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Experienced holders of digital currencies know that investing in only one cryptocurrency is risky. Especially if it's not bitcoin. The fact is that the cryptocurrency industry so far can hardly be called reliable, and any altcoin can easily fall by 200-300% or even simply vanish. The only thing that helps to earn on cryptocurrencies quickly is automated trading either on Forex or cryptocurrency exchange. If you do not want to get engaged in auto trading, the only option that remains is to accumulate cryptocurrencies. To do this you need to figure out .

The most often recommended standard portfolio looks like this: half of the investment should be directed to BTC, 15% to ETH, 10-15% to Ripple, buy some Litecoin and Zcash. Of course, the rest of the portfolio is of primary interest. You can also buy less Bitcoins, more XRP, etc. Some traders recommend buying more Ethereum as it is believed that the rate of this cryptocurrency can fly up to $1000. Others think such forecasts have no solid foundation. In any case, it is hardly worth composing your digital portfolio with only bitcoins or, moreover, some other cryptocurrency. It is necessary to diversify your investments.

Currently, the BTC rate is $ 9,000, but you can’t be sure that at the end of the year it will not collapse to 3-4 thousand, as it happened in 2018. Even if Bitcoin does not collapse, it may just stop at its current mark. Then investing in it will not bring any profit. That's why you need to fill the portfolio with other promising digital currencies. On the other hand, optimism is caused by the fact that now in the world only one in one hundred people owns cryptocurrencies. It is safe to predict that in the future the number of token holders will increase. This will lead to an increase in the rate of most cryptocurrencies. If you buy a lot of different coins now, you can get significant dividends in the future.

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is a gradation of the risk of digital currencies. So, there are three major groups: with the lowest risk, these are the Top 10 tokens by capitalization, including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, etc.; with medium risk - this is the Top 30 by capitalization; and with high risk - this is the Top 100. Everything beyond Top 100 can be considered shitcoins. In accordance with this, you can plan for investment. It is clear that if cryptocurrencies from the Top 10 by capitalization are included in the portfolio, then doubling of investments can be expected for a very long time. Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP can stagnate in one place for ages without any profit. An ordinary portfolio with relatively low risk consists of 70% of the Top 10 coins and another 30% of the Top 30 coins. Such a portfolio can double for many years.

That's why it is more profitable to compose a portfolio in other proportions, adding cryptocurrencies from the Top 100 to it. For example, a portfolio consisting of only a quarter of Top-10 tokens, 50% of Top 30 tokens, and another quarter of Top 100 tokens can be considered risky. Such proportions are most often used by experienced traders to get profit in a relatively short time. It is interesting to use the following trick: add to the portfolio half the cryptocurrencies, which usually grow with BTC, and fill the rest with cryptocurrencies, which usually fall with the growth of bitcoin. Such a portfolio is well suited for saving funds, but it is unlikely to yield significant profits.

In order to create an investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies at, you must first register on using the registration form. Then, after confirming the account via e-mail, you need to log in to the site. After that, you need to click the "Create" button in the section with cryptocurrency portfolios. Please fill in the fields “Portfolio title” and “Portfolio description”. The name and description of the portfolio should not violate the rules of the site. The portfolio description should be comprehensive and understandable. Then you should select the cryptocurrency from the list and click the green “Add button”. The cryptocurrency of your choice will appear in your portfolio. After that, you need to specify the percentage ratio (Amount,%) of this cryptocurrency in the portfolio. This step must be done for each cryptocurrency that you want to add to your portfolio. If necessary, remove a particular cryptocurrency from the portfolio, you can use the red “Remove” button. For your convenience, there is a search function in the window with a list of cryptocurrencies. If, after adding all the cryptocurrencies you selected, the “Summary” value is different from 100%, you need to edit the percentage so that the “Summary” is exactly 100%. After that you should press the blue “Save Changes” button. After checking your portfolio by the site moderator, the portfolio will appear in the appropriate section.

If you wish, you can leave feedback on the cryptocurrency portfolios of other members of our community. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate portfolio and click on the blue “Add \ Read Reviews” button. You will be redirected to the reviews page of the chosen portfolio. By clicking the green “Add Review” button, you must indicate your name or nickname in the “Author” field and write your review in the “Comment” field. Then click the “Add Review” button. After checking by the moderator, your review will appear in the appropriate section. Remember that your reviews should not violate the rules of the site.

