Those who reside in London know all too well how hard it is to scrape the sufficient amount of money to make a first payment for at least a mediocre apartment. I don’t have any student debts and make decent money, but I still can’t put together a bloody half a million quid to acquire a piece of property. So, the idea offered by HiP might seem confusing to those who have little understanding of property market, but believe me, it is a well-elaborated concept that can be of help for a lot of wannabe property owners.

Jennica   July 24, 2019  

It seems to me that the ICO market is getting oversaturated with projects that have something to do with real estate. I’ve read through the business proposal provided by HiP and I can’t say that I’ve come across something unusual and fresh. Same old sales pitches: “The untapped potential of the real estate market, the tokenization of illiquid assets”, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, HiP is a legit project and quite a successful one, judging from the number of awards it received. It’s just that I am not excited about their offer. Besides, the introduction of such a thing as fractional ownership of property might create another disaster, just like the US subprime loans became the prerequisite to the global financial crisis.

Ralph   July 6, 2019  

The project certainly had quite a few strengths, such as an innovative tokenization model. It was easy to understand, and it allowed investors to learn more about the project. It also has quite an experienced team, with a very extensive history in relevant industries.

Connor   July 2, 2019  

Of course, there were also a few concerns, such as the unrealistically high hard cap. The unsold tokens did not get burned, either. Also, there is one issue with the general idea itself, which is that property investing via blockchain has quite a lot of competitors.

Michael   June 18, 2019  

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