Top crypto firms with the most potential in 2019

14 March, 2019

It is no secret that 2018 was a difficult year for cryptocurrencies, as well as for crypto-based companies. The dropping prices led to the lack of investments, which led to the lack of cash flow necessary for companies to continue evolving and developing themselves, as well as their products.

However, things are beginning to change, and 2019 is already gaining some much-needed positive momentum. Investors are once again becoming optimistic, and experts are giving positive predictions for the future.

This is good news for cryptocurrencies, but also for companies that work with them. With that in mind, here are several crypto-based firms that hold the most potential to grow, develop, and maybe even see some major breakthroughs in 2019. Whatever they may achieve throughout this year, they are certainly companies worth keeping an eye on.


MediBloc is a blockchain-based startup that aims to bring change to the health industry, as its very name suggests. The company's goal is to improve centralized health record data management, which can have significant consequences in terms of security, efficiency, and practicality.

Doing so will give patients more control over their medical records, and when the data gets stored on the blockchain — it will be fully decentralized. This will allow patients to chose who can see their records, and what information should be accessible. It will also improve medical research, as stored data cannot be changed, manipulated, or deleted.


Next, we have CEEK, a company which aims to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the world of virtual reality. What makes this firm unique is the fact that it allows extremely flexible interactions and transactions in the virtual world. Considering the hype about virtual reality projects, introducing digital currencies to it early might be a big game changer for the crypto space, and it can even help the coins make a major step towards mass adoption.


Qtum is a company that is currently working on releasing QtumX, which will essentially combine all of the advantages offered by Bitcoin and Ethereum into a single offering. Many see it as the next phase in blockchain evolution, as it can improve a lot of issues experienced by other coins and platforms.

Qtum also released its x86 virtual machine, which basically allows developers to use pretty much any programming language. This is what makes it different from Ethereum, which has its own programming language and requires would-be developers to master it before they can do anything. Further, it uses PoS, which makes it much more energy-efficient and faster than Bitcoin. Similarly to Ethereum, Qtum platform can be used for creating smart contracts, dApps, and alike, which all has a goal of making the blockchain go more mainstream.


Finally, there is Ripple, or rather, its products, such as xRapid. Ripple aims to use its products, which are fueled by XRP cryptocurrency, for instantly settling international transactions. As such, many have started viewing it as a remittance coin. Meanwhile, Ripple has started collaborating with countless companies, and more importantly — banks and financial institutions.

This is a huge step in the right direction for the crypto world, as most banks still remain highly skeptical of cryptos. However, they were able to see the benefits of xRapid and other Ripple products, which forced them to accept XRP too, at least to an extent. In the future, it is expected that Ripple will widen its reach even further thanks to its products, while XRP may become one of the first cryptocurrencies to reach mass adoption.

In the end, all cryptocurrencies have their own projects, and most of them aim to disrupt major industries and make them better, or solve real-world issues such as inflation, improving cross-border transactions, and bringing the unbanked and underbanked to the world of global finance. While digital currencies have a long way to go before completing their goals and entering the mainstream, 2019 appears to be one of the biggest years for the crypto and blockchain industries so far.

Cryptocurrency: XRP
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