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To go all-in on altcoins can be considered a risky, if not reckless, decision because the altcoins wouldn't be able to get out from under Bitcoin's heavy foot with BTC dominance currently at 69.16% and rising. However, if the portfolio owner is willing to arm himself with a great deal of patience and wait for the next altseason, then this choice could be viable. Litecoin is past its second halving, which will reflect positively on its price in the coming months; EOS possesses superb fundamentals reflected in its price; LINK has had a tremendous price spike this year, then had a correction and it now likely to be trading sideways for a long time.

The inclusion of BNB is a crypto portfolio is a prudent decision that every wise investor/trader should have made over the course of the current year. Binance Coin performed immensely strongly during the first half of the year, losing its momentum a bit during the summer. Nevertheless, holding BNB is great in a mid to long-term run as it possesses the potential to reach $60+ in the next few years. In short, BNB is a must-have coin. It is evident that the portfolio owner believes in TRON Foundation and shaped his selection accordingly. I think that it is a good choice since both coins have good fundamentals and potential for growth.

This portfolio is guaranteed to bring its owner quite a tidy profit, mainly because it is comprised mostly of Bitcoin which, as things stand, represent a sure bet. Although we've been witnessing a steep correction of Bitcoin and altcoins over the last month and a half, there is little doubt that BTC will remain bullish in the long run. As for the rest of the portfolio, I would have allocated a larger percentage of it to Binance Coin. Whilst Ethereum remains one of the main players, it's BNB that has been displaying superb gains this year. It's definitely aiming for the Top 5 spot, so if I was up to me, I would have rationed this portfolio the following way: 60% - BTC, 20% - ETH, 20% - BNB.

I admire the strong focus and evident belief that the portfolio owner has in privacy coins. It is clear that all major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) have failed to deliver on their promise of assuring total privacy and impossibility of tracing transactions. There is already a number of forensic tools, such as Chainalysis, which provide means for tracking Bitcoin transactions. And with the ever-toughening crypto regulation, many cryptos will be pressured into giving up its anonymity feats. Once that happens, the demand, and thus the value, of Verge and Monero would surge significantly. As for the other coins, TRX is definitely a good choice due to its fundamentals while the viability of NEO and ADA remains doubtful.

I could label this portfolio as a sure one. Needless to say that Bitcoin must constitute a significant part of any crypto portfolio since it currently represents the best store of value, apart from the physical gold. Litecoin just went past the halving and dipped a bit, but all indications are that LTC will reach $200 by the end of the year. Therefore, I think that the portfolio ratio should have been tipped in the favor of Litecoin because Litecoin Foundation has been very active this year, having secured multiple partnership deals, which will ultimately affect the price in a positive way.

Evidently, the person who compiled this portfolio tends to determine the investment worthiness of certain cryptocurrency on the basis of its fundamental rather than the expected price movement. Although we all know that in the case of the crypto market, nearly all price predictions are only slightly more accurate than the crystal ball gazing. But it could be said with some degree of certainty that Chainlink is past its prime for this year, Stellar has lost its positions during the crypto winter and could be superseded by newly emerged coin. Tezos, on the other hand, has by far provided a very modest ROI of 119%, so it has plenty of room to grow.

I totally disagree with people who are lamenting about the uselessness of altcoins. Please don't forget that just like the traditional financial market, the cryptocurrency one also develops in cycles. It means that the present Bitcoin dominance will decrease sooner or later which will inevitably result in the rejuvenation of altcoins. Therefore, now is the best time to stock up on altcoins, just like the portfolio owner did, and just sit tight. As for the portfolio composition, it is good throughout with all four cryptos showing great promise.

I consider this portfolio to be weak and unpromising. First of all, it is the "all-alts" portfolio, which goes against the logic of the crypto market in 2019 with its all-encompassing Bitcoin dominance. Secondly, all three coins have been performing relatively poorly over the course of this year, even in comparison to other alts like EOS, Cardano, etc. IOTA's price chart has been mostly flat whilst other alts pumped. Stellar was doing a bit better, but not particularly great, while XRP may have good fundamental, like the other two coins in the portfolio, but I doubt that it will translate to substantial gains, at least till the start of alt season.

