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It is sad to see all the effort that had been put into Bow go to waste. The design of their website alone deserves endless compliments for how stylish and well-elaborated it is. I would really like to see Bow get enough money to continue developing the anti-counterfeit solution but, judging from what I see on the ICO indicators, the project won't reach even the softcap. Less than 3% of a minimum funding goal reached with only two weeks to go, that's a real mission impossible.

Caesar 9493   October 26, 2019  

Judging from the tempo with which Bow raises funds through the token sale, the project would be fortunate to reach the softcap. 2.16% of the hardcap raised with only three months of the ICO to go, these are poor showings. That's a pity, really, because Bow looks like a well-crafted project that deserves a chance to enter the market. Hope that they would come up with an efficient marketing campaign soon enough to reach at least a minimum funding goal.

Troy   August 10, 2019  

The Bow project is a prime example of how the blockchain technology can be applied to virtually any area of business, whether it is banking or fashion. This technology is on the march, and I sincerely admire how Bow chose to put it into practice. Despite how distant it may seem to a common consumer, the luxury market constitutes a substantial part of the global economy, and it needs to keep abreast with its trends, particularly in the sphere of technology. I am a business manager, not a “fashionista”, so my usual outfit rarely goes beyond a business suit, or a homely sweater, but it doesn’t mean that I am unable to recognize the potential that Bow holds. It is a solid project, through and through.

Heather   July 26, 2019  

The fact that I am a fashion geek explains my decision to support BOW by purchasing a certain amount of their tokens. Usually, I disregard the crypto projects that operate in the same niche, mainly because they are trying to combine the concepts of fashionable apparels and blockchain in a very awkward fashion. In case of BOW, I reckon that they have managed to find just the right application for this technology, as a restrictive measure to counterfeit. I can’t overstress the importance of this, as counterfeit has been corroding this business from inside and out. Really hope the BOW will able to oppose it efficiently.

Jean   July 13, 2019  

Although I am not involved in the luxury business in any way, I tend to position myself as a smart investor who knows when he sees something that displays a potential for bringing profits and making an impact on the industry. BOW is just the right kind of project: it has a solid business plan, a viable solution, and a backing by the globally recognized brand. I don’t really understand their choice of a physical product, the bow tie, but, hey, I am not French - my dress code is T-shirts and jeans.

Isaac   June 20, 2019  

Counterfeit is as big of a plague for the creative class of people as copyright infringement, and it should be addressed accordingly. BOW is definitely making steps in the right direction, and the application of blockchain will only help their cause. I also like the fact that they have already partnered with a renowned brand which proves that this project is not a fluke. I have plans to open a jewelry shop soon, so BOW software will have a practical application for me.

Gisele   June 6, 2019  

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Bow Ties the Noose Around Counterfeit Bow is a combination of the eponymous decentralized application, software, and the ERC-20 compliant token (BOW) which were created by a team of French experts in the field of luxury goods and blockchain devotees. This solution seeks to address the problems ...

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