When compiling a portfolio, you should understand how long is your investment period. If it is a month or a year, you should choose certain cryptocurrencies. And if investments are long-term, for example, for 10 years, it is better to choose other tokens. Roughly speaking, you can "invest" funds for one day, that is, simply trade on the exchange and make a profit from the difference in rates. However, this is a real job, which requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge. We are talking about long-term investments and a portfolio of at least a year. If the period is chosen, it is important to observe it in the future, that is, close the portfolio and go into profit at the scheduled time. Another thing to keep in mind is the rebalancing of the cryptocurrency portfolio. Depending on the situation, you should get rid of some assets and buy others. This is due to the need to comply with predetermined proportions of reliable and risky assets. The fact is that with long-term investment, cryptocurrencies can move from one category to another. We recommend checking the portfolio balance at least once a month, monitoring the market: buying new promising cryptocurrencies on time and getting rid of unreliable assets.

Rank Portfolio Change
1 The more - the merrier by J54Robinson

My decision to invest 30% into Bitcoin is likely a predictable and understandable move. The coin...

Jan 19, 2021
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The decision to put 60% into Bitcoin comes from the fact that Bitcoin remains the largest and...

Jan 10, 2021
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Dec 28, 2020
5 myCryptoP0rt by Ether Sensei

Bitcoin has been on a sharp rise in 2020, quickly returning more than halfway towards its ATH....

Dec 23, 2020
6 Highly practical portfolio by MrAlan

My principle of creating a cryptocurrency portfolio is not exhaustive, but I've implied some...

Dec 14, 2020
7 Binance’s Choice by k1ngArtur

My decision is to invest 40% into TRON, 40% into Binance Coin, and 20% into BitTorrent. All...

Dec 8, 2020
8 Rebalancing is the key by TooSmart

Long-term investing is simple, but everyone defines long-term differently. On the stock...

Nov 25, 2020
9 Well-balanced cryptoportfolio by Joshua

Although Bitcoin is still the dominant cryptocurrency, in 2020 its share in the market...

Nov 10, 2020
10 Conservative portfolio by G1ann1

My portfolio starts with BTC. This is the first cryptocurrency to achieve the status of a...

Nov 1, 2020
11 Popular Choices by ArBDun

With Bitcoin being the most dominant coin in the crypto market, I would definitely consider it...

Oct 12, 2020
12 Bet on functional tokens by BestNameEver

To be a successful cryptocurrency in 2020, it must maintain its position by any means and offer...

Sep 15, 2020
13 Most perspective tokens in 2020 by BedroZ

Maker is a platform created to organize the ability to link digital assets to real values (gold,...

Sep 2, 2020
14 Highly risky by Casual Millionaire

Investing in only one currency is risky. Especially if it's not bitcoin. The fact is that...

Aug 23, 2020
15 Top by market capitalization by DobbiezSock

A good starting point when creating your portfolio is website, which presents...

Aug 2, 2020
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Currently, there are thousands of cryptocurrency projects, but few of them are covered in the...

Jul 21, 2020
17 Quite balanced by RaveHead

If you do not want to engage in auto trading, it remains to accumulate currencies. To do this,...

Jul 14, 2020
18 Despite the bearish outlook by l00k$_1ntere$1ng

Although many believe in a bearish trend in the crypto market this year (at least I see such...

Jun 17, 2020
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While market participants are digesting the consequences of an unprecedented cessation of global...

May 10, 2020
20 Old but Gold by pennythewi$e

I chose to play it safe with my portfolio, and only invest with the strongest cryptocurrencies...

Apr 4, 2020
21 The Game-Changers by $tayCrypto

In order to reduce potential losses, I choose to put half of my investment into Bitcoin. The...

Mar 17, 2020
22 Options with the Greatest Potential by RealSatoshi

While making this portfolio, my focus was on the coins that have a clear plan for the future....

Feb 10, 2020
23 Bitcoinless experience by AlwaysInGreen

I was considering the best way to make a Bitcoin-less portfolio, and I decided that I should...

Jan 15, 2020
24 Playing it safe by Ghost Trader

My goal was to create a diversified portfolio that will include safe investments, but also take...

Dec 23, 2019
25 Top 4 Underdogs by BlockGeek

I have decided to spread my investment equally across these four cryptocurrencies, with VET...

Dec 10, 2019
26 Most Technologies by Cau$alitie$

My decision is to invest 40% into XRP, 30% into Stellar, and 30% into IOTA. The reason why I...

Dec 1, 2019
27 Good Performers by Karl0$0n
I choose to put 50% into Bitcoin Cash. BCH has had an excellent performance in 2019, after barely...
Oct 31, 2019
28 Bullish on Bitcoin by CryptoCarlos
Since I'm a firm believer in the Bitcoin family, I have decided to make a portfolio that will...
Oct 30, 2019
29 Top Development Platforms by fantA$T1C

This portfolio was organized with the idea of covering as many possibilities as possible when it...

