Reviews & Comments 2020 was found only a couple of years ago, so it's still a fledgling exchange. It is not overly sophisticated in terms of user interface and the overall set of features, but I had a pleasant experience trading on that platform. The fees are very reasonable - 0,10% for both makers and takers, with the acceptable withdrawal fees of 0.001 BTC. A good exchange for a nascent trader to hone the skills. What I don't like about, though, is that I can load my trading account only using crypto.

SpottySnorry   July 11, 2020  

I can't but agree that trading on Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges entails substantial risks for foreign traders. Not need to remind you that their government is as unpredictable as a ricocheting bullet. So, if you feel confident enough to entrust your crypto to a centralized exchange like this, please don't complain if one day you will wake up to a message that your trading account had been blocked for no apparent reason.

Paolo Maggio   July 7, 2020  

To tell you the truth, I don't put too much trust in First of all, this cryptocurrency exchange operates in China, which is a big red flag in itself. Should the US-China trade war enter another phase, we might see the outflow of Chinese capital to cryptocurrencies, which, in turn, may result in the toughening of regulation or even the outright ban of exchange platforms. I don't want to find myself in a situation where my assets are being frozen by some Chinese bureaucrat.

T0mMy   May 19, 2020 has been doing well lately, boosting its reported trading volume by as much as 40% to $81 million a day. That is impressive stats, I wonder what they did to achieve it, perhaps added some new features or trading options, please let me know, guys. Back in the day, I tried doing some trading on, but then switched to another platform that seemed appealing to me. Perhaps, it is time to go back.

Lucky_Redhead   April 2, 2020  

A few days ago we all have witnessed a shining example of how unpredictable and insidious the Chinese government could be. First, they tell stories about developing a national digital currency, which made the market all green and happy. But then the rumor came up about their plans to ban all Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges and even the foreign ones that serve Chinese customers. After that, is it really worth the risk to trade on or some other China-based exchange?

Dorian White   March 25, 2020 is always among the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchanges on CoinMarketCap both by reported and adjusted volume, which could serve as a proof of its reliability. I don't get people who make a fuss about being registered in China. Yes, it bears certain risks, but crypto is a risky endeavor at its core, so trading on that platform is no riskier than investing in some emerging blockchain startup. The trading fees on are more than reasonable, and that' the most important factor for me.

Meme Collector   March 23, 2020  

In my experience, has probably the best security architecture among its direct competitors. The management has established a long-term partnership with CertiK, a company that conducts security audits and penetration testing, as well as incorporates a verification proof engine. They are also cooperating with Bitbank, a cryptocurrency bank and a provider of various financial services. This gives a big credibility boost for, supplemented by its solid trading volumes and appropriate fees.

Miche11e   March 16, 2020  

I have stumbled across the information on some crypto-related website about being involved in wash trading (the situation when the overwhelming majority of trades occur inside the spread that vastly benefits the exchange) and falsifying the trading volumes. However, if you can't be bothered with such manipulations and just want to do some quiet trading, then BW might be the right fit for you. It has sufficient liquidity to support mid-sized and large trading volumes, so if you are planning to register there just to make a few hundred bucks, go ahead and do so. Nice trading experience is guaranteed.

Joshua   March 14, 2020  

I won't surprise anyone by telling that the withdrawal fee on is practically the most appealing thing about this exchange. Now, I am not trying to come out as being cheap, but you know what they say, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned." So, if you are a trader who likes to skim the cream every other day or two, then is the place to be. I won't be touching upon other feats of the platform, because they are basically inherent to any other reputable exchange in that space, just gonna emphasize one more time that the fees on are quite favorable.

Stephie   February 25, 2020  

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