I absolutely agree with the first three positions in that portfolio while the investment viability of the other three cryptocurrencies is doubtful. Giving half of the portfolio space to Bitcoin is a smart and well-calculated move since BTC is by far the only crypto that provides a relative guarantee of profitability in both the mid term and long term run. Binance Coin has been a strong performer this year but I believe that it had already begun to lose the momentum, though it will continue to show mild gains in the next few months. Ethereum is also a safe bet, despite the fact that it has been relatively weak in its recovery after the bearish period.

I find the investment logic of the owner of this portfolio a bit weird. He has deliberately devoted equal portions of this money to the competing projects. So, if one of them, for instance, EOS, manages to succeed in "killing" Ethereum, and other competitors by association, that would result in substantial losses on at least two positions. Compiling a crypto portfolio is all about betting on cryptos that promise largest gains while trying to counterbalance potential losses. This portfolio composition is almost guaranteed to bring losses to its owner.

Bitcoin is a staple cryptocurrency for any investor, so there is really no point in discussing the necessity of having it in one's portfolio. However, I would question the practicality of devoting as much as 70% of the portfolio to BTC. The rule of thumb for portfolio formation is to avoid putting most of the eggs in one basket, even if the eggs appear to be golden at a given period of time. Diversity is the key to the formation of the profit-bearing portfolio. In this regard, I don't consider BNB as appropriate crypto for portfolio diversification, mainly because this coin has virtually no practical use outside the Binance ecosystem.

I salute the decision to devote half of the portfolio space to Bitcoin since it is virtually the only reliable cryptocurrency in terms of future gains. Many predict that it will reach $100K the year after the next, though I wouldn't be that optimistic. But if you invest in it now, when the price is waltzing around $10K, be prepared for at least 100% gains in the coming months. I am also very fond of BAT as it shows great promise. I've been using Brave Browser for some time and came to the conclusion that it is a super product which will surely get plenty of traction and push the BAT price to new heights. TRON is also a good choice, though I am not a fan of the project because it tends to create unnecessary hype.

This is a spectacular example of a weak cryptocurrency portfolio. I don't mean to be rude, but it seems to me that the person who compiled this portfolio took advice from YouTubers who label their video as "These cryptos will moon in 2019" or something. Out of the present four, only BAT holds great promise because the project has a magnificent product (Brave Browser) and a competent team to see it through. LISK has been doing terribly lately, with its price showing no significant movements over the course of this year. XEM has also been struggling after NEM Foundation nearly went bankrupt. All in all, three out of four cryptos in this portfolio have little to no investment worthiness.

I totally support the decision of going heavy on Bitcoin Cash as it has indeed performed really well over the course of 2018, having gotten close to reaching its all-time high but then retracing to around $280. Nevertheless, BCH has shown its strength by pushing Litecoin off the 4th spot, with Ripple being its next target. Dash has been a bit weaker in terms of gains this year, having displayed less than 300% increase, though now it's dropping to the February levels. ADA has also been performing amazingly this year and it's backed by a great tech, so it also represents a good choice. All in all, I would give this portfolio 7 out of 10.

The portfolio at hand carries a double risk because a) it is comprised of altcoins, only one of which (EOS) is currently in the Top 10, b) these cryptocurrencies share somewhat similar fundamentals which makes them competitors, thus making losses on this portfolio more probable. Besides, it is my conviction that the entire concept of "Ethereum killing" has been devised mainly for marketing purposes. Some of my friends tried to migrate to EOS from Ethereum but ultimately grew disappointed in the network features and functional capabilities. Besides, don't forget that the Ethereum team is not standing idle, working towards the 2.0 version with its sharding and PoS features.

As things stand, only a fool wouldn't give a sizable part of his portfolio space to Bitcoin just from looking at current market domination. But I also think that the portfolio owner shouldn't have diversified the portfolio so much. Judging from the current situation, there is no logical need to keep more than three altcoins in the portfolio. I would advise him to keep Binance Coin, Ethereum, and Tezos, and to get rid of the rest. I agree that XTZ has been performing well as of late, same applies to BNB.

