Cryptocurrency Price Predictions

Making cryptocurrency price prediction looks like a challenging task in 2019. The crypto market itself has proven to be highly volatile, ruled by news from regulators and influencers and driven by crowd psychology. This year there is even more uncertainty among crypto investors – as last year was tough, marked by the collapse of the market, loss of funds and investor interest and reorganization of many projects. How to make correct cryptocurrency price predictions in 2019, when the market is full of rumors and expectations? In such circumstances any forecasting algorithm that is based on extensive mathematical analysis of vast historical data may be a much appreciated help. Based on the use of carefully developed prediction algorithm, we have compiled in this section the most frequently requested types of cryptocurrency price forecasts: 6 types of short term forecast and 5 types of

Apart from this popular and widely presented crypto price forecasts, we have also included the predictions from other crypto currency investors here (you have always to do your own due diligence, remember!) and created a rating of best brokers to trade cryptocurrencies with. Digital assets and blockchain technology came here to stay – and if in 2018 the states did not form a unified approach to cryptocurrency regulation in 2019 this could change. It’s expected that the approval of the first bitcoin-ETF is possible already in February, and this will positively affect cryptocurrency price. It is also believed the popularity of decentralized exchanges, which will now become liquid, will grow as well as willingness of banks and retailers to accept cryptocurrency as a financial instrument. Though cryptocurrencies will remain a risky investment in 2019, and making cryptocurrency price prediction may feel like a roller coaster ride, investors continue to look for new options and monitoring the crypto market.

