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Moozicore: Choose Your Own Background Music

01 Apr 2019

Moozicore is a background music streaming service that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The overall concept of the Moozicore is quite simple: they have designed a blockchain-based jukebox with an enormous music library that allows users to select and play their favorite songs directly from the dApp interface. Basically, instead of walking down to the jukebox machine, inserting a coin and pushing buttons, one merely has to scroll through the list of offered compositions and place the one to his liking in the queue. All activities on the Moozicore platform will be powered by the native ERC-20 token named Moozicore Gold (MZG).

The reason why Moozicore might be a hit

Even though the general idea of Moozicore may seem not overly sophisticated and groundbreaking, in reality, it might tap into an enormous market that includes brick-and-mortar businesses that constantly play background music to their customers: restaurants, cafeterias, shopping centers, nightclubs, bars, and health & fitness clubs. Judging from the statistics, which says that there are more than half a million restaurants in the United States alone, the potential reach for Moozicore could be quite astonishing.

Hardly anyone would argue the fact that music has a substantial impact on people’s mood and preferences. It also creates a proper atmosphere within the establishment. Moozicore team gathered comprehensive statistical data in order to prove that their product will enhance customer satisfaction.

For instance, more than 90% of regular restaurant goers confirm that the right selection of background music creates a pleasant ambiance and induces them to keep coming back. 98% of visitors rated a restaurant or any other public place favorably on such platforms as TripAdvisor when the background music coincided with their own preferences. Same applies to bars and fitness clubs.

Moozicore relived business owners of the unnecessary guesswork and provided customers with an option to form the musical ambiance on their own accord thus killing two birds with one stone: improving the appeal of the entertainment establishment and increasing the client engagement. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The practical implementation of Moozicore idea

The Moozicore team has already rolled out a minimum viable product - the mobile dApp, the beta version of which is currently available on Google Play and App Store. Anyone who downloads the app gets access to a collection of more than 20 million music tracks through the Moozicore Web Panel. It is important to note that Moozicore strictly adheres to the copyright and anti-piracy legislation which means that every single piece of music has been obtained in a legal manner.

When the user of the application finds himself in the vicinity of the establishment that cooperates with Moozicore, he will instantly receive a push notification that his favorite song was added to the venue’s playlist. From now on, he can interact with the establishment by either voting on the upcoming music to push it further up the queue or picking songs from the library and adding them to the venue’s playlist. Finally, the user will be able to share the experience on popular social media platforms. All of the described actions will be carried out through the use of the MZG utility tokens.

ICO details

Moozicore is currently conducting the ICO which will last until May 31. 498 million MZG tokens have been allocated for token sale. The current price of 1 MZG is 0.00032 ETH or $0.05 with the minimum purchase established at 0.3 ETH. The project also organizes the airdrop and bounty programs. Citizens of the United States and several other countries are not allowed to participate in the token sale.   

Author: Alex Paulson. This article was written exclusively for

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