Omni Gets Left Behind with Tron-Tether Partnership

March 11, 2019   TRON

The Tron Foundation has always been a major player as it relates to preserving market sentiments in their TRX token’s favor. Matter of fact, just recently, a new partnership with Tether has been announced that aims to normalize the use of USDT as the preferred token on the Tron blockchain for the second quarter of 2019.

What is the next step?

Tron’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun broke the news and said with their own stable coin, it will be a lot more beneficial to the ecosystem and easier for many other financial entities to gain access to the Tron blockchain. In an interview conducted recently, the CEO pointed out his reason as to why he believes that Omni will be left behind with this new partnership. He went on to say that Omni was the bench standard to drive the community as it relates to platforms who create and trade cryptocurrencies, as well as personal digital assets.

Sun explained that the unpredictability and risk will be significantly reduced when the pairing of the Tron token and USDT are complete. He went into some details about the USDT’s value and never failed to mention that the biggest stablecoin in the industry is made up of over 2 billion assets on the USDT tether blockchain.

The Tron boss also spoke to the speed and real-time transactions that are conducted on the Tron blockchain, which is free for all users. On the other hand, when compared to Tron, it was noticed that Omni transactions can take up to an hour to be completed and the fees can range between $1 and $10 at any given time. 

Benefits of the new partnership

According to him, the new TRC20 token allows tons of deployment work in line with the USDT, which is not offered on the Omni blockchain. The topic then moved into the advantages of the USDT/TRX pair which are as follows:

Firstly, USDT Tron will be providing liquidity in Tron decentralized exchange. The second point was the introduction of a new method of value storage via the TRX holder. Thirdly, the risk of cryptocurrency will be reduced with the introduction of an innovative way for users to play DApps. Lastly, the Tron blockchain will be given a new legal framework that will, in turn, boost the confidence of institutional investors.

The CEO closed by stating that the benefits outlined would be helpful to both Tron and Tether communities respectively, by providing them with many more opportunities in a decentralized financial industry.

According to the Jean-Louis der Velde, CEO of Tether the aim is to create more room for innovation in the cryptocurrency environment. She went on to say that she was delighted to be collaborating with the Tron, and that a partnership of this nature only seeks to solidify their pledge to facilitate more innovation in the industry, as they continue to meet and surpass the needs of the digital asset community.


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