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Credible, and other similar projects, will be of great service to people who live in developing countries with weak banking systems, which are oftentimes as archaic and clunky as it gets, being unable to gather enough data to come up with an objective credit score for a customer. Credible addresses all these issues by developing a blockchain-enabled credit score system that is transparent, efficient, and fail-proof. Definitely one of the best projects around at the moment.

Giggly Bee   April 21, 2020  

I was impressed by the fact that Credible Network managed to get Visa as one of their primary partners even before the actual launch of the platform. However, the rest of their partners, such as Ambank and Credibanco, don't play well with me, because being an EU-based investor, I would like to see some European banks of financial institution on that list. However, most of them are either Asian or located in Latin America. Apparently, that's where the focus of Credible Network would lie.

marchhare   September 9, 2019  

The funding gap that Credible tries to bridge is a real pain point from many representatives of the SME. As rightfully noted, they do all the hard work, pushing further the economies of the developing countries, and the developed alike, whilst being deprived of proper means for funding and load obtainment. The central banks and the governments are hopeless in this regard, so their only hope lies with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is my firm conviction that Credible presents a viable concept that will bring substantial benefits to all small and mid-sized businesses out there.

Elliot   August 6, 2019  

All in all, it is a project worth keeping an eye on, even though its ICO was announced a long time ago, and it still doesn't have a date set.

Ann   July 30, 2019  

The project has an excellent vision, and it would make a great difference when it comes to accepting crypto payments, as well as simplifying online payments, in general. It has a solid team with experience in tech development and markets, as well as an MVP, which proves its legitimacy.

John   July 30, 2019  

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Credible Network
Credible Network

The evolution of the internet and other accompanying technologies brought change to nearly every industry in the world, particularly when it comes to trading and finances. Only a few short decades ago, the only way to buy something was to show up at the location and purchase the item you needed. ...

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