# Predictions Information Reviews & forecasts
1 Bitcoin price prediction BTC information Bitcoin forecasts & reviews
2 Ethereum price prediction ETH information Ethereum forecasts & reviews
3 XRP price prediction XRP information XRP forecasts & reviews
4 Bitcoin Cash price prediction BCH information Bitcoin Cash forecasts & reviews
5 Litecoin price prediction LTC information Litecoin forecasts & reviews
6 EOS price prediction EOS information EOS forecasts & reviews
7 Binance Coin price prediction BNB information Binance Coin forecasts & reviews
8 Tether price prediction USDT information Tether forecasts & reviews
9 Stellar price prediction XLM information Stellar forecasts & reviews
10 Cardano price prediction ADA information Cardano forecasts & reviews
11 TRON price prediction TRX information TRON forecasts & reviews
12 Monero price prediction XMR information Monero forecasts & reviews
13 Dash price prediction DASH information Dash forecasts & reviews
14 Bitcoin SV price prediction BSV information Bitcoin SV forecasts & reviews
15 Tezos price prediction XTZ information Tezos forecasts & reviews
16 IOTA price prediction MIOTA information IOTA forecasts & reviews
17 NEO price prediction NEO information NEO forecasts & reviews
18 Ethereum Classic price prediction ETC information Ethereum Classic forecasts & reviews
19 Ontology price prediction ONT information Ontology forecasts & reviews
20 Maker price prediction MKR information Maker forecasts & reviews
21 NEM price prediction XEM information NEM forecasts & reviews
22 Basic Attention Token price prediction BAT information Basic Attention Token forecasts & reviews
23 Chain price prediction CRO information Chain forecasts & reviews
24 Zcash price prediction ZEC information Zcash forecasts & reviews
25 VeChain price prediction VET information VeChain forecasts & reviews
26 Dogecoin price prediction DOGE information Dogecoin forecasts & reviews
27 Bitcoin Gold price prediction BTG information Bitcoin Gold forecasts & reviews
28 OmiseGO price prediction OMG information OmiseGO forecasts & reviews
29 Waves price prediction WAVES information Waves forecasts & reviews
30 Qtum price prediction QTUM information Qtum forecasts & reviews
31 USD Coin price prediction USDC information USD Coin forecasts & reviews
32 Decred price prediction DCR information Decred forecasts & reviews
33 Lisk price prediction LSK information Lisk forecasts & reviews
34 Augur price prediction REP information Augur forecasts & reviews
35 Ravencoin price prediction RVN information Ravencoin forecasts & reviews
36 Nano price prediction NANO information Nano forecasts & reviews
37 Bitcoin Diamond price prediction BCD information Bitcoin Diamond forecasts & reviews
38 True USD price prediction TUSD information True USD forecasts & reviews
39 Zilliqa price prediction ZIL information Zilliqa forecasts & reviews
40 Holo price prediction HOT information Holo forecasts & reviews
41 0x price prediction ZRX information 0x forecasts & reviews
42 ICON price prediction ICX information ICON forecasts & reviews
43 Chainlink price prediction LINK information Chainlink forecasts & reviews
44 Bytecoin price prediction BCN information Bytecoin forecasts & reviews
45 BitShares price prediction BTS information BitShares forecasts & reviews
46 IOST price prediction IOST information IOST forecasts & reviews
47 Enjin Coin price prediction ENJ information Enjin Coin forecasts & reviews
48 BitTorrent price prediction BTT information BitTorrent forecasts & reviews
49 DigiByte price prediction DGB information DigiByte forecasts & reviews
50 Aeternity price prediction AE information Aeternity forecasts & reviews
51 Steem price prediction STEEM information Steem forecasts & reviews
52 Pundi X price prediction NPXS information Pundi X forecasts & reviews
53 Verge price prediction XVG information Verge forecasts & reviews
54 Maximine Coin price prediction MXM information Maximine Coin forecasts & reviews
55 Huobi Token price prediction HT information Huobi Token forecasts & reviews
56 Komodo price prediction KMD information Komodo forecasts & reviews
57 Siacoin price prediction SC information Siacoin forecasts & reviews
58 Bytom price prediction BTM information Bytom forecasts & reviews
59 KuCoin Shares price prediction KCS information KuCoin Shares forecasts & reviews
60 Aurora price prediction AOA information Aurora forecasts & reviews
61 Stratis price prediction STRAT information Stratis forecasts & reviews
62 Waltonchain price prediction WTC information Waltonchain forecasts & reviews
63 Theta Token price prediction THETA information Theta Token forecasts & reviews
64 Paxos Standard Token price prediction PAX information Paxos Standard Token forecasts & reviews
65 Digitex Futures price prediction DGTX information Digitex Futures forecasts & reviews
66 Status price prediction SNT information Status forecasts & reviews
67 Mixin price prediction XIN information Mixin forecasts & reviews
68 Golem price prediction GNT information Golem forecasts & reviews
69 Dai price prediction DAI information Dai forecasts & reviews
70 Insight Chain price prediction INB information Insight Chain forecasts & reviews
71 ABBC Coin price prediction ABBC information ABBC Coin forecasts & reviews
72 Factom price prediction FCT information Factom forecasts & reviews
73 WAX price prediction WAX information WAX forecasts & reviews
74 Ardor price prediction ARDR information Ardor forecasts & reviews
75 Project Pai price prediction PAI information Project Pai forecasts & reviews
76 Cryptonex price prediction CNX information Cryptonex forecasts & reviews
77 GXChain price prediction GXC information GXChain forecasts & reviews
78 Qubitica price prediction QBIT information Qubitica forecasts & reviews
79 Populous price prediction PPT information Populous forecasts & reviews
80 price prediction MCO information forecasts & reviews
81 Ark price prediction ARK information Ark forecasts & reviews
82 ThoreCoin price prediction THR information ThoreCoin forecasts & reviews
83 VestChain price prediction VEST information VestChain forecasts & reviews
84 Revain price prediction R information Revain forecasts & reviews
85 MaidSafeCoin price prediction MAID information MaidSafeCoin forecasts & reviews
86 aelf price prediction ELF information aelf forecasts & reviews
87 Elastos price prediction ELA information Elastos forecasts & reviews
88 Gemini Dollar price prediction GUSD information Gemini Dollar forecasts & reviews
89 Loopring price prediction LRC information Loopring forecasts & reviews
90 HyperCash price prediction HC information HyperCash forecasts & reviews
91 Decentraland price prediction MANA information Decentraland forecasts & reviews
92 NULS price prediction NULS information NULS forecasts & reviews
93 Zcoin price prediction XZC information Zcoin forecasts & reviews
94 MonaCoin price prediction MONA information MonaCoin forecasts & reviews
95 Aion price prediction AION information Aion forecasts & reviews
96 Nebulas price prediction NAS information Nebulas forecasts & reviews
97 Loom Network price prediction LOOM information Loom Network forecasts & reviews
98 DigixDAO price prediction DGD information DigixDAO forecasts & reviews
99 PIVX price prediction PIVX information PIVX forecasts & reviews