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Top 3 Games That Feature Cryptocurrencies

18 Nov 2019   #Bitcoin

There are many ways how one could get acquainted with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but nothing is more captivating and fun than video games. Besides, the merger of the gaming industry with the blockchain technology is a win-win for both since the former has been longing for a trouble-free payment vehicle and a means for creating a marketplace for virtual items.

Blockchain is capable of providing that and much more, while the games are definitely playing a major role in the popularization of cryptocurrencies. Here are the top 3 crypto-related games, thanks to which the enthusiasts will not only learn but also get a chance to earn some digital tokens without having to buy the expensive CPUs or other mining equipment. 


Two years ago, the entire world went into a short craze about Cryptokitties, probably one of the first games that actually made blockchain fun. It was released in 2017 by the studio named Axiom Zen and has immediately become a global sensation. So much so that the Ethereum blockchain, on the basis of which the game had been developed, became totally congested only weeks after the release of Cryptokitties due to the unprecedented amount of game-related microtransactions.

The gameplay involves players breeding cute kitties with the following option to sell them for ETH or buy new ones. Each pet is absolutely unique as it is backed by the non-fungible crypto tokens; thus, a cat can't be duplicated or even transferred without the owner's explicit permission, which is written in a smart contract. It would be interesting to know that the very first kitty created in the network - called Genesis - was sold for a whopping $118,000.  

Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void is a hybrid strategy game in which the action takes place in deep space. It was developed by B2Expand and released in late 2018. The game is called "hybrid" because it combines the elements of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), and the blockchain technology.

Beyond the Void has become the first game that had incorporated a fully-fledged crypto economy that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and runs thanks to the use of Nexium token. This makes all in-game virtual items like spaceships, weaponry, and armor verifiable, traceable, and tradable.

The Island: Privateers Life

This creation of Game-Design studio lets players take up the role of an inhabitant of a pirate colony. The developers have done an outstanding job of creating a blockchain-enabled economy that mimics the real-world one with reasonable precision.

What's fascinating about Privateers Life is that the virtual items there don't emerge out of thin air, but instead harvested, crafted or otherwise created from the surrounding resources. These goods can then be sold for tokens called Ludem that could be subsequently traded for other cryptocurrencies or even real money. All actions that take place during the game, the data about crafted artifacts, and the transactions that occur during purchase/selling of those goods are being diligently written on a blockchain, thus making each item fully authentic and traceable.

Author: Alex Paulson for

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