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Ever since they appeared, cryptocurrencies have been gaining influence in the world. They took small steps, at first, with Bitcoin - the first and largest cryptocurrency - originally being worth nothing, and then only a few cents. Not only that, but it was next to useless, with barely anyone willing to accept it.

Over the years, its price grew, new cryptocurrencies were launched, and the number of their use cases continue increasing to this very day. Almost eleven years have passed since the launch of BTC, and the world of digital currencies looks a lot different now. There were epic surges and major price drops. Bitcoin hit $20,000, and then dropped to $3,200, and all of that within 12 months, back in 2017/2018.

Obviously, the crypto market is very much alive, although it does have its fair share of troubles, even now. It is still not regulated, it has yet to reach mass adoption, and more. Finally, while there are plenty of exchanges for people to trade on, they are still mostly centralized and have their own downsides. This is why a project called Cryption is trying to create something new for traders to make use of, and revolutionize the process of buying and selling digital currencies.

About Cryption

Cryption is a relatively new blockchain-based marketplace, which aims to allow buyers and sellers of digital currencies to carry out a number of different operations. The project focuses on allowing the purchase and sale of cryptos, and other digital goods and assets. However, it all comes with an interesting twist, as the platform aims to offer a unique advantage.

According to the project's description, Cryption will allow automatic matching of users. This is something that will be done through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In other words, this project will be the first-ever artificial intelligence-based marketplace in the world.

It will function by combining multiple modern technologies, as well as their features. This will include blockchain itself, its smart contracts, and even traditional contracts, in addition to the already mentioned AI technology.

The project aims at the future-oriented ideas and wishes to start connecting people in a more efficient way, which will be delivered by a system that has calculated the best match for each trader. Meanwhile, all operations will be performed by analyzing user preferences. All that the project needs is to launch its own native token, which is what it is doing right now.

Cryption ICO details

Cryption ICO has officially started earlier this year, and it is currently coming to a close. The start date of the ICO was May 3rd of this year, and it will end in about a week, on October 13th. The ICO is offering a token known as CRN, which is a utility token based on Ethereum's blockchain.

Its ICO price sits at $0.04, and the project is only accepting Ethereum coins in exchange for CRN. There are around two billion in the token's total supply, although it remains unknown how many tokens the project already sold. Unfortunately, there is not much else known about this project, as it lacks information about its soft and hard caps or even the country in which it is based.

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EndOctober 13, 2019

As mentioned, a lot of data regarding this ICO is missing, and even their platform is unavailable. The lack of information is the first thing that investors will notice when researching the project, and it is bound to raise some red flags. In other words, the project might not be entirely safe, so remaining vigilant is currently the best course of action for everyone looking to invest in it.

d011ar   October 7, 2019  

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