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Top 10 Crypto-Friendly Cities

30 Sep 2019   #Bitcoin

Even though the global cryptocurrency adoption seem to be occurring at a snail-like pace, the number of hotspots in big cities around the world, where one can purchase goods and services, or exchange crypto to fiat, is growing steadily.

If you are an avid traveler and a holder of a sufficient amount of Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency, then the following list of the most crypto-friendly cities might help you choose the destination of your next unforgettable voyage.

#1 San Francisco, the United States

San Fran, or the San Francisco Bay Area to be precise, would be the obvious first choice as it is home to Silicon Valley, the most influential center for high-tech and innovation. No need to remind that it is the birthplace of Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and the United States in particular. Apart from that, San Francisco has nearly 200 merchants that willingly accept Bitcoin and a host of other widely used cryptocurrencies, as well as 30 Bitcoin ATMs where one can freely exchange BTC to fiat and withdraw the cash.       

#2 Tel Aviv, Israel

The largest metropolitan area of Israel also represents the most significant financial and innovative center of the entire Middle East. Despite the relatively small population of around 450 thousand people, Tel Aviv is known as the favorite haven for tech startups and a home for the Bitcoin Meetup Group, a very famous crypto think tank. Moreover, there are 58 spots that accept Bitcoin, along with 4 crypto ATMs.     

#3 Tampa, the United States

The city that stands on the shores of Tampa Bay has an impressively large number of Bitcoin merchants per its population, which amounts to 93, more than in most metropolises in the United States. Crypto owners also have 13 ATMs at their disposal in Tampa.  

#4 New York, the United States

Certainly, this list wouldn't be comprehensive without the Big Apple. New York City has 122 retail spots, restaurants, and bars where Bitcoin can be used as a means of payment. 117 ATMs are also there to serve the needs of the ever-growing crypto community.

#5 London, the United Kingdom

The financial powerhouse of Europe also has a broad range of places where Bitcoin is a welcome guest. Cafes and delicatessens, pubs, gyms, hotels, and even a law firm called Sheridans can be found among nearly 100 crypto-friendly establishments.    

#6 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina could be perceived as one of the most progressive cities in terms of Bitcoin adoption. Citizens of Buenos Aires can replenish their Sube travel cards with crypto or spend them at 130 locations. Not to forget the fact that a lot of crypto-savvy Argentinians are using BTC to hedge against the unstable national currency.  

#7 Zurich, Switzerland

The global banking center with a population of only 370 thousand people accommodates 64 crypto merchants, including high-end boutiques and luxury hotel Dodler. There are also 8 Bitcoin ATMs dispersed across the city.    

#8 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The birthplace of BitFury and BitPay boasts 74 crypto-oriented brick-and-mortar shops, service centers, and firms, though, surprisingly, there is only one ATM. The neighboring cities of Utrecht and Hague are also onboard with the crypto industry.

#9 Vancouver, Canada

The Rain City is known for being a place where the first-ever Bitcoin ATM was installed. In a span of a few years, the number of ATMs increased to 48, accompanied by 86 locations where one can freely spend his BTC.  

#10 Prague, the Czech Republic

The Heart of Europe has a well-developed crypto infrastructure, despite its relatively small size. It is home to Crypto Anarchy Institute; ten of its subway stations have Bitcoin ATMs, along with many venues, including the Bio Oko cinema theatre.

Author: Alex Paulson

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