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I have perused the review, as well as the whitepaper, and got to like the product and the concept that Bcnex has to offer, but there are still a few issues that concern me. First of all, the team claims that it has vast experience in Forex trading and related software development, but I have hardly seen any proof of that when reading their profiles. Secondly, I am a bit confused about their fee structure. From the user’s point of view, having a 75% discount on trading operations for the first year is awesome, but that’s not going to do any good for the project’s initial capital flow. How Bcnex plan on surviving for the first couple of years, when their user base would be small? That’s a big turn off for me with regard to investing in Bcnex.

Morgan   June 16, 2019  

The product that Bcnex has to offer is definitely worth trying, especially if they promise to eliminate the problem of slippage. I can’t begin to tell you, how many of my stop-losses have been affected by this issue. And it happened on all exchanges I dealt with over the years. Their promise of speed and scalability seems to be another perk, but I am a bit concerned about the fees. It’s good to have such a hefty discount, but they didn’t specify their trading fees, which leaves me wondering, whether it is worth trying Bcnex.

Loery   June 3, 2019  

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Bcnex: Faster & More Secure Crypto Exchange Bcnex is intent on providing a complex solution to four overarching issues pertaining to the dominating majority of crypto and digital asset exchanges, precisely unsophisticated and incompetently developed technical architecture; lax security of t...

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