Neuromachine Gives Power to Crypto Knowledge

March 18, 2019

The universe of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is developing at a mind-boggling speed, so does the flow of information concerning its various aspects: news, predictions, analysis, offerings, etc. The updates to the existing technology and innovations in the form of algorithms and network capabilities are being introduced with fair regularity.

However, there is a flaw to this immense knowledge and application base. Oftentimes, it is not properly structured and is not entirely comprehensible for those who only get themselves acquainted with crypto. This problem concerns not only the world of blockchain: despite having a plethora of fintech solutions, financial illiteracy remains the bane of contemporary society. Should cryptocurrency developers hope to obtain a mass adoption, they should definitely pay greater attention towards information sharing and raising awareness about cryptocurrencies and the means for managing and trading in digital assets. That is exactly what Neuromachine (NRM), the Estonia-based blockchain project, looks to implement through its platform. 

Neuromachine: learn and apply the knowledge on the same platform

NRM positions itself as a decentralized expert-analytical ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain designed for anyone who wants to gain a detailed insight into various aspects of crypto and benefit from the obtained knowledge by making profits from trading in cryptocurrencies.

The platform combines both commercial and social aspects by bringing together the communities of experts, traders and crypto enthusiasts eager to learn something new. The Neuromachine platform offers a feature-packed toolkit to facilitate the perception of information as well as its application into practice. The toolkit consists of as much as thirteen modules with the following six being probably the most important:

Live tracking. The platform’s main page that provides comprehensible information about the occurrences on the cryptomarket, such as the general set of data similar to Coinmarketcap as well as the data from a chosen exchange. The module also features the crypto calendar and ‘HotTop’ - the selection of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

Live trading. A set of understandable as well as sophisticated trading tools which could be connected to a given exchange via API. Offers various types of live graphs, buy/sell modules, market depth, and market history.

Observer. The module that sifts through an avalanche of relevant information on social media, news outlets, etc., and filters it with regard to the coins which are of interest to the user. 

Watchlist. A widget that provides on-demand information about the selected trading pairs.

Strategy builder. An extremely useful tool that provides means for elaborating both elementary and complex trading tactics without possessing a specific knowledge about programming.

Blockchain and trading academy. The module features a wide selection of video courses, private lessons, and options for consultations from the veteran traders and blockchain professionals.

Knowledge base. The most extensive pool of information about cryptocurrencies and trading that is being continuously updated and refined by the Neuromachine experts.

All trading transactions on the platform are carried out on a no-fee basis.

Token and ICO details

The Neuromachine platform will be run using the ERC-20 token - NRM. The total supply of token amounts to 4.9 billion NRM with 60% planned to be sold during various stages of the token sale. The ICO is now live and will last until June 1. The price of 1 NRM token is estimated at $0.04.

The major ICO reviewing outlets gave Neuromachine mixed to favorable scores:

  • Foundico - 7.4
  • ICOMarks - 7.6
  • TrackIco - 4.1
  • ICOBench - 3.9      

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