In my opinion, Monero and Verge are better in terms of the practical application of their privacy features, but I wouldn't bet on them being a promising investment option. Certainly, the demand for privacy coins will rise as the governments will seek more encompassing regulation of the crypto space, but I highly doubt that it would provide a significant push for their value. NEO did not show any impressive gains even during this year's bull run, so I am not sure why the compiler included it in his portfolio. Same applies to Cardano. TRX is the only cryptocurrency here that will surely grant decent profits in the near future.

I agree with most of it, but I think that you put too much hope in Ethereum. Multiple other development platforms are catching up, TRON and EOS especially. They offer better speeds and lower fees, so it might be only a matter of time before one of them kills ETH.

Well, with that way of thinking, you might as well invest 100% into Bitcoin and be done with it. I'm glad to see that BSV is not on the list, but betting it all on the coins that are so tightly connected is a bit too risky for me. True, their performance was among the best, but if something happens to Bitcoin or its ecosystem, you are likely to see major losses. The hash wars proved that, and even Bitcoin got cut in half after only a week back in November. Another incident like that and your investment would be in trouble.

Ethereum won't last for much longer, IMO, I'd sooner put 20% in BCH or EOS if you want to play it safe. Chainlink is a good one, and XTZ did see a rise while most others only saw drops, so I get that too. You could have also added some % of LTC while reducing ETH. That way you could have put BCH and LTC, with no need to choose between them.

Despite the fact that this portfolio is comprised entirely of altcoins, I see that each position there has been well-considered and logically substantiated. These cryptos are the leaders in the respective industries: XRP has established a strong foothold in the banking sector; BNB is killing it in terms of the development of crypto exchange ecosystem; TRON has almost monopolized the space of blockchain-enabled gambling and content production; Monero has always been the best privacy coin. My verdict with regard to this portfolio is positive since it doesn't have any weak spots.

When it comes to altcoins, and the all-alt portfolios for that matter, it is all about how long one is willing to wait in order to see some gains. If a person who created this portfolio expects profits as soon as this or the next year, then he is up for a bitter disappointment. The majority of alts won't have many chances for a breakout in the near future, and should Bitcoin current bull run gets bogged down, BTC will pull all alts, including the ones in this portfolio, to the bottom.

Yeah, I can tell that you like the BTC family. But I get it if BTC keeps rising like everyone says it will, these two are 100% going to follow. All that remains is to see how far they will get this time.

Alright, good points. But I think you should have gone with ETH instead of TRX. Or at least put 5% in TRON and 10% in ETH. That's what I would do. That way, you can't miss if you want to bet on development platforms.

I like the list. It is diverse enough, and the riskiest investments did get the least amount. However, I think that going with ONT might be an unnecessary risk. There are other projects that rank higher which you could have gone along with, like ADA or XMR.

I agree with the first and the third positions in the portfolio at hand, though I would refrain from investing so heavily in Ethereum. While it will remain the leading platform for dApp and smart contract development in the near future, its competition appears to be developing at a much quicker pace while Ethereum is stuck with the scalability issue, which this team won't resolve any time soon. Therefore, I would rather invest in one of the so-called Ethereum killers, like EOS, or opt for Litecoin instead.

Since there is every indication that the crypto market has entered the bullish phase, it would be safe to assume that the upward movement of Bitcoin will subsequently lead to the appreciation in value of nearly all altcoins, including the ones listed in this portfolio. Although I think that BAT will do good regardless of the Bitcoin situation as it represents the project that is solid through and through. Lisk is definitely the weakest link of this portfolio as it already shows -41% ROI.

Whilst each cryptocurrency in this portfolio carries a lot of potential, both in terms of fundamentals and price appreciation, labeling them as the Ethereum killers seem to be far-fetched. As of now, there are 411 dApps developed on the foundation of TRON, most of them related to gambling and with a small volume and user pool. EOS has 469 dApps, with gambling being the prevalent theme. Ethereum, on the other hand, boasts 1573 dApps that have a broad scope of application. To summarize, are these three cryptocurrencies promising - yes; would they be capable of rendering Ethereum obsolete - highly unlikely.

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XRP 0.178 0.73% -3.07%
Bitcoin Cash 222.180 0.30% -3.59%
Bitcoin SV 154.990 -0.09% -8.19%
Litecoin 41.520 0.36% -3.78%
Cardano 0.098 4.45% 21.51%
Binance Coin 15.340 -0.69% -2.87%
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