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2local Reviews

2local Reviews Kmqn April 19, 2021
Hey, I’m very interested to buy some L2L tokens But now I'm not sure because you still haven't received your tokens. is it a scam?
2local Reviews LocalGuyFromUS April 18, 2021
Sent 100$ vial paypal. Didn't get tokens. They are a big scam, do not fall for this.
2local Reviews Carl April 13, 2021
Had to email them after purchase because of a glitch but tokens are now in my wallet. Seems legit enough.
2local Reviews lighter April 12, 2021
We have transfered money with paypal, we got a lot of (2local) tokens, everything OK, awesome.
2local Reviews mohsen April 3, 2021
I transfrred 500.10 usd to 2 local but i dont get any coin. is it scam?
2local Reviews Natasa April 1, 2021
I also transfer 1000usd in ETH and i still didn t recieved coin. I send two mail and no answer yet.
2local Reviews Clement March 31, 2021
I have the app and press «buy L2L». I transfered 50$ In ETH from my Trust Wallet to the address corresponding to and still nothing. I have sent an email and no answer yet. I always try on small amounts to see what happen before making big moves. Just keep me posted what's wrong?
2local Reviews Halleloo March 22, 2021
Paid for my coins, didn't recieve any. I have emailed and they advised they have added manually to no avail. Quite frustrating as I was willing to buy a lot more had it worked out.
2local Reviews gawlak March 17, 2021
Bought for equity of $100 ETH. Got token. So far looks promising
2local Reviews SDCrypto March 4, 2021
I made several deposits via PayPal. One went through automatically. The others went through after I emailed L2. They were very friendly and got me my tokens. Hurry up and buy yours!
2local Reviews ttsstt March 3, 2021
2local 100pct valid and will be one of the best cryptocoins.
2local Reviews G February 27, 2021
To be fair, i sent 100 EUR but did not get tokens. I sent them an email and they manually did the transfer in no time!
2local Reviews Terry Rayan February 23, 2021
I spent 350$ on L2L and immediately I got the tokens on my account.
2local Reviews Paul Shvets February 21, 2021
Scammers. Be aware. Bought 1000$ And didn’t get tokens. Emailed to support team: their answer: Thank you for supporting our project hence after tracking your payment directly from our database we discovered the payment was successful but there was an error which as affected it from reflecting on our database in other to
Dear Paul to rectify this issue you will have to make a refundable payment of the same amount you made previously to our official reactivation address below, the payment will be used to synchronize your previous payment and immediately the issue is rectified you will get an instant refund of your second payment back to your wallet and also receive an instant deposits of your purchased tokens directly to your account. Please make your deposit to our ETH rectification deposit. Note: Once your deposit is successful please forward back a screenshot of the payment details and also provide us a wallet address where you would like to receive your refund. Please note that "Refunds of Funds that's just 5-10 minute of the rectification time to be processed. Once all this is rectified you will receive your purchased Tokens immediately to your account. The team truly apologizes for every inconveniences this might have caused you. Thanks for your understanding and support, the team appreciates.
2local Reviews Casual Millionaire February 2, 2021
The L2L token is a unique, sustainability-focused cryptocurrency that maintains a stable yet rising exchange rate, performing the role of a buffer between digital assets and fiat currencies, such as USD. This means the token can be used as a stable payment method without the risk of inflation
The users of the 2local platform are encouraged to utilize the L2L tokens, as this will result in a monthly cashback.
2local Reviews Dietrich November 12, 2020
It is funny how a mediocre blockchain project managed to stuff so many socialistic slogans
Let's be frank, 2Local doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary: just another blockchain-based platform/application that provides means for connecting with local stores and services provides in order to obtain some perks, bonuses, cashback, etc. We've seen it a dozen times before. However, the 2Local team wrapped it all up is some utopian marketing messages which made their entire presentation appear very lame and unnatural.
2local Reviews NotaPonzi September 21, 2020
Oh my, here is another startup that intends to make the "world a better place." We have already seen so many of them rise briefly above the surface only to get to an even deeper
Besides, the concept offered by 2Local is flawed at its core since they intend to narrow the audience to "locals" instead of trying to go global. The 2Local app would be suitable only for those who reside in big megapolises, and could be rendered virtually useless for those from small towns.
2local Reviews WinnieThePooh September 30, 2019
So far, the project has received ratings that are slightly above average, meaning that it sounds rather decent, overall. However, there is still a lot of information that is missing, and that the team should update as soon as possible, and definitely before the
The team is also pretty large, although it does lack advisors, which might be something that they should look into, as well.

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