Oct 15, 2019
30 Safety in diversity by J1n Ba0

I believe that Bitcoin is an obvious choice for every portfolio. Whether you want to HODL or...

Oct 10, 2019
31 Rising Stars by StoicSoul

This is a relatively well-balanced portfolio, made with no top 10 largest cryptocurrencies, but...

Oct 4, 2019
32 "Ethereum killers" by dontwa$tenoney

With the question of 'Ethereum killer' still in the air, I believe that TRON, EOS, and...

Oct 1, 2019
33 3rd Generation Contenders by Big Cryptowski

I built up this portfolio by investing into some of the most popular coins in the last two years...

Sep 24, 2019

Top 10 Portfolio Authors

Author Portfolio Change, %
1 StoicSoul 783.25%
2 fantA$T1C 629.54%
3 $tayCrypto 572.49%
4 pennythewi$e 415.60%
5 Ghost Trader 369.66%
6 J1n Ba0 311.99%
7 BinaryMan 301.74%
8 RaveHead 284.99%
9 CryptoCarlos 277.82%
10 l00k$_1ntere$1ng 275.28%

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Сryptocurrency CVIX Price Change, 24h
Bitcoin 83 $34 732.17 -4.36%
Ethereum 85 $1 332.87 -5.07%
Tether 1 $1.00 0%
Polkadot 71 $17.53 7.34%
XRP 64 $0.291500 -1.54%
Cardano 91 $0.368600 -1.08%
Litecoin 73 $145.67 -6.48%
Bitcoin Cash 83 $486.88 -5.75%
Chainlink 82 $21.33 1.57%
Binance Coin 64 $41.79 -1.80%


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Ethereum (ETH) soared 12% on Tuesday, setting a new all-time high of around $ 1,440. Since the beginning of January, the second cryptocurrency has almost doubled in price. Over the past year, the growth is over 700%. But analysts are confident that the growth limit has not yet been reached. The growth of ETH is observed against the background of the consolidation of bitcoin, which is stuck in the range of $ 35,000 - $ 38,000. Transactional activity on the ETH network is again at its maximum. A similar situation was observed in the summer and fall of last year due to the increase in the number of transactions in the market for decentralized financing DeFi.

Biden approves a new $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package. can also be viewed by market participants as a catalyst for the growth of Bitcoin and the market as a whole. The global economy and the situation around the coronavirus are not conducive to a return to growth rails, so investors may pay more and more attention to cryptocurrencies as a means to diversify their investments. At the beginning of 2021, special attention will be paid to the resumption of investments from the side of big capital, as well as the turnover of PayPal and other large companies that have announced their interest in the crypto market. In addition, a violent price rally risks re-attracting the attention of regulators to the sector, primarily in the US. As we can see from the example of XRP, lawsuits from the SEC can put an end to any cryptocurrency, no matter how promising its technologies are.

Bitcoin failed to re-cross the $ 40,000 threshold, remaining within the corrective scenario. Nevertheless, the support level around $ 35,000 has not been broken, and the participants in the crypto market are not showing panic. Bitcoin could fall to lower levels if it does not gain a foothold above the $ 40,000 psychological mark, analysts at JPMorgan Bank say. An analysis of the demand for bitcoin futures and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) stock may be a key to understanding the situation. GBTC's daily inflow is likely to remain at $ 100 million over the coming days and weeks for this breakout to happen.

Bitcoin's success story continues. After a short pullback towards the lower boundary of $ 30K, the benchmark cryptocurrency again aims at $ 40K. Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has been adding more than 12% and is trading at about $ 38K. The Bitcoin dominance index remains at about 70%, while the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has again exceeded $ 1 trillion. Now this threshold level has a psychological impact on retail participants in the crypto market, confirming the course for further growth. In 2017, the crypto market was already approaching this mark, but after that a large-scale correction began, which led to crypto winter. We now see that the crypto machine is actively picking up speed around this value, which stimulates investor optimism.

It is worth noting that the inflow of new funds to crypto funds also dropped significantly during the first week of January. According to CoinShares, only $ 29 million was invested in institutional crypto funds during the first week of the new year. The week before Christmas, large capital invested more than $ 1 billion. Although this can be attributed to the fact that many investors were on winter holidays, if the influx funds in crypto funds will not increase towards the end of January, this may mean that big capital prefers to wait or even satisfy their demand for crypto.

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