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On paper, Troy looks legit and promising but that doesn't mean that one should invest in this startup right away. Although I am considering this option, because Troy is literally the only startup which intends to occupy the niche of tokenized gold and provides some concrete information about the origins of this precious metal, as well as the company that should turn the raw gold into some products. I would have to do more in-depth research about Australian gold, but I like everything about Troy so far.

BashKo   May 6, 2020  

Out of all blockchain projects that offer the gold-backed digital tokens, Troy appears to be the most reliable one. First of all, the project provides definite proof of the origin of the precious metal, which is a huge deal for any responsible investors. You wouldn't want that gold to be seized by the authorities because it was involved in some shady schemes. Besides, gold appears to be the only asset worthy of keeping, apart from Bitcoin, of course, so Troy represents a natural symbiosis of the two.

Marta   April 22, 2020  

I can understand why most people here are a bit skeptical about Troy and its GOLD token, and about the gold-backed cryptocurrencies in general. First, it is a relatively new thing for a crypto space, and second, there have been many scams and coinbaits that promised exactly the same thing. The key here is to do proper research before even beginning to consider investing in Troy. I did my bit of research and it erased some of my doubts. Still, I would like to get in touch with the founders directly, so see whether they are serious business people or not.

JoshTrader4984   December 22, 2019  

I see that a lot of people don't believe in the efficient combination of gold and cryptocurrencies. They think that it is some kind of scam that will blow in the faces of everyone who gets involved. Well, people thought the same way about Bitcoin not that long ago, and now they are buying it, waiting impatiently for another price dip. The same will have to Troy and other gold-backed cryptocurrencies - mark my words.

Tilly Willy   November 30, 2019  

To tell you the truth, I always try to stay away from blockchain projects that offer some kind of digital assets backed by gold. So far, they've all been shady, to say the least. However, TROY has managed to catch my fancy, mainly because it offers some kind of proof of the existence of the gold. I am not sure about the quality of the Australian gold since I am not an expert, but the whitepaper and business proposal has been compiled well, and they appear to be in line with regulators.

br1tta   August 26, 2019  

It appears that I have finally managed to find a blockchain project that deals with gold which holds a tiny bit of trustworthiness and adequacy of the business model. I have run a background check on both Tipbot and Bullseye Mining and they appear to be legit companies. The team is staffed with competent people and fairly reputable advisors. I also like the fact that TROY’s CEO has knowledge of blockchain development.

Barry   August 15, 2019  

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