IDAX Reviews & Comments 2020

So, any news about the missing CEO, and the money that was gone with him? Are we witnessing another exit scam here? Apparently, that's the case because the news surfaced around December 1, but there have been no developments. Well, the shining example of how dangerous it is to keep your crypto on the exchanges. You would never know when the next CEO could be gone "missing".

Edgy Trader   March 3, 2020  

The Asian crypto exchanges never cease to amuse me. There is always something happening there, and this "something" is usually not great for people who trade on these platforms. In one of the latest developments, IDAX stopped all deposits and withdrawals after its CEO Lei Guorong went missing. I mean, I feel sorry for the guy and hope that he will turn out okay, but I can also imagine the frustration of traders who can't take their money out.

Georgia_Bill   January 11, 2020  

their refund management were able to aid me through on withdrawal on telegram

TOM   December 18, 2019  

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