VTRADE Sets New Crypto Exchange Standards

April 1, 2019

Even though cryptocurrency exchanges gain more traction with every passing year, they are far from being totally reliable and secured. Last year, more than 1 billion USD had been stolen from various crypto exchanges which constitutes a 350% increase from the year 2017.

We all remember the unprecedented hack of Coincheck which resulted in the ‘record-breaking’ theft of over $500 million in NEM tokens. The QuadrigaCX case is still on everybody’s lips. Only days ago, Bitwise published a report which stated that around 95% of BTC trading volumes, declared by major exchanges, is actually false.

Obviously, the solutions to these issues are long overdue. They should come in the form of the highly secured, legally compliant, and scalable trading platform, the one that VTRADE, the blockchain startup registered in Estonia, is about to launch. Not to forget that integration of cryptocurrencies into the real-world economies remains a burning issue, which vtade also intends to tackle.

What VTRADE has to offer

VTRADE positions itself as the trading platform of the new generation aimed at interweaving the traditional economy with the world of cryptocurrencies, ensuring the unprecedented level of security concerning the custody of funds, transparency of all operations, strict adherence to financial regulations.

The project members are also engaged in promoting and sponsoring of innovative tech projects as well as establishing the cooperative community of traders.

The entire VTRADE ecosystem relies on three core services: V-Exchange, V-Harvest, and V-Smart Folio, all of which have been realized on the Ethereum platform with the operations centered around the use of the native ERC-20 token - VTRADE Coin (VTRD).

V-Exchange was designed as an ultra-secure, highly-private, and scalable marketplace that provides users with a comprehensive set of trading tools. The SSL-encryption and two-factor authentication are also inherent to V-Exchange. The trading pairs are formed of six major cryptocurrencies plus the VTRADE token, with the prospects of adding USD and EUR.

V-Harvest is a venture accelerator platform intended for fundraising to support the promising startups after they pass a rigorous selection process. Naturally, the funding will occur by means of VTRD.

V-SmartFolio presents users with an opportunity to not only create and manage a multi-asset investment portfolio but also to learn all ins and outs from the experienced traders by making use of the social trading function and the leaderboard analytics.

How VTRADE is different from the existing competition

One of the first things that catch the attention when getting acquainted with the VTRADE whitepaper is that this project places particular emphasis on the provision of security and legal compliance.

VTRADE employs the third-party custodial services provided by the Hong Kong-based company GreenPro Trust that specializes in asset protection. The company provides cold storage compliant with all CCSS standards.

Other security measures include the multi-firewall protection and the coin freeze feature that gets activated in case of detection of maleficient activities, not to mention the KYC and AML procedures.

VTRADE has already obtained the license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and currently awaits verification from the Financial Supervision Authority.

ICO details

VTRADE is having an ongoing ICO that will last until April 25. The potential investor has to be registered and whitelisted in order to be admitted to the coin sale. The price of 1 VTRD is estimated at $0.05. VTRADE has an extensive bounty program that offers plenty of opportunities to earn free tokens. The restriction applies to the citizens of the United States and several other countries.

Author: Alex Paulson. This article was written exclusively for cryto-rating.com

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