Serena Williams - A Major Player in Crypto Business

April 24, 2019

Serena Williams Is Becoming A Major Player in The Crypto Business

Many know Serena Williams as a tennis genius, but not many know her as an investor, not to mention one in cryptocurrencies. But that is exactly what she is. Five years ago, she opened her own multibillion investment agency, aptly named Serena Ventures. It is with this vehicle that she has been able to invest in dozens of enterprises like Coinbase.

Enter Serena Ventures

The four-time winner of Olympic gold has shed more light on her mind-blowing crypto investments. While addressing her massive social media audience, she confirmed that since 2014, she has been investing in different areas of businesses. The information available on the website shows that the super athlete has invested in several brands. These include Coinbase, Mayvenn, The Wing, Gobble, Little Spoon, Propel, Daily Harvest, Lola, Honeylove, Billie, Tonal and so many other well-respected brands.

From all indications, she is doing all possible with the diversification of investments from the earnings she has made from her glorious tennis career. In a time when former sporting celebrities have gone broke after earning millions upon millions, she is definitely doing the right thing with the launching of Serena Ventures.  The investments are managed by the world-famous Alison Rapaport, and she is also the one responsible for sourcing for new investments.

Interest in the Crypto Business

Crypto business is the latest trend in the corporate world, and a lot are showing interest. Also, her entry into the business will be a very big boost for crypto assets. This is very true considering someone of her stature, fame, wealth and achievements. It is surely a plus for the crypto space and all the stakeholders in it. With her focus on a well-respected brand like Coinbase, many other prospective investors will also show more interest and may even decide to also have their own investment portfolios as well.

It is quite interesting to point out that while Serena William’s entry into the crypto business is a very encouraging one, she is not the only one from the sports world who has taken such a step. All over the globe, A-list sport legends are taking digital currencies more seriously, and a very good example in this regard is Floyd Mayweather Jr. In mid-2017, the boxing superstar proceeded the promotion of Hubii Network. A voracious fighter and one to detect opportunities quickly, Mayweather added all the flair to the promotion.

While addressing his teeming fans, the flamboyant boxer boasted he was going to rake in tremendous profits from the crypto investments. For those familiar with Mayweather and his investments, he is surely a good businessman, and he must have seen and appreciated the benefits of digital currencies before putting his funds in them. He did not stop at just talking of his own investments, but he encouraged millions of his followers also to do the same and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Apart from Williams and Mayweather, there is also the famous football club in Portugal, Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP), which flirted with the idea of using an initial coin offering to pool more funds. Although this was later not executed, the fact that a major European football club was thinking along the line of cryptocurrencies once again points to the investment opportunities in the world of digital currencies. 

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