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This third-generation Solana-powered DEX will let users develop their own trading algorithms

04 Oct 2021


An upcoming decentralized exchange built on Solana will combine machine learning, neural networks and blockchain technology to let users create and deploy their own trading bots. Soldex is a third-generation crypto exchange and one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEXs), to be built on Solana. What sets it apart from centralized exchanges, and even other DEXs, is its unique machine learning algorithms for automated trading that can be developed and deployed by the users themselves.

Moreover, the platform considers the fact that it is built on Solana to be a huge advantage. The Solana blockchain is known to be faster and quicker than most blockchains today, delivering transaction speeds two thousand times greater than Ethereum (ETH) at less than a fraction of the cost. In fact, it was this efficiency that led to Solana’s monumental rise this year – the effects of which naturally passed on to its ecosystem of projects.

Soldex believes it will be uniquely poised to become a key player in the decentralized exchange space, and investors have been paying attention. The platform recently secured an investment from CSP DAO, a blockchain-focused venture capital firm, and popular tech investor Evan Luthra.

The AI advantage

The platform employs machine learning and neural network algorithms with which traders can set up their own customized bots. These bots will be designed according to a trader's individual criteria of risk tolerance, budget, time frame, margin, crypto pairs and volatility. The DEX’s tool won’t just be limited to expert traders for use. Even the average trader will have access to educational tools that will guide him through the process of setting up an AI-powered trading bot. Alternatively, novice traders could follow unique trading bots developed by expert traders, who will, in turn, receive a commission for sharing them. In addition to buying and selling assets, the trading bots are also capable of performing market data analysis and risk prediction.

“Our AI is meant to help our users whether it’s a good or bad time for the crypto market. The market is not always ‘green.’ It has its ups and downs too,” explained Soldex. “This new tool will allow users to trade in all market conditions, 24/7, and without the possibility of human error.”

Solana power

The exchange leverages the Solana ecosystem to enable a quick and easy trading experience for users of the platform, while keeping it completely decentralized. According to Soldex, a key area of importance when designing its “new generation trading” platform was always speed and efficiency in blockchain infrastructure. Solana boasts 65,000 transactions per second (TPS), making Ethereum’s 30 TPS look pale in comparison. Even at these high speeds, the cost of a transaction could be as low as $0.00001. Whereas, the same transaction on Ethereum could see users paying $12 to $13 on average.

“Solana’s technology renders it more than capable of carrying out its mission of mass adoption,” explained Soldex in its whitepaper.

As a result, Soldex claims it can carry out real-time transactions, easy deposits using the exchange wallets and light-speed swaps. Like most decentralized platforms, users can also participate in its community governance and incentivized liquidity by purchasing the DEX’s native coin - SOLX. The token can be put forward towards governance rights, paying transaction fees, and even staking for profits. Soldex is currently in the midst of conducting a private sale, offering SOLX tokens to interested retail investors.


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