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Top 5 Movies & Documentaries About Bitcoin

13 Nov 2019


Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrencies in general, has made a move from being the little known invention that is discussed in a closed circle of “crypto geeks” to becoming a global phenomenon that is even portrayed in movies and documentaries. Also, there are several mentions of crypto in a few popular TV series, most notably HBO’s “Billions,” where the main protagonist billionaire Bobby Axelrod pays his accomplices in an unnamed cryptocurrency, stored on a hard wallet. However, in this review, we will take a closer look at the top 5 movies and documentaries that are devoted directly to Bitcoin and its inevitable rise to global domination.  


Crypto is a crime drama that tells about the big-time money laundering schemes and cryptocurrency mining. The movie was released on April 12, 2019, and features such prominent stars as Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, and Luke Hemsworth.

Here is a synopsis of Crypto: the AML analyst Martin Durant, portrayed by Beau Knapp, who works at Omnicorp Bank, discovers that one of their major potential customers is involved in an AML scheme. It ends up in a series of dramatic events, which leads Marty to teaming up with a computer scientist/liquor store owner Earl, who mines cryptocurrencies to keep his business alive.  

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The documentary filmed in 2014 by the director Nicholas Mross tells about a young computer scientist who became fascinated by the then newly-emerged open-source digital currency called Bitcoin. The scientist’s name is Gavin Andersen, and he claims to have been cooperating with an enigma of a person that is Satoshi Nakamoto on the improvements to then-fledgling Bitcoin. This film would be entertaining to those who want to get a bit nostalgic about the good old days when BTC was on the rise, and virtually no one knew about it. Also, the documentary could be recommended to those to are only getting acquainted with BTC as it describes its main advantages in a concise and comprehensive manner.    

Banking on Bitcoin

This one is a 2016 documentary that covers all stages of development of Bitcoin. From the times when it was just a seemingly utopian idea described by Satoshi Nakamoto in the eponymous whitepaper to the globally popular cryptocurrency and arguably the best store of value that Bitcoin is today. The film was directed by Christopher Cannucciari and featured such prominent cryptocurrency adopters as the Winklevoss brothers, Charlie Shrem, and David Chaum.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Directed by Torsten Hoffman and Michael Watchulious, this 2015 documentary can be dubbed as a Bitcoin course for dummies as it reveals all aspects of the dominant cryptocurrency in a very understandable way. Those who are familiar with the celebrities in the cryptocurrency space would want to watch this film as it features Andreas Antonopolous, Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, and Michael Casey. It would definitely be great fun to hear what these people had to say about Bitcoin almost five years ago and compare it with their current stance. 

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

A 2017 documentary directed by Tim Delmastro reveals, as they call it, the “mysterious” origins of Bitcoin, as well as offers some predictions regarding its possible role in the global economy of the future. Those who follow Tone Vays on YouTube and accept the opinions of Roger Ver would be glad to see these two in the film.

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12 Polkadot (DOT) DOT Polkadot predictions 79.6% 43 $6.31 -2.20% -9.86% $7 073 245 562 DOT 7 days price change
13 Dai (DAI) DAI Dai predictions 95.2% 1 $1.000136 0.03% 0.02% $6 930 359 263 DAI 7 days price change
14 Polygon (MATIC) MATIC Polygon predictions 72.8% 54 $0.761561 -1.51% -7.49% $6 651 718 356 MATIC 7 days price change
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