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Binfinity serve as an example of a startup that looks extremely good on paper, with a thoroughly elaborated concept, a team packed with professionals in the given field, compliant with regulations, and so one. But something just won't let them attract enough audience and interested investors. Maybe that's due to the non-efficient marketing or brutal competition, but it looks like Binfinity will not become a noticeable platform.

Nancy   August 12, 2019  

Binfinity has a very well developed and presented product that should attract significant attention of the investors. I wonder why they have so few people following them on social media, but that might be because of the nature of this project - it is not a “hype startup” devised to gather thousands of Facebook addicts. As I said, I find Binfinity very promising, partly because of their devotion to regulatory compliance.

Tom   July 29, 2019  

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Binfinity: High-Frequency Trading for Crypto Space Binfinity strives to create the first of its kind cryptocurrency exchange that fully meets all regulatory requirements and offers the level of services that meets the needs of top-notch institutional investors. The project is registered as a pu...

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