EXX Reviews & Comments 2021

I don't get the whole fuss about the Asian cryptocurrency exchanges. Sure, they are more focused on the target audience (Asian traders), but at the same time, offer really lucrative fees. Take EXX, for instance. Sure, some users might not feel at home there, or even say that they are being discriminated against (what a bunch of nonsense). But the real trader should think about profits first, and give EXX the due credit for imposing very merciful fees. If you don't get it, then change the occupation.

Norge Troll   December 10, 2020  

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why most traders are trying to steer clear of Asian crypto exchanges. Sure, one would have to take into consideration a different time zone, which means that most of the activity happens when there's nighttime in Europe or the US. But we, traders, are the global creatures, which means that doing some night trading shouldn't be an issue for those who are seeking real profit. In short, I like trading on EXX, and some other Asian platforms, because they charge the fees that don't sting. 0.1% trading fee is a good enough reason for me to cut on some sleep.

CryptoRebel   November 26, 2020  

I will be moving to Seoul in a few days, so I have been looking for a decent cryptocurrency exchange that is tailored for the traders from Southeast Asia. Looks like I have found the right one in the form of EXX. The fees there are more than acceptable; there are plenty of trading pairs; the user interface seems to be okay, but not great. In any case, I will give EXX a try and see how that goes.

Gray Hacker   November 6, 2020  

With the way how the crypto industry is developing, Asia, and crypto exchanges that come from this part of the world, would be dominating the space in the foreseeable future, so we the Europeans must adapt to their infrastructure, platforms, and even time zones now, or risk being left out of the game. EXX is a nice and cozy crypto exchange that provides me with a means for trading my favorite coins while paying fees that are slightly below the industry average.

Tommy Yang   November 3, 2020  

I know a lot of fellow traders from Asia and most of them say very positive things about EXX. I haven't personally tried trading on this platform, but I suppose I can trust their judgment. Many reputable cryptocurrency exchanges are registered in Hong Kong, though I am worried about their future because of these massive protests and the overall tense situation in the region.

Bunny Kotal   October 29, 2020  

If EXX wants to progress and keep abreast with other popular cryptocurrency exchanges it should reconsider its policy of only-cryptocurrency deposit option. It should be done to relieve users of the hassle of having to exchange fiat to crypto via a third-party payment service. Besides, it wouldn't hurt EXX to do a better job at localizing their website to the English language. Some of the bits in its interface have been translated ridiculously, while the others have no translation at all.

Linda88   October 9, 2020  

I have heard some positive things about EXX, most of which had to do with its good trading volumes and the availability of some interesting exotic coins. But I was left deeply disappointed when, after passing the registration process, I've logged to the trading board and found out that it has one of the worst designs I have ever seen. It's unnecessarily dark and very blocky - I was under the impression that it was hastily made by someone of Fiverr for less than a hundred dollars.

GorillaTrader   July 30, 2020  

The only negatives that I can point out with regard to EXX are the lack of detailed information about the platform in the help section and a slightly inconvenient layout of TradingView. I don't like that the order-placing box has been squeezed in between the charts and the order book. It makes this panel suitable only for the wide computer screens, and very uncomfortable to work with when using a laptop. And by adding more in-depth info about the functionality of the platform, EXX would become more appealing to nascent traders.

JayCr1pt0   July 26, 2020  

Because The exchange’s operator is a Hong Kong company, the exchange is oriented more towards the Southeast Asian market, but having an English version of the site, it is trying to cover other regions as well. Commissions compared to other exchanges are really low. A large number of altcoins for trading. Margin trading is offered only for bitcoin and some alt. There are few reviews about the exchange on the network, but those that are are very positive. The platform itself is pretty nice, reminiscent of the bitFlyer platform. Fiat payments on the exchange are not accepted (while USDT is being traded). There is little information about the company, which is not so rare in the world of cryptocurrencies, but still not very good. On the network you can find only a couple of photos of the team. There is conflicting information about leverage - the maximum leverage rate shown on the English and Chinese versions of the site is currently different, which is very strange. This is an insignificant detail and, most likely, a simple typo, but it leaves a negative impression.

pennythewi$e   August 2, 2019  

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