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The current rollback of the bitcoin price occurs against the backdrop of news about the suspension of withdrawal of funds in one of the largest crypto-exchanges - OKEx in connection with the alleged detention of one of the private key holders. Although the management of the exchange claims that the claims of law enforcement agencies are not related to the activities of the exchange, a few hours before the announcement, significant volumes of BTC and other large cryptocurrencies were still withdrawn from the site. The news around OKEx appeared literally a few weeks after a similar situation with BitMEX, where the authorities were claiming the exchange itself.

l00k$_1ntere$1ng   October 18, 2020  

The alleged detention of one of the owners of the private key, which is required to withdraw funds from the exchange, has led to an increase in the negative impact on Bitcoin. Although the site's management assures that there is no reason for panic, and the claims of law enforcement agencies do not relate to the activities of the exchange, according to Whale Alert, almost $ 23 million worth of cryptocurrencies were withdrawn from the exchange a few hours before the announcement. Just a few weeks ago, a similar situation happened with BitMEX. however, Bitcoin was able to quickly "digest" this news and move on. The situation with OKEx may develop in the framework of the global fight against money laundering through centralized exchanges, so such events in the near future can happen to many large platforms.

Voodoo_cat   October 17, 2020  

Crypto asset exchange OKEx has suspended cryptocurrency withdrawals, announcing that one of the holders of its private keys is “currently cooperating with a public security bureau” concerning ongoing “investigations.” The exchange noted that it has been “out of touch” with the key-holder, preventing the “associated authorization” from being completed. OKEx plans to resume digital asset withdrawals “immediately” once the key-holder “is able to authorize the transaction.”

Know1tAll   October 16, 2020  

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