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After reading all the materials, provided by Carbon Offset Initiative, all I have to say is that I wish this startup all the best because they are doing an immensely important thing. We can’t pin any hopes on the governments in this matter, so it’s the projects like COI that will make a stand and help us preserve the planet and maybe even make a bit cleaner and safer.

Th0ma$$   February 29, 2020  

People might not understand it now, but the business that is based on the concept of environmental protection will be the most profitable in the next decade. The thing is that this problem won't ever go away - on the contrary, it is going to worsen year by year, and the solution like the one presented by Carbon Offset Initiative will be worth millions, if not more. That is why I have been looking for a promising eco-project for some time now, and COI definitely gets on my list.

Freddy Bear   January 26, 2020  

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Carbon Offset Initiative
Carbon Offset Initiative

Only a few decades ago, environmental troubles seemed like something overrated and even conspiratorial to the vast majority of the population. But over the course of the years, we have had a chance to witness undeniable climate changes, caused by the ever-increasing and mostly uncontrolled carbon em...

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