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Projects like Exortion remind me of turtle babies that are trying to get to the ocean waters across the blistering hot sand, right after they hatched out of the egg. I hope you get the analogy here. Hundreds of them start on this hard path but only a few of them survive. The same would happen to Exortion. The niche of blockchain microfinancing is already oversaturated, while this project doesn't offer any unique solutions. But who knows, maybe Exortion will turn out to be a late bloomer.

John_Pirate_Neruda   December 29, 2019  

Exortion is one of many microfinancing, trading, and gold-backed projects that I come across almost on a daily basis. As you can probably see, none of them were able to achieve the set goals. Just look at Libra: it is also kinda trying to give people some financial freedom, though, in reality, it's a huge trap, but see how vehemently the governments are trying to fight this initiative. The same would happen to Exortion and other better projects because they are entering the enemy's territory.

BitcoinRealist   December 5, 2019  

What is wrong with people and their unquenchable lust for gold? There are so many other, more profit-bearing, means for value storing, but gold still remains the bait that almost everyone wants to take. Just scratch out the theses about gold from the Exortion whitepaper and you will see nothing but a pile of vague promises and utopian concepts. Clearly, this project is just fishing for easy money without any intention of providing some viable product.

No Mine_No gain   November 16, 2019  

When browsing the Extortion website and reading the whitepaper I couldn’t help but notice that their concept sounds too good to be true. Or I would rather say too complicated to be feasible for the team of such quality. I studied the members' professional profiles and came to the conclusion that they lack experience in the crypto space. The project of the declared magnitude cannot be brought to fruiting by such a small group of nascent crypto entrepreneurs.

Uri Geller   November 1, 2019  

Exortion has an interesting goal in mind — one that can definitely help the economy of the world, as well as countless people who still do not have access to the global financial industry. However, there are a few issues with its presentation, such as the lack of clarity, and a seemingly extremely small team for such a project.

JeNNy   October 18, 2019  

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