Stellar hides lie while promoting education with Coinbase

April 1, 2019   Stellar

Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange, has announced an education initiative with Stellar. Stellar is a protocol for crypto to fiat transfer. It also allows for cross-border transactions. These cross-border transactions can happen between any two pairs of currencies.

$100 million airdrops for education

Coinbase has a program to offer up to $50 dollars (in Lumens) to anyone who watches 5 educational videos about Stellar. To get the full $50 you would also need to invite 4 friends who also watch the videos.

Coinbase is eager to offer its clients anything extra to remain competitive in a market that is slowly maturing. Stellar believes that through initiatives like these it can help itself and the community as a whole.

Education is a cornerstone of cryptocurrency acceptance and they believe there is nothing better than to incentivize it with cold, hard cash. Stellar also believes that by giving out much of the currency, it can stimulate millions of people to use it. Those same people will also feel invested in the growing use of both the Stellar protocol and the Lumens themselves.

In a blog post, the Stellar Foundation explained the rationale better. It stated that for a "platform like Stellar, which aspire to be a worldwide payment platform", having millions of new users on its network is a great prospect. They also say that their work with Coinbase Earn will be an ongoing project, with updates added later as needed.

Coinbase has used this opportunity to increase its customer satisfaction profile. While it has always been a user-friendly exchange, it was held back by only offering a limited number of coins. These were Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Many users complained and found that to be too restrictive.

The company has been adding coins and features to keep up in the competitive world of cryptocurrency exchanges. They feel that Coinbase Earn will increase customer satisfaction. However, they also believe that it is an easy starting point for beginners to enter the crypto world and learn. The free money in the form of Lumens is to pull people in that would otherwise be hesitant to own a crypto asset.

News comes on the back-shocking revelations about inflation

This news comes soon after stories of the Stellar Foundation keeping mum about bugs in early code. In April 2017, an attacker was able to generate 2.25 million Lumens successfully. This bug was quietly patched out the following month, in version 0.6.2 of the software. No blog posts were made to discuss the issue. No overt announcements to media either.

In a bid to deal with the rampant inflation, the Stellar Foundation ate the loss itself by burning 2.25 billion tokens form their supply to balance the supply and return it to true levels.

Stellar has defended their actions by saying that at the time, the community was much smaller than it is now. It was made up of developers, who were best reached through patch notes. They do confirm that they burned the tokens themselves and ate the loss so that they could shore up the Lumen. They also stated that there have been no significant bugs since and that due to becoming bigger, they would immediately notify the public about it.

Author: Ali Raza. This article was written exclusively for

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