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Who would want to do crypto trading on a fully regulated platform when we are currently witnessing the emergence of decentralized exchanges, which are so much more secure and convenient than EUCX, or any other similar platform. Perhaps, this would be a suitable variant for large trading firms that take all those AML, MiFID II, and other compliances seriously, but the likes of me, individual traders, can't really be bothered with that, as long as our cryptos are safe. In my opinion, the only selling point of EUCX is the promise of zero fees when trading from the Platinum account. The cost of the subscription is not that steep, only around $50, which is affordable even for an average trader.

Trevor   August 3, 2019  

Frankly speaking, I have never seen such a poor traction on all social media platforms, like the EUCX has: 2 followers on Facebook and 47 on Twitter. That is downright pathetic! I have read the response from one of their team members regarding this issue, where he tried to justify it by the fact that they abstain from buying fake followers. All right, that is understandable, but is that really all this exchange is capable of? Sparkling the interest of some 50 people. I think that it speaks volumes about the prospect of this exchange, regardless of its seemingly positive relations with the authorities.

Ian   July 16, 2019  

I don’t understand those who approve the tight cooperation that EUCX established with different authorities. Yeah, the exchange could be more secure, which is also doubtful, given the current skill level of hackers, but you can definitely forget about anonymity and non-intrusion when trading on EUCX. Blockchain and crypto are all about not letting the authorities get their hands on your personal and financial information whilst this exchange is moving in a totally different direction.

Jordan   June 24, 2019  

I definitely like the fact that EUCX is so adamant about being compliant to the regulatory requirements. I wouldn’t want to wake up to the news that it was suddenly closed and the owners have disappeared. But I am a bit skeptical about the tough listing requirements because we may end up trading with a limited selection of cryptocurrencies, which is not great for profitable speculations. I would make a minimum investment, though, just to have access to the platform and monitor its development.

Gabriel   June 17, 2019  

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European Cryptocurrency Exchange
European Cryptocurrency Exchange

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