Stay far away from these 3 crypto currencies in 2019

March 27, 2019   Nano

Cryptocurrency investors need to go through a lot of research to be able to make informed decisions. These informed decisions then influence what type of projects, what type of blockchain technologies and what type of tokens the true investor will look into.

It's not a surprise that the riskiest coins can make the most money, but they are risky for a reason. There are numerous tales of people who were burnt by buying at the wrong times and selling at the wrong times. If you are going to be investing properly this year, then you need to know which currencies not to invest in, just as much as you need to know which ones to invest in.

The three contenders for the worst investment of 2019

  • Nano (NANO)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Dragonchain (DRGN)

While it is tricky to give any kind of pure price prediction for these three coins due to their trends being extremely erratic.

The problems with Nano and Tether (and to a certain extent with Dragonchain) is that they are coins that simply have deteriorate for far too long when a downward trend hits them. All coins will be hit with downturns, but if you cannot weather the storm, then people will not get on board with your ideas and visions which in turn leads to even more shaky performances.

So their inability to survive a bearish market and even hold onto a little stability at those is a clear indicator that user adoption has not come, despite these blockchains (Nano and Tether in particular) being in the Top 50 blockchains around the world. They should, for all intents and purposes, have much higher adoption rates that they currently do, and they should be more resistant to downward trends.

The fact that neither Nano nor Tether are resistant despite being in the Top 50 goes to show that these coins have much higher risk profiles than other coins in the Global Top 50.

There are already enough problems with cryptocurrency that you don't need the headache of choosing these coins to add to your portfolio. Rather focus on coins with better fundamentals and brighter outlooks in the medium to long-term or coins that have seen a quick uptake due to the proper positioning of the tech by the founders of the coin.

Of these three, however, Dragonchain represents the highest risk by far. It had major success last January and big gains, but then all of a sudden it fell 80% in a week and has not seen any good gains since then, no matter what has happened around it or with it.

The Dragonchain coin was conceived by Disney engineers, and as such might have unforeseen support once Disney releases its streaming competitor to Netflix and slowly starts adding to it. So it could rise in 2019 if all the stars align and Disney pulls something out of its endless bag of tricks but considering Dragonchain has just been going down despite partnering with various organizations (such as helping fight Malaria using its blockchain technology), it seems that this is one cryptocurrency you do not want to touch.

Nano, Tether, and Dragonchain might have started out as good ideas, but they are slowly showing they are any but.


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