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OEX Reviews & Comments 2021

I have conflicting feelings about OEX because, on the one hand, it has a really nice interface and allows for deposits via banking cards. But on the other hand, it has trading fees which aren't that high, but they still aren't low enough for me. I am a scalper trader, so paying as low as possible in fees is vital for my overall success because I can place up to a hundred orders a day.

Lee Kwan   February 23, 2021  

What's good about OEX is that the users are allowed to make deposits via credit cards, and that the platform admits traders from the United States, which isn't common among cryptocurrency exchanges, especially the ones that operate in China. The trading panel is okay - intuitive and well-designed. However, the high trading fees are the reason why I gave preference to another platform: 0,2% might be the industry standard, but I know plenty of exchanges where the fees are no higher than 0,1%.

Crypto_Arnold   February 21, 2021  

OEX is an overall good exchange with decent trading fees, and no deposit/withdrawal fees for that matter, but it's a pity that this platform is mostly oriented on Chinese traders. This might create some problems with the efficiency of the support as well as the trading schedule since the Asian market is most active when there's nighttime where I'm from. Nevertheless, it has a good range of the so-called alternative coins, which I trade from time to time.

AlwaysInGreen   February 1, 2021  

It appears that OEX had gone bust since the official stats show that the trading volume at that platform has been at $0 for quite some time now. If that turns out to be true, I will be slightly disappointed because I used to like trading of OEX: it had very democratic fees and the interface was also quite good.

BlueBeard   November 24, 2020  

I have already seen dozens of comments on different crypto forums where people are accusing OEX of being a scam. A lot of people complain about price and data manipulations, as well as having issues when trying to withdraw funds. For instance, one of them said that when he was about to withdraw ETH, the system was constantly displaying an error which said that the user has been audited for some reason. Evidently, they have never got back their crypto. Therefore, I wouldn't risk trading on OEX or on some other Chinese exchanges, it's too risky.

StoicSoul   November 14, 2020  

With so many new cryptocurrency exchanges popping up almost every month, it is very hard to find the one that suits you completely. I have tried trading on OEX for a couple of weeks and had a kinda mixed experience. The trading panel on OEX is well-designed and intuitive, the order book is located in the right place, and the support team is really helpful. However, OEX is a bit slow when it comes to withdrawals. Once I had to wait for almost three days for them to confirm my LTC withdrawal request.

Mimi Vanilli   November 4, 2020  

OEX trading platform was established in 2017 in China. For such a short period of existence, it entered the TOP-50 trading platforms in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. This is a pretty good result, despite the fact that OEX has only a few dozen currencies for trading.

iMmozart   October 23, 2020  

OEX currently holds the 4th position on CoinMarketCap for the adjusted trading volume which amounts to more than $31 billion per month. Although the number of trading pairs is not very impressive, it has a pleasant and user-friendly interface along with the necessary trading tools and indicators. I don't understand why they won't reveal the information about the withdrawal fees as required of any transparently operating platform. As for the trading fees, they are average for the industry - 0.2% for makers and takers. Also, be aware that OEX has been tailored for Asian customers, so you might experience some issues with the interface language and support ticketing.

k1ngArtur   August 17, 2019  

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