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Woah FABA coin! Now this is a game changer. FABA is talking about building a platform for non-accredited investors. Does anyone know how huge this is? This is just as big as institutions buying up crypto and having custody of it. Allowing N-A investors a piece of the pie is crucial in creating the decentralized economy and allowing more players to join. Crypto is meant to be available to everyone, not just the elite few. FABA is here to make everyone money, and this coin is going to be the next big hit. It's logo is awesome and their vision speaks to the majority of crypto enthusiasts.

Corey   April 6, 2019  

FABA started token sales 9 month ago and with current pace of $2,5 something I doubt the $6 million had cap will be reached. Though I read they rely on 20% commitments from private investors, like business angels, I still wonder if the will be continuing the project if they fail to reach the targeted hardcap? And one more question, do you know any of the projects they have already poured money in? Where to check them?

Pabl0   January 2, 2019  

January 2019 is ICO time for FABA! If you've missed the 40% and 20% bonus times, the token price of $1 may look rather expensive now, compared to other ICOs. Though the team looks pretty trustful, you'd better do your own good due diligence check before going for this one.

Le0p01d   January 1, 2019  

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Faba Invest
Faba Invest

Industry: IT Description Faba is a project that uses blockchain technology to disrupt concept of venture capital as we know it now. Its goal is to create a modern system that makes investing through (FABA) token transparent and accessible for non-accredited investors. The team has